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  1. This topic can be closed. I found someone.
  2. HPP http://pastebin.com/tV8z1w8c CPP http://pastebin.com/5V8hfjGN shader http://pastebin.com/AXkLjSNk (unimportant bits removed)   if I comment out line 88 and 89 (FBO stuff) in the CPP then things will be working. Otherwise I get Error 1286 INVALID_OPERATION: http://docs.gl/gl3/glBindFramebuffer   I think I just need to start a scratch project and follow some tutorials. The problem may be my lack of understanding of how binding should work and what order things need to be done, but I'm basically calling it quits on learning openGL, I have to get back to my normal work to pay the bills. Don't have time to learn openGL, but I have the funds to hire. Edit: At the same time, if someone could find where I'm going wrong with the FBO (the goal is to have the fragment shader draw to that, so basically I would see nothing being drawn), I might be able to figure out the rest.
  3. Was going to post in the jobs part of the website but it seemed overly complicated. Need help debugging my code. The important code is not that long, I can go over everything with you pretty quickly. The problem is a basic one. I can't bind a frame buffer object without getting an opengl error. I have almost no experience with openGL and I've been unable to figure out the problem after many many hours of trying, and this problem is causing a delay in product release. I want to create an FBO so that I can read/write pixel brightness values, then finally display an RGB image, translating the brightness values through a colormap texture. Actually, the colormap thing is already implemented and working. Now I just need a way of storing/reading/manipulating pixels with the fragment shader.   Contact me: soundemote@gmail.com Paid gig (name your price, will pay your hourly fee). Less than a day's worth of work. If debugging goes quickly, probably just a few hours of work at most.