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  1. Hi! It's me, Serge. Will love to introduce you to our creative agency ''Outstandly''. We're helping gamedev companies and indie devs with concept art, 2D assets, 3D models, animations and UX/UI design in the games industry. Check us out at our website: https://www.outstandly.com/art_for_games/ We love creating beautiful universes and making games stand out. It's also very important. The very first thing which your potential player/buyer sees is how your game looks like! If it doesn't look good - a huge mass of players wouldn't bother even trying the game, despite the fact that the game mechanics itself might be great. Curious to see what we have created in the past? Head over to our https://www.outstandly.com/art_for_games/ page. On our website, you can get in touch with us directly if you have any questions, want to request a quote or just would like to have a pleasant conversation. Most of the queries are being answered sooner than in 24 hours window. Cheers!
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