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  1. [Android] Run, Dodge, Ape!

    Run, Dodge, Ape! A fast paced, action packed, edge of your seat retro thriller where you guide our ape-like hero to avoid getting hit by all sorts of evil enemies. This is my very first go at making a game ever and, in order to learn as much about the basics as possible, I've built it from the ground up using MonoGame. Currently only available for Android and in beta. You'll find some artwork missing (icon, splashscreen, etc), but the game is pretty much feature complete for now. Would love to hear some thoughts!
  2. Can you show us some of your previous work? 
  3. Fixed the YouTube link. Somehow a space got tacked on. :(
  4. Hi all, I'm an experienced programmer who's quite new to game development. I've recently started a small project to build a basic mobile game in which you control a character who needs to dodge all sorts of hazards coming at him. The game is still in a pretty basic form, but most of the building blocks are in place: the guy can move around by tapping the screen, enemies are spawned as the game progresses, they can kill you and there is a basic application flow like pausing, restarting, etc.  The core idea is to start easy and increase the difficulty as you go through the phases increasing enemy movement speed, enemy spawn rate and add new enemy types. The game currently supports enemies which spawn at random places, enemies who come right at you and enemies which follow you around (sadly they all use the same sprite). When an enemy touches you, it's game over. A demo can been seen here: I'm looking for like minded people who have the skills I so clearly lack in the graphics and/or audio department. The current sprites are taken from an online Xamarin tutorial and there's no audio what so ever. I've got all kinds of idea and would love to hear yours, so we can create something cool together. I'm open to ideas regarding artwork, sounds effects, music and overall style of the game, but would also like a sparring partner for gameplay and other features for the game. Also, I consider this little game a starting point and would love to do more projects in the future.  This is a hobby project as far as I'm concerned and I have no plans to monetize at the moment. Just in case anyone wants to know, I'm using the MonoGame framework. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks in advance, paulus