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  1. Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge

    Thanks. It takes time. Good luck with your pacman game! Thanks. You can test mobile with browser when you activate "toggle devide toolbar". Multiplayer works on mobile "vs ai". "player vs player" and "team" modes require keys atm (arrows for Player#1 and WASD for Player#2). The simple fix is to find the closest pacman and apply direction to it. Will update it. I have played Pacmanjs in my mobile phone works fine. But it's not hitting 60fps in mobile phone constantly as in my laptop. I have to speed up things. I forgot to mention that in team game, the game continues as long as there is lives left for any team member. In starting screen you can see pacman-ai playing itself. As I didn't want a static screen with just buttons.
  2. Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge

    Hello. This is a great challenge! This time I didn't want wait for last days as last time. And rush out quickly something out. So I worked really hard for a few weeks and this is what I came up with. Totally original implementation. Credits to sprites and sounds for old Pacman. I only modified them slightly. As it was required to resemble the original pacman. So I didn't want to get too creative. Pacmanjs is written in JavaScript since I know it well. Probably could have used python+pygame for a change. I used my old game FlyBirdFly game as a layout and starting smashing out code. AI was a bit problematic since I didn't want to slow down Pacmanjs. So I tried find a fine line between performance/AI-smartness. This is my entry: https://mystikkogames.itch.io/pacmanjs Project page: https://www.gamedev.net/projects/204-pacmanjs/ Game name is Pacmanjs 1.0rc. It has a ( single player mode / player vs AI mode / player vs player mode / team mode ) You can also play on mobile. Just press around pacman to move it around. Pacmanjs should scale on different resolutions well. esc - button returns to home screen as usual. It only has 2 levels which keeps rotating. After passing a level the number of ghosts increases by 1. It has highscore lists for each category. Only #1 spots are noted tho. I hope Pacmanjs works well! The last Firefox update killed my last entry ( MissileComm4nd ). There was a little bug. So I updated it too so it works as well!
  3. 2018 New Year Challenge: Missile Command

    I saw this topic 2 days ago. So this game was a bit rushed. I never played Missile Command so MissileComm4nd has a pretty unique gameplay I used BubbleTrouble as a layout for this MissileComm4nd. I wanted to keep graphics and effects at minimum as possible. I wanted them to look 1980'ish. Keys: spacebar - navigate faster [asd] / mouse - shoot esc - return home https://mystikkogames.itch.io/missilecomm4nd
  4. I developed this game from scratch in 1 week. It is written totally with 100% JavaScript. I would like to get suggestions to improve it further. It is supposed to be fun to play. It should work well on any device. It runs pretty smoothly at maximum fps without much drops. https://mystikkogames.itch.io/bubbletrouble
  5. jsewel - Smash The Cells!

    I have updated this game recently a lot. I hope it is nice to play. https://mystikkogames.itch.io/jsewel
  6. jsewel - Smash The Cells!

    jsewel - A JavaScript HTML5 game. https://mystikkogames.itch.io/jsewel I wrote this game with mobile phones in mind. So the main target it should be easy and fast to play on mobile phones! It is written completely in JavaScript. It scales to any resolution. I actually just smashed a resize function for the first time. And it just worked. I'm taking bugs/critics/whatever. I'm still developing this game.
  7. sirtet 1.0

    Not sure if this belongs to here. But here it is. You can find the source here -> https://github.com/mystikkogames/sirtet Yes, it is console game. # sirtet 1.0 - a tetris clone typish game # help : if there's a clear bug please send a patch to github. i'll give credits to you. # new features like "next block" are not needed for this kind of a niche game. # i developed this game mainly to test my new laptop. # license : GNU General Public License v3.0 # author : mystikkogames # email : mystikkogames@protonmail.com # date : 10.9.2017 # credits : https://gist.github.com/sanchitgangwar/2158089
  8. sorb 1.0

    My newest game. sorb 1.0. A platformer kind of a game. Developed in python+pygame here's a video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf-VFiK5aRY
  9. vaders 1.01 a python+pygame game

    Just focused on nice code and a few rock solid features. It features settings(you can save to file), top10 list(save to file) and other things. I didn't use inheritance features of python. Or much exception handling. I used LMMS for sound effects and bg music. Because I couldn't find any free stuff. And GIMP for very basic graphics. You can replace graphics with your own and the game will read width/height from there.  The game itself -> https://youtu.be/JQjhxRUBxgw   Took about 3 weeks from scratch. Code is about 1600 lines. All in 1 file because that's how I code.
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