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  1. juegostudio

    Starting a game development studio

    [font=arial]New report of Newzoo predicts that, aEURoeThe global market is to grow at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 6.6% until 2019, reaching revenues of $118.6 billion. Mobile gaming is expected to account for revenues of $52.5 billion.aEUR? While there is a rapid growth of gaming industry, a large group of graduates are picking aEUR~game developeraEUR(TM) as a career choice and many of them are focused on building up their own gaming company. There are few factors that one should keep in mind before kicking off your own company. [/font] [font=arial]Explaining on the same, Imre Jele, Bossa Studios, states, aEURoeBefore you start your company, ask yourself why you are doing this aEUR" and give a very honest answer. Do you want fame or fortune? To be celebrated as an artist or be a powerful force in the games business? All are cool. Just make sure you identify your true passion, because making games isnaEUR(TM)t easy and you will need that higher purpose to drive you forward.aEUR? [/font] [font=arial]Sometimes, you feel unsatisfied about some big releases of games where you know you can make it better. Though developing your own game or establishing your own studio is not easy but not impossible. To publish your own game is challenging,but there are many roads to start a living in gaming industry. CEO of Marmalade Technologies, Charlie Peachey, describes, aEURoeThink about your audience. What platforms are they on? What devices are they using? Where might they be in the future? What devices will they buy? Make sure your content is ready to go wherever they are by using the right cross-platform tools from the outset. A flexible, future-proof foundation for your game means itaEUR(TM)ll stay relevant and engaging for longer.aEUR?[/font] [font=arial]Here we have discussed about the factors of establishing a mobile game development studio.[/font] [font=arial]Target audience[/font] [font=arial]To be sure about the target audience is one of the most important steps to be cared about. Without focusing on your audience, simply developing games may not serve you any successful result. Probably, you will be having mind-blowing idea about your game, but focusing on your audience can help your studio to develop top-notch games as it helps to decide which game to release on particular platforms in particular regions. [/font] [font=arial]Concept[/font] [font=arial]You should have your own creative ideas about the game rather copying some old concept in a new form. For an example there are many types of racing games but PokA(C)mon Go wins the mobile gaming market with its unique concept of Augmented Realityin 2016. Being a start-up, real creative concept is the very first thing to have in mind. [/font] [font=arial]Finance[/font] [font=arial]When you are sure about developing game with your own concept and to grow in this market, the prime step is to be taken care is the financial part. Emphasising on this, you can have the funding from some ventures.The minimum budget to build a game depends on the game concept and the marketing you will need to do.[/font] [font=arial]Time[/font] [font=arial]As it is going to be the very first project of yours, release on the right time can help the game to grab its target audiences or players. [/font] [font=arial]Team[/font] [font=arial]Having these above factors in mind, to establish a studio, the necessary part is the team building. You should be having at least three departments in your team; one is designing team, team of artists and the technical team. The designers build the main concept of the game with the help of artists and create the game design document explaining the levels of game and screen view. After completing the game design document, artists build the concept that helps designers to build the prototype. With the help of prototype, technical team of programmers transport the concept into coding. So, it is very necessary to have the engagement of the team. [/font] [font=arial]Dan Da Rocha of Mudvark demonstrates building gaming studio as, aEURoeIf youaEUR(TM)re looking to start your own studio and donaEUR(TM)t have deep pockets of your own, youaEUR(TM)ll first need some funding in order to pay salaries, purchase hardware and software and to travel to events. Initially youaEUR(TM)ll need a prototype of a game to appease investors and a previous track record helps.aEUR?[/font]
  2. juegostudio

    What To Use For Android Game Development

    The Android play store is saturated with a wide range of games from simple Candy crush saga to the complex game like Dead Trigger 2 and Hitman Go. With the rapid growth of Android devices, the development of Android games has increased swiftly. Basically, there are some basic key elements that help to these Android games so successful. aEURc The right tool for Android game development: Before you start developing your game, choosing the right game development tool is the very first stage. While choosing any tool, there are few factors like time constraints, costing. Here are few tools we have discussed for developing games for Android platform. 1. Unity3D Company: Unity Technologies Unity3D is very popular and common choice for game developers. Unity3D game engine helps to create a 3D or 2D game with the multi-platform support. This game engine also provides the free indie version along with commercial license version. Unity3D helps you to design beautiful 3d content and also provides cross-platform publishing. It supports a single integrated development environment (IDE) for a variety of platforms. Besides, developers also enjoy the great graphics quality of Unity3D as it supports audio and visual effects. As the scripting is straight forward, it helps to bring fast execution. Unity community comprises of forums, answers, feedbacks and issue tracker that provides developers a platform to share their knowledge and experience. 2. Cocos2d-x Company: Chukong Technologies An open source framework Cocos2d-x is written in C++. This game engine is basically a 2D game engine for mobile game development. It allows developers to use their existing C++ or JavaScript knowledge for cross-platform development into Android and on other platforms. This game engine is fast and easy to develop games as developers need to run single code across all platforms. Developers can write the code once for a specific game and can publish the game on all the global mobile platforms. 3. HTML5 Company: HTML HTML5 is one of the most promising technologies as game development engine. It allows developing games that easily adapt to different resolutions, screen sizes, aspect ratios, and guidelines. Comparing the other complex technologies like Objective-C, C#, and Visual Studio, HTML5 is much easier and efficient for game development. The frames of windows do not restrict games developed in HTML5. As developers donaEUR(TM)t have to wait for compilation, updates and to debug in real-time, it makes very fast to develop games in HTML5. 4. AngularJS Company: Google AngularJS framework is designed to create the games by writing fewer codes. In MVC (Model View Controller) model, the view is defined with the concise format of HTML and can be written without getters. The data on the view level can be manipulated using filters without changing the controllers. On the other hand, the MVC architecture of AngularJS enables developers to break interface into three components that make it easier to customize the modules. In AngularJS, the data models are designed like plain objects that work as a temporary repository to store the retrieving data. The data models do not require additional getter and setter functions to modify the properties. These are automatically tied to the view by AngularJS. So, AngularJS can modify the properties and update the view in an automated way, and it is a great use for single page application. 5. Unreal Engine 4 Company: Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 is an integrated tool for game developers. The best part about this game engine is it provides realistic graphic rendering. The technology also includes Persona animation system and Blueprint visual scripting system. Importantly, the company, Epic Games frequently releases the new versions that include improved features, updates and also fixes the bugs. ItaEUR(TM)s a complete mobile game development tool. Besides games, this game engine also supports real-time 3D films, visualizations, and training simulation. aEURc Game concept: While developing the game, one of the targets for the developer should be the game concept. The game concept should be easy and simple but original and creative. The users of Android games range from kids to adults and aged people. So, you should be clear about the target audience of your game and with the touch of the creative storyline can help you connect a large number of users. Tracking down the current market trends of the market, we have seen the most successful games are very simple games. So, to build a lucrative game, you can try the easy and game design.
  3. juegostudio

    Gamification in Workplace

    Gamification is the process of adopting gaming elements or gaming mechanisms into non-gaming elements in order to solve complex problems and to engage more customers or users. According to Gabe Zichermann, aEURoePeople may be motivated by getting a gift card, but what really drives them is recognition [as well as] status, access power and stuff (the SAPS Model).aEUR? We have seen how gamification is revamping the industry in every aspect with the gaming elements. Today, the businesses or industries have already recognized the value of gamification to improve their company performance. They engage gamification companies to develop exciting gamification solutions to better engage with their employees and clients. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:8527] Gamification in the workplace or enterprises is not new. The motivation of gaming enterprises is to drive performances of the employees with gaming elements. LetaEUR(TM)s have a look at the benefits of gamification in the workplace. 1. Real-time Performance Management Every industry follows the pipeline of performance management to communicate with the employees in a better way. This process follows few steps of setting annual goals which are stale. However, communication with the employees about their performance is a long process. Gamification eliminates the mundane of this process. With the use of badges, rewards and points gamification transforms this into more interactive and fun-filled process. Gamification helps to build a structure to reward employees to motivate employeesaEUR(TM) behavior. With the aid of leaderboard, the process keeps the record of the performances of employees and receives badges for achieving a new level. Thus it helps to bring the valuable contribution of employees. 2. Fair and Objective Management process focuses on the development of the employees more to maintain the transparent communication in between employees and managers. Research on performance management says that aEURoeManagers are often unaware of the fact that their evaluations are subjective.aEUR? But gamification can correct that. Gamification helps to reflect the insights and results to employees that help them to improve their work performance. 3. Performance Measurement becomes Transparent Today, many companies use the objectives and key results to communicate goals. Through the result, employees can see the results which add a new level of transparency. This helps to connect with all the employees in the organization, and each and every employee can also see what others are working on. Thus gamification brings the transparency in between the employees. Through ranking, gamification helps them to realize their position according to their colleagues. This brings the clarity within employees and also helps them to focus more on the work. 4. Drive Behavior Gamification adds the competition in between employees that leads to a positive motivation method to focus more on work. Sales managers believe in this in this management to bring high-skilled performance with Leaderboards and badges. Projecting each and every employeesaEUR(TM) target and goals in a list motivate the employees. This process helps to develop the behavior in the workplace. On the other hand creating a campaign targeting employeesaEUR(TM) behavior boosts the communication in between the team. Some examples of gamification in the workplace are Ford Motor company, Omnicare, etc. 1. Ford Motor company Ford Motor company has worked with Bunchball in Canada to add gamification in their learning portals. This helps to provide the knowledge of the car models, financing plans to sales and services teams. After implementing this gamification module, FordaEUR(TM)s learning portal witnessed 417 percent increase in use. This helps to serve better customer satisfaction. 2. Omnicare The pharmaceutical company, Omnicare worked with Zichermann's group to gamify a solution to improve the efficiency of the employees. Omnicare was experiencing a long wait at the helpdesk. So, with using the leaderboards, cash rewards to employees, they wanted to bring the efficiency. The result shows the progress in the workflow of employees.
  4. juegostudio


  5. juegostudio

    Frequently Used Game Development Languages

    In past decade, we have seen how massive advancement has taken place in the game development industry. When it comes to transforming game development ideas to life, the first and foremost thing is to choose the right language for developing the game. Juniper Research on the annual market of gaming predicts, aEURoeThe video game market on PC and mobile will grow to earn $132 billion in total revenues by 2021.aEUR? With speedy development of gaming industry, video game development has become the mainstream in the market. But developing a game is not an easy and simple work. Game development has many steps to follow including designs, programming, producing, etc. If you are new to developing games, choosing the right programming language from thousands of them is the first thing to focus on. Here we have explained about the languages of game development. Significantly, there are two types of programming one developer focuses on; one is system programming, and another is web programming. Both system and web programming are required for game development. Systems Programming System programming depends on the programming for a stand-alone game. The mostly used languages for system programming are C++, Java, C# and Unity. Programming with scripting language also comes in this section. C++ is an object-oriented language with relatively high entry barrier. C++ allows the control over the graphical process and the hardware. C++ uses its internal structure to organize the codes in reusable blocks. It is the most commonly used language for game development. Most of the game engines support C++, so it's nice to choose C++ for starting on your game development process. On the other hand, you can use Java for game development from simple games to complex games. This dynamic language is an excellent choice for game development, and it is closely related to C++. Web Programming Web programming is used where games or applications run in a browser with any web interface. Web languages include languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and SQL. Web language like HTML5 or CSS3 is used in a game to build the page structure and visual display factors. HTML5 can be used in replacement of JavaScript to move things in any page. For back-end work, SQL is used for, so that players can access their account anytime. However, choosing the language is more focused on which platform the game is going to come, whether it is for PC or console.
  6. Apple has some good news for indie mobile game developers as the company has now launched a new section of App Store of indie games for iPhone and iPad to make it easier for independent games to get noticed by App Store users. Apple first kicked off the App Store promotion last week and had also promoted seven new indie games. The special collections, discounts, and new title launches will continue through the start of next week. Apple says it is specifically highlighting titles from aEURoesmall, self-funded, and self-published teamsaEUR? this week. The games included in the indie game section will also be promoted on the main App Store, and additionally, Apple has been spotlighting a number of new releases including Kingdom: New Lands, Oxenfree, and Mushroom 11. Itay Keren, the creator of Mushroom, noted, aEURoeThe new showcase is fantastic news for indie gaming. Apple has always been a champion for indie games, and many of the biggest titles through the years were the product of small independent teams.aEUR? He has also added, aEURoeApple is helping to redefine mobile gaming, bringing a larger spectrum of works to their audiences, and growing the number and types of players seeking unique experiences in their store.aEUR? iOS has always been home to some indie developers such as Zach Gage and NimbleBit. The developers have also seen Apple continue to support independent developers over the years and through many changes to the App Store and the mobile gaming market. According to Zach Gage, aEURoeI can't think of another curated platform that has undergone the scale changes that iOS has gone through that makes such an effort to keep everything relatively democratized. Of course, indies were getting featured all the time when the platform was new and sparse, but to see them still being often featured when we're competing with games that literally make a million dollars a day is pretty astonishing.aEUR?
  7. juegostudio

    How Gamification Is Changing Education

    One of the largest GMAT forum named Beat the GMAT has recently achieved a huge success through a gamified system. They have created a gamified user experience and turned into Badgeville. With this gamification process, they have seen a dramatic increment of user participation. According to Beat the GMAT, they have received 1,500+ comments within their social community and 900+ followers in each month. Badgeville also has helped them to increase the time spent by the user on their site by 370% and the pages per visit by 195%. In another study at New York University, Stray Boots has developed a Wall Street treasure hunt with a walking game to teach the students history and the professor has informed that this gamification process has increased students' grades. These studies help us to demonstrate how gamification is already bringing a change in the education system by engaging more educators. To keep students engaged in education is the most monumental task for teachers or parents. On the other hand, study says we invest three billion hours weekly in playing online games. With the challenges in the education system, the answer may lie in gamifying the education system. Technology can reshape the education system in many ways, but one of the notable options is gamification. CEO of Undercurrent, Aaron Dignan says, "Video games put context into why people do things and help us become more engaged with what we do, rather than a math class which can initially show no purpose." Gamification is the implementation of game mechanism or the gaming elements into non-game environments to boost the target behavior. Nowadays gamification solutions has been used in every kind of businesses and implementing it in the classroom is no different. Gamification in education includes gaming element in the classroom. A successful learning is the summation of few elements: i) 70% of tasks and problem-solving, ii) 20% feedback and iii) 10% of training. Gamification can enhance the learning as it stimulates the friendly competition among students, provides an engaging learning experience and also turns the boring class to an interactive session. One of the essential elements of the game is visual progression, and students like to witness their progress. They love to know about the result of their work immediately instead of the year-end report cards. Gamification provides immediate visible progress of the students. By working on homework assignments, they will earn points and are able to reach the next level. Thus gamification attracts more attention of the students. Gamification can also help to improve students' behavior in the classroom by rewarding them for their good behavior. The reward can be the badges. There is an app called ClassDojo which helps to provide real time feedbacks to students from teachers. With gamification, the classroom can be transformed by involving students with a big platform. For example, a task can be accomplished with collaboration with all the students of a school and this reward system encourages the students more. A good example is World Peace game, political stimulation in the classroom. In this game, students have to solve many complex problems being part of different countries. Some basic benefits of gamification in education are: I. Gamification enables better learning experience. II. It helps to add instant feedback which facilitates better engagement of learning. III. Leaderboards, badges, and points transform the training into an instant gratification session. IV. Gamification provides an effective learning environment and also helps the learners to practice real-life situations in a safe environment. Here are some examples of gamification in education: I. Coursera: Online courses from top universities II. GoalBook: A professional development workshop III. Ribbon Hero: An educational video game by Microsoft IV. DuoLingo: Learn French, Spanish and other languages At Juego Studios we have executed many gamification projects for our clients in the Banking, Oil & Energy, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate & Education sectors.
  8. A new study by SuperData Research claims that aEURoeVideo games will be the key drivers of virtual reality hardware this year. Game developers will also have a global audience of 55.8 million virtual reality users and produce 38.9 million virtual reality devices this year. The global market is also expected to grow to $8.9 billion in 2017 and $12.3 billion in 2018.aEUR? This research report reveals how the game/app development in Virtual Reality (VR) is increasing rapidly. So, developing games or apps in VR is completely rewarding in todayaEUR(TM)s market. But to build games in VR, one of the most important factors for the virtual reality game developers is to choose the right game engine for VR development. Here we have discussed the tools for the development of VR. aEURc Unity3D Unity3D is one of the best game engines for creating VR experience. Because of its lower complexity compared to other engines, Unity3D is easy to use. The first release of VR headset app is also built with Unity3D. aEURc Unreal Unreal is a tool which is used to develop games for VR. It is free to use for architectural industry and is basically used in rendering architectural models for immersive surroundings. The experience of this engine for building VR world is unbelievable. aEURc CryEngine CryEngine is one of the powerful game engines for VR development. The VR games made using Cryengine typically support high-end headset devices. But this engine costs higher than the others, though it offers some free trial period. aEURc Lumberyard Amazon has recently launched lumberyard as VR game engine. Lumberyard has begun to grow as a community. Actually, this is a previous version of the Crytech engine, but Amazon made some changes. aEURc Fuzor Fuzor transforms Revit or Sketchup models into Virtual Reality. In Fuzor, the designing process to VR is very fast that makes it a great tool for construction. aEURc Autodesk Stingray Autodesk Stingray provides the finest level of visualization. It offers real-time experience to its clients to build 3D visualization in 3ds Max. Released in 2015, Autodesk Stingray is also working to compete with Unity and Unreal. aEURc Magic Leap Magic Leap is a VR game engine which helps to build 3D virtual elements to present in real life. This prototype is updating its retinal projection technology. This technology helps to project the virtual image into usersaEUR(TM) retina. aEURc 3 Dio 3 Dio is created by researchers of Standford CIFE. 3 Dio is a virtual immersive environment.
  9. Supernatural mystery game, Oxenfree, has made its way to iOS App store. First debuted on 15th January of last year as a console game, it has reached a huge popularity and became teenagers' favorite of 2016. Oxenfree has also been listed in nominations of The Game Award for Best Narrative, BAFTA Games Award for Narrative and BAFTA Games Award for Debut Game in 2016. Now, fans of graphic adventure video game, Oxenfree, can experience the game on their iPhone or iPad. American video game developer, Night School Studio, developer of Oxenfree, ported the game to iOS beautifully, adding a special feature called 'custom touch controls.' Oxenfree is built on the theme of teenage horror films of the 1980s' and blends the story with realistic characters. The aesthetic of the game is beautifully made from a 2.5D perspective. The gameplay covers elements like paranormal and supernatural events. The famous video games' magazine of New York, Kill Screen describes the game as, "Oxenfree stands firm as a smart supernatural tale that crawls to a chilling end". Oxenfree narrates the story of a group of teenagers heading to Edwards Island for a weekend party. But, the peppy party turns into a thrilling environment when they find out a mysterious cave where supernatural incidents happen for certain radio frequency. The game is focused on the main character named Alex, and she gets hold of the radio that allows her to communicate with another dimension. Players will play the game as Alex and will be able to interact with many other characters like Ren, Jonas, Clarissa and Nona. As the game continues, they will discover a secret little house and encounter supernatural and paranormal occurrences. In order to save their lives, players have to solve the puzzle by searching right frequency of Alex's radio. The gameplay of Oxenfree is pretty much similar to Netflix's famous series called, Stranger Things. US's famous newspaper, Los Angeles Times quoted the game saying, "What Stranger Things was to Netflix, Oxenfree was to the video game world." The special thing about the game is its dialogue. While wandering around the island or running away with fear, players can still talk and can also choose their dialogue. It is a very well written puzzle game. With the special launch of Oxenfree's in iOS, Night School Studio offers the game for $3.99 for 20% discount, but it costs $5.49 on iTunes of Canada. To Know more about us website: https://www.juegostudio.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/juegostudio
  10. One of the famous superhero series of the 20th century, Power Rangers is stepping into mobile video games market. nWay revealed about Power Rangers: Legacy Wars during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on February, and it is set to be released on Android and iOS on 23rd March 2017. Date of the game was announced during the keynote presentation of Unity Technologies. The mobile game is scheduled to launch a day before the new movie reboot heads into theaters on March 24th. Exceptionally, the game was live in Brazil and Canada. Stars of Power Ranger including Jason David Frank and Ludi Lin were at the event to showcase the game. Ludi Lin will be playing the Black Ranger in the upcoming movie and played the Green Ranger in the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a real-time multiplayer game, and in this game, players are allowed to build their own team to defeat Rita and her cohorts, using its real-time multiplayer function. This game is a typical side-scrolling, 2D fighting game. Certain types of attacks would cost certain points which make players to move in different ways to earn more score. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars features an unique timing system, unlike other traditional fighting game. Players constantly can earn points over time and can use attacks that take a certain amount of points. It's also a three on three fights, similar to Marvel vs. Capcom, with players able to swap between characters with the push of a button. Visit our website for any game development requirement. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/juegostudio Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JuegoStudioPrivateLimited/
  11. Mobile game developer, Square Enix has announced about the new updates of the Japanese role-playing mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X. Players of Japan will receive the updates by the next month with the addition of new content and many new features. The new update of the mobile RPG set in the Kingdom Hearts universe will reveal a new Union Cross multiplayer mode. Check the game Kingdom Hearts: Union X game trailer here: In Kingdom Hearts: Union X, players will be introduced to a new mode called Union Cross, that allows them to customize new avatars and to team up in parties of up to six to take on enemies in quests. The game will come with emotes and text bubbles to allow players to allow players to coordinate the keyblade barrage in a better way. There will also be new chapters added to the story. According to Square Enix, the updated game will release in Theatre Mode which will allow players to re-watch the cutscenes. Overall, the game is getting updates that make it more of a hybrid MMO style RPG. The new updates will help the multiplayer mode of the game. Fans can also pre-register for the update on the official website which will allow them receiving exclusive wallpapers and in-game wallpapers. Exceptionally, PAX East attendees will have a chance to go hands-on with the new content this weekend at the Square Enix booth. Want to get a game like Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X developed? Then you need to check our game development service at https://www.juegostudio.com/game-development-services.html
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