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  1. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Hey, guys! I am late with my first demo but I was busy working on it. There is still enough to do but I would not be pessimistic! Below is a short demonstration of first mission. Karadros, a very strong hero, is sent to command forces in a small settlement that became an area of conflict by many reasons! First sequence features short combat (still partially animated : )) and the second just demonstrates the scale of map. The first map is gonna be relatively big and feature a lot of optional quests. Here it is:
  2. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Thank you! There shall be "notes" of Warcraft II, but the whole composition will be different. I am trying not to make changes for the sake of change: I can see the road where development goes and I am excited to do it asap. The game is gonna be retro-fantasy (which does not necessarily mean that the game is retro technically). I am working on engine overhaul, so the game will have a lot of advanced stuff (heroes will have wide skill tree, there will be preparations before missions (campaign) and also a big choice of "upgrades", similar to policies in Civilization), because I need space to tell game story and develop game characters. I will be working on a tutorial mission for campaign because this will help me to shape atmosphere in right direction.
  3. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Nearest plan is demo at the end of this month. Short demonstration of new features (very few but still some progress : ) ): Animations are bad-mediocre but fast made. Making animations is actually not very hard, it might require few hours but definitely in bounds of 1 day time-wise. Stay tuned, I am still working on basic concepts and they are coming soon. : ) (It shall be much more info than now)
  4. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    I am still on naming the project. : D Shall I give you today some info nevertheless, as I promised. The game is inspired by Chronicles of Amber. In-game heroes are people of super-power abilities, very hard to kill and travel between worlds. As there are juxtaposed worlds, there are different versions of the same person. That's why in one game there can be many Tanads Alterblazes (from different players), whether fighting together or against each other. (Which is the difference from Warcraft 3 where each hero in skirmish is different, though have same models and skillset) Heroes will have 10 levels and at least 10 skills to spend each point on something. In addition to that, Footman-class heroes benefit from most Footman upgrades. The basics of game scenario are around controlling those worlds. I have also decided to limit portals use to heroes only, or at least most of portals.
  5. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    For this month demo, Human: Worker, Footman, Archer, Copter, some naval unit and I hope for some kind of mage, also 6-8 heroes (2 Footmen, 2 Workers, 2 Archers and possibly 2 Mages). Except the music.
  6. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Early model of Copter:
  7. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    That's right ; ) That was not fully it, I have also made portals:
  8. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    That's it for today. I have started many things but didn't finish them all. So we got more interface, also I have decided to increase sprites. (Must be significantly better for big display) (Action is almost the same as in previous video but the picture differs, also piece of Gold Mine is borrowed from WCII because I was tired to draw it today and that hole was horrible )) )
  9. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Portal: Probably the most colorful thing I have drawn recently. It is local portal which can teleport any medium-size object to the other part of the map. As Portal is the source of great energy, it also increases mana regeneration of units around. But also you cannot build anything nearby Portal (maybe with rare exceptions) because no structure can withstand it for much time.
  10. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    A few words about Tanad Alterblaze, a Tier 1 Hero Footman that you had chance to see. Welcome: Tanad Alterblaze! (All drawings are obviously unfinished, I am having fun : ) ) As a Tier 1 Hero he is not a good hand-to-hand combatant against many high Tier heroes but what shall keep him relevant through the whole game is his very useful skillset. First, he can spawn Flame Ring of 3 sparks of fire that spin at high rate and damage everyone on their way. So be careful, your adjacent units are damaged as well. Second, he can spawn Barracks in instant (that exist for 30 sec and can train Footmen). As Footman-class heroes can be revived at Barracks, if he spawns Barracks before death, he can be revived right at place of death! (But the Barracks summoning has a pretty long cooldown.) Third, he can pilot Copter as it's his natural talent and he finds a lot of fun in that. As soon as there is nearby Workshop, he can transform into Copter and then (with short cooldown) can transform back to Footman at nearby Barracks. So, with ability to summon Barracks he can transform back to Footman at virtually any time. As a Copter, Tanad gains unobstructed movement, high speed and can damage ground units with Flame Ring, though he is unarmed. (Copters do not have guns! Why we have tech but not much guns shall lore explain. : ) ) Early concept of Copter:
  11. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    The game (campaign, multiplayer, world editor) is meant to be free as soon as it's crowdfunded! : ) More info shall appear at the end of this week as I finish few important concepts.
  12. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Hello guys! I would love to share with you current progress before I go to rest. Here it is: Any feedback and ideas, even including gameplay, are appreciated! There is no fully-featured thread for the game but it's coming soon and we will be able to talk about not only visual aspect! Will be back. P.S. I have found out that minimap on top is probably better because button descriptions drop down.
  13. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    Short demonstration of Tanad, Footman-class hero and his Flame Ring ability. Tanad has triple normal health and slightly more attack damage but his most damage output comes from Flame Ring. Footman-class hero will benefit from most Footman upgrades (armor, damage, etc.) and have skill tree of 10.
  14. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    @cheezitann Thank you ! Here is very early (primitive) concept of Barracks. There are very little details but the picture of both is meant to help me to decide how much walls I would like to have. The most part of walls shall be decorated. The design of Barracks is similar to Warcraft II but I have made this decision because I like the scale of objects. There must be little buildings and free space within yard. This thought I keep in mind because there will be a hero that can summon Barracks for duration. So the buildings are better to look cheap and the walls are easy to abstract one's mind from them if they are not meant to be. Edit: Also: : D
  15. Started drawing a game. Need feedback.

    There will be no orcs. ) But there are planned dwarves that can build underground. ) And will be able to explode land units with their bombs and widespread underground net. ) (Those are kind of distant plans) And the last Footman sprite (diagonal back): You can see a "miraculous" transition here. : D (There is a lot of work on legs as well, they are pretty horrible, and the head on back sprite isn't right) But now I can tab this aside a bit and take on buildings. So we are gonna have buildings soon!
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