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  1. Check out my new soundtrack

    Hello everyone, my name is Evgeny and I'm a composer and a sound designer. Listen to my new track. What do you think, to what genre of games will it suit? https://soundcloud.com/amadey-3/dark-planet
  2. Check out my new soundtrack  https://soundcloud.com/amadey-3/dark-planet
  3. Hello everyone, if you are a game developer and you need a unique, high-quality and interesting sound or soundtrack then I will be glad to work with you. I have a lot of experience in sound production, compositing, sound design, mixing, mastering and sound editing. I work with Cubase more than 8 years. I very often produce sfx and write music, mostly soundtracks with a lot of orchestral instruments, synthesizers, live recordings, etc. So I'm a composer, musician and sound engineer. Check out some of my previous work on the following links:  Soundtracks: https://soundcloud.com/amadey-3  Soundtracks for the space indie game: https://soundcloud.com/amadey-3/sets/universe  Also I'm interested in your opinion about my work. The price is negotiable, depends on the amount of work and whether the project is interesting skype: jekler90 email: break-core@mail.ru upwork: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~0122048cdf023fc5e0 Best regards, Evgeny
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