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    Implementation of Entities / Game Objects in AS

    So I checked the game example. It contains: @self = obj; And other code appears to use "self" for every single internal variable reference. Must I do this, as in there's no prettier, briefer, simpler alternative? E.g. do I always have to refer to my x position as self.x? That'd be a sad dealbreaker as this would destroy ease of use...
  2. I can't figure out how to implement entities in Angelscript. Like can I make a special class such as "Entity" in C++ and expose it to the API, and then let that be inherited from?   Then can I run the update() and draw() methods on anything that inherits from "Entity" and exists? Or if I can't do that, can I have some sort of function to register a class as an entity?   I'm trying to make my script API as simple and compact as possible, moving away from the structure of software like LOVE (framework and not engine, reinvent parts of the wheel every time you want to make a game) and be able to get a game object on the screen ASAP with minimal or **no** script code that handles any actual management or collections of entities; I want to manage all of that via C++ and manage entity creation through level loading.   (originally posted in /r/gamedev, I was pointed h ere)
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