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  1. SleekoNiko

    Can't render depth cubemap OpenGL

    Looking at the documentation for glBlitFramebuffer, it states that calling the function with different source and destination rectangle sizes will use interpolation (which must be either GL_NEAREST or GL_LINEAR). Did you call it with a valid filter? There are some notable cases to handle which can be seen in the "Errors" section:   Edit: Sorry, I forgot that we were talking about multisampled FBOs - it seems like there is some strange behavior with those indeed. :)
  2. Rather than calculating visibility for every single tile (which could very well just be thrown away on turn 1, the moment the terrain changes), consider calculating the LoS at run-time and caching the result into some kind of lookup table. The next time the game needs to check visibility for that tile, it can use the cached result. Invalidate the cache when the world geometry changes. A naive solution would be to clear the entire level's cache when the level is modified, but if you have an upper bound on visibility distance, you could get away with dropping cache entries for locations within a box of a certain size. All in all, this means that the areas of your map where no action is happening aren't doing visibility checks that will just be thrown away before any actors can get there. With all this said, be sure to profile your game to determine the impact of visibility checks on performance before going down this road. Good luck. :)
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