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  1. Bump - 2 vouchers are still available.
  2. I have sent the voucher to your gamedev.net inbox.
  3. Bump - Still Available.
  4. Hello developers, I would like to offer a free voucher to three developers to give an honest, detailed review of one of our assets on the unity asset store. Constructive feedback and criticism would be appreciated also either here or on the main asset thread on the unity forum. Links below. The asset in question is the Razex T1 Fighter. Unity Forum Post https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/r...er-camera-and-weapon-systems-included.460969/ Asset Store Link https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/82391 Playable Web Demo https://fireboltstudios.itch.io/razex-t1-fighter-ship-controller-demo If you are interested leave a reply here with some light information about your developer history and plans! Thankyou Jamie White FireBolt Studios
  5. We are also happy to receive feedback pertaining all aspects of our assets, and welcome any questions!
  6. Greetings, FireBolt Studios has just released the Razex T1 Fighter game asset over on the Unity Asset Store! The Razex T1 is a space fighter designed for use within a science fiction setting. This asset comes with a fully functional 3D space ship controller and a weapon/projectile system to get you started, place two prefabs in your scene and press play! All textures have .psd files that contain all the texture maps, each with their respective content divided among separate layers for easy editing. Play the demo scene in your browser now! https://fireboltstudios.itch.io/razex-t1-fighter-ship-controller-demo Asset Store Link - $2.49 https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/82391 Features - Razex T1 Fighter Meshes - Simple Asteroid - 2048x2048 Textures (Normal,Specular,Glow) - Worn and Clean Materials - Space Ship Controller (3D Arcade) - Smooth Camera Follow (360 3D Smooth) - Basic Weapon and Projectile System - Blue Nebula Space Skybox
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