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  1. Ravn Goblin82

    Writer recruitment for project Genesis

    Perhaps you are correct. and Yes I will be participating in the writing.  
  2. Hello, Fellow community members.   My name as detailed is Daelin V. and what I am working on is a video game story for an indie title game. I am not at all a professional game designer or 3D creator, however, I am not looking into that field of work for creating a video game. I believe I can do better by writing a narrative that I can give to a group of indie developers to work on and have material to start with. However, I cannot necessarily do this alone. I can use a few more minds to help form something actually worthy of becoming a video game. This game so far will start at a zero-budget. For the developers and game designers, we will use open free source programs, such as Unreal Engine, Blender 3D and possibly CryEngine, this will be left up to the people who will mainly be constructing the game itself.     The first steps of this project will first involve the group of writers to form and then second we can move onto interested game developers who can work from home and at any pace that suits them. Here is the list of needed criteria to move on the project.     5-6 writers that will work on all fields of narrative creation, such as, character portal and general direction of the storyline, etc.     15-20 volunteers who have a background knowledge of 3D game design who will be willing to use the material of the storyline. Willing to participate and work with everyone fairly over the web and attend online meetings if this project kicks off.   My contact information (which is the fastest way of getting in touch with me) is Thank you and hope that we as a community can create something great. -Daelin Viola
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