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  1. Razor05

    Football Manager Databass

    Im concerned with the over all size off the db as SQLite stores the entire db in one file. However it has just acred to me, could i have more than one db in an application?
  2. Razor05

    Football Manager Databass

    I know i dont need to know what they use. I would like to know. I need to try and work out how big a db i will need as there are restrictions.
  3. Razor05

    Football Manager Databass

    I am just interested in what games like this use. I do have a project in mind that is similar and I have been looking at SQLite as I want the DB to be local
  4. Hi All I was just wondering is any one knows what database is used in Football manager 2018 Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info. 'Save and Load Game' is something I need to look in to.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies Hi Lucas The sport I am planning is not Boxing, Its just the closest sport to what I am planning I could think off. But saying that a Boxing promoter game would be a good idea. I will start considering it. Hi Alberth Sorry for the typo. It will be a mix off posting using my phone at midnight and dyslexia. Thanks for the tip about the text files. I will have a look in to it. Are you able to amend the dater? For example Character 1 has improved his x stat through training.  As for the stats and how they interact I have a excel doc where I am working all that out.   Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi All I have just started exploring game development, mainly because I have had an idea for a sport management/boxing promoter type game running around in my head for some time now. My question is around databases. Do I need one if so what is recommended and any tutorials? I have been looking are for some time now for this information and this genre of game doesn’t seem to have many tutorials. I need to be able to generate and store new caricatures at different points in the game and have the stats go up and down. The user needs to be able to see all the numbers and be able to select the caricatures (e.g. for fight 1, 2, 3 etc). I plan on using VS (Windows Form) to start with then look at upgrading it to Unity. I will be using C# mainly. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help  â€¨
  8. Razor05

    Game Math

    I had a look at the book. Interesting but out of my price range. For my first attempt at this I plan to do it as text based. I may add graphics later.
  9. Razor05

    Game Math

    Thank you for your replies so far.   I have been thinking about this overnight and the best way I can explain is using a Boxing Promoter sim as an example. You have you're in game boxers and they have a list of stats that determine the outcome of different events in game e.g. A fight, Promo event and contract negotiations. As well as calculating attendance. With that in mind the math I'm looking for is most likely probabilities.
  10. Razor05

    Game Math

    Hi all   I have just started exploring game development, mainly because I have had an idea for a sport management type game running around in my head for some time now. My question is can anyone recommend a book or website about game meth? Preferably with some examples relevant to the type of game I'm planning.   Thanks for your help
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