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  1. Check out my new soundtrack

    Hello everyone, my name is Evgeny and I'm a composer and a sound designer. Listen to my new track. What do you think, to what genre of games will it suit?
  2. Check out my new soundtrack
  3. Hello everyone, if you are a game developer and you need a unique, high-quality and interesting sound or soundtrack then I will be glad to work with you. I have a lot of experience in sound production, compositing, sound design, mixing, mastering and sound editing. I work with Cubase more than 8 years. I very often produce sfx and write music, mostly soundtracks with a lot of orchestral instruments, synthesizers, live recordings, etc. So I'm a composer, musician and sound engineer. Check out some of my previous work on the following links:  Soundtracks:  Soundtracks for the space indie game:  Also I'm interested in your opinion about my work. The price is negotiable, depends on the amount of work and whether the project is interesting skype: jekler90 email: upwork: Best regards, Evgeny