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  1. sirtet 1.0

    Not sure if this belongs to here. But here it is. You can find the source here -> Yes, it is console game. # sirtet 1.0 - a tetris clone typish game # help : if there's a clear bug please send a patch to github. i'll give credits to you. # new features like "next block" are not needed for this kind of a niche game. # i developed this game mainly to test my new laptop. # license : GNU General Public License v3.0 # author : mystikkogames # email : # date : 10.9.2017 # credits :
  2. sorb 1.0

    My newest game. sorb 1.0. A platformer kind of a game. Developed in python+pygame here's a video ->
  3. vaders 1.01 a python+pygame game

    Just focused on nice code and a few rock solid features. It features settings(you can save to file), top10 list(save to file) and other things. I didn't use inheritance features of python. Or much exception handling. I used LMMS for sound effects and bg music. Because I couldn't find any free stuff. And GIMP for very basic graphics. You can replace graphics with your own and the game will read width/height from there.  The game itself ->   Took about 3 weeks from scratch. Code is about 1600 lines. All in 1 file because that's how I code.