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  1. megainformatic

    Balls and Holes

    The version 02.05.2017 was released.      There was a new technology of dispersed gameplay, which forms an unusual and pleasant atmospheric game process.   The player decides simultaneous game tasks and sinks in action. And the action is a calm, unhurried and thoughtful.   Arcade + arcade logic and simultaneous tasks = an exciting gameplay.   The game is available for download.   http://megainformatic.ru/?page=547&lang=en  
  2. megainformatic

    Balls and Holes

    updated version 17.04.2017 available for free download http://megainformatic.ru/?page=547&lang=en The game has a unique relaxation component.   Particle flow effect, melodic music, immersion in the atmosphere of detachment and tranquility.
  3. megainformatic

    Balls and Holes

    Work on level 7 is completed.   Overview of Level 7 -  
  4. megainformatic

    Balls and Holes

    level 7 lets play [media]https:[/media]
  5. megainformatic

    Balls and Holes

    a game available for download - http://megainformatic.ru/index.php?page=547&lang=en
  6. megainformatic

    Balls and Holes

    fresh updates: level 7 - tresure island EN & RU version [media]https:[/media]   [media]https:[/media]
  7. megainformatic

    Balls and Holes

    Balls and Holes - game in the genre of logic arcade.  Your task is simple - to catch the ball in the hole. There are levels in which  you already control the ball and do not fall into the hole.    Platform: PC   [media]https:[/media]   Also you will meet heroes - Petka and Vasily Ivanovich, Niro Wolfe and Archie Goodwin.   [media]https:[/media]   At the moment, 6 levels are ready. There is development over 7. In the downloadable demo version available 4 levels.   more info and download game http://megainformatic.ru/?page=535&lang=en    
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