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    Art for your Game by Ponylab

    Hello! My name is Serg, and I run a friendly Art Studio "Ponylab." We specialize in crafting Awesome Art for Amazing Games. We're working with 2D and 3D (Low Poly only), UI/UX, pixel-art style and a lot of more styles any game could have. Let's design art for your project! Please, check our portfolio here: https://ponylab.studio/portfolio Why Ponylab? I want to share two core Ponylab's features we're proud: 1. We don't design pictures. We're working on creating the atmosphere. We believe it's a key for a successful players plunge and long-term engagement with the game. 2. Service Real service. Clear communication, fast responses, reasonable turnaround, extensive reviews, bonuses. We believe in giving, and we're proud of it. You can find a few reviews from our customers here: https://www.ponylab.studio/ The full portfolio is here: https://ponylab.studio/portfolio Are you looking for art? Let's get in touch! You can contact us here, via our website or simply by writing an email at hello@ponylab.studio Also, inviting you to join our Instagram community of 2600+ followers. Works in progress, AMA's and even more fun with Ponylab here: https://www.instagram.com/ponylab/
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