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  1. pixnbgames

    Rainbow Diamonds

    General description Rainbow Diamonds is a classic 2D platform game available for iOS, Android and FireOS devices. Developers info The game has been with libGDX as game engine.
  2. pixnbgames

    The Best Ninja

    Album for The Best Ninja
  3. pixnbgames

    The Best Ninja

    General Description The Best Ninja is a game for iOS and Android devices. The game mechanics is very simple. Tap left side of the screen to jump to left, and tap right side of the screen to jump to right. On every jump the novice ninja scales on the tower, and he must avoid to collide with the enemy ninjas. You can get it freely on iTunes Store and Play Store. Developers info The game has been made two times from scratch: one per system (iOS, Android). So they don't share any common code. For the Android version I have used libGDX as game engine and Java as programming language. This version connects with Google Play Game Services as Achievements and Leaderboard server. For iOS version I have used cocos2d-x, this time using C++ as programming language. For Achievements and Leaderboard of this version I have used Apple Game Center. The images have been mainly made with Aseprite, and eventually with GIMP. To automatically convert the spritesheets created with Aseprite to texture atlases used by both libGDX and cocos2d-x I use a little tool I have made for personal usage: gdx-project-utils. I share it because maybe it's usefull for other developers.
  4. pixnbgames

    Pistache Games

    Hi @Elvis Enmanuel Congrats for your game. It looks nice! I find it interesting that you have done it directly with C/C++ and OpenGL. Good luck!
  5. Hi all, I have published a new game for iOS, Android and FireOS devices: Rainbow Diamonds. The whole game (development, graphics and sound) has been made by me, using libGDX as game engine. I hope you like it! Thanks
  6. Hi @theMagnitude There are a lot of frameworks you can use for your target. Talking about the game engines I have tryied, I can recommend you libGDX (Java) or Cocos2d-x (C++, Javascript), two great game libraries for 2D games. On the other hand, there are game engines like Unity or Unreal which are more used in professional enviroments. Personally, I prefer libraries instead of big game engines to start making little games because them can give you more basic knowledge about how game works internally, and them are less overloaded of functionallities you don't need for your game. Other libraries you can see are, for example: Corona SDK GameMaker Godot Engine WaveEngine The problem is that with so many options, anybody doubts about which of them is the perfect game engine. My recommendation is that don't think too much about it because probably all of them cover your necessities. Choose any of them for your target platform and programming language you want and start making games!
  7. pixnbgames

    Hobby: How do you finish your projects?

    Personally, when I start to work in a project, I only work on that project. If I have some interesting idea of a new game while I'm working on another, I write the basics to remind it later, but without really working on it until the current one is finished. On the other hand, I don't do big games. The biggest one I'have made has took me about 8-9 months. And between a game of several months and the next one, I try to do little games that I can achieve in 3-4 weeks. It's really good to gain strength for the next project.
  8. pixnbgames

    Rainbow Diamonds

    Classic platform game with pixel art style. This game is currently available for Android devices (including Amazon Fire TV) on Amazon Appstore
  9. pixnbgames

    Engine Switch

    I have experience on 2D games with libGDX (Java) and cocos2d-x (C++) and I really like them to make 2D games. But my impression it's that to go into the industry, Unity is one of the most used engines and it can give you more oportunities. About art, you can use any of the existing art (see its license before ), buy assets and even, if you prefer to make it yourself, think that you can start with a simple style. There are tons of games with minimalist style, that it's a good starting point.
  10. pixnbgames

    Loading screens

    I wrote a post about that with libGDX (Java). Maybe it can helps you: http://www.pixnbgames.com/blog/libgdx/how-to-manage-screens-in-libgdx/ Regards,
  11. pixnbgames

    C++ help

    Hi @Code_Black, There are a lot of game engines, each of them with determined supported languages. As you say you have a basic undertand of C++, I can recommended you Cocos2d-x (http://www.cocos2d-x.org/). If you like, there are books and many resources to learn it. I will only put two sites:   http://www.gamefromscratch.com/page/Cocos2d-x-CPP-Game-Programming-Tutorial-Series.aspx http://www.sonarlearning.co.uk/coursepage.php?topic=game&course=cocos2d-x-v3   I hope this is helpfull for you,   Regards
  12. pixnbgames

    alternatives for pixel sprites in a 2D game?

    Hello, For me, vector graphics are a little bit easiest to do than pixel graphics. Furthermore, you can draw the different parts of the character bodys separately, and then combien them to make poses.
  13. pixnbgames

    The Best Ninja

    Screenshot of my iOS / Android game The Best Ninja
  14. pixnbgames

    Rainbow Diamonds

    Album for Rainbow Diamonds
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