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  1. Me and JGalaxy had a conversation on Skype, just so you know he's back in business
  2. I will read it! Thanks for informing me :)
  3. I forgot to add something, very important. I only want to work on this project for a maximum of say, a little less than 8 months. But after all, it is quite possible to complete a smaller game in that amount of time, I know this from my own experiences. And there's at least 1 game I know that was impressively made in The Games Factory (or maybe it's sister program Multimedia Fusion) in only five months, a "Metroidvania" (which, I forgot to mention earlier, is a non-linear action/platformer game like Metroid and Castlevania, thus the name) called Lyle in Cube Sector. I think the guy who made the game's name is Nic DeStefano. I'm most likely going to get a Skype, so we can also communicate that way.
  4. I think a fantastic way to start out would be to maybe make a game like Pixel's Guxt, or maybe a shorter version of Locomalito's Hydorah, both of which are scrolling shooter games. The latter is a fantastic side scroller like JGalaxy suggested, and the former is a neat, and a bit shorter upwards scroller by, well Pixel the guy who made Cave Story and Ikachan. For a while I've been working on this "metroidvania" game, albeit veeery little-by-little, and because of this I thought it would be better to first make a side/upwards scrolling ship game like JGalaxy suggested. Believe me, I've started this before and it's one of the more simple types of games to make, at least according to that short experience I had. I can help out with art and sound, I'm fairly good with both. Since JGalaxy wants to do art, I'll do the sound and music. I will gladly help any other way I can, including art. If you (TheMagi) don't like the idea of starting off with a scrolling ship game, I'm sure I or JGalaxy can do something else, like he said. My e-mail is jaydiyee@gmail.com, and I might respond through my Youtube account (which has no videos so far :p) if you put a comment on my channel's discussion page. I don't have notifications turned on for the rest of YT, but I think it will notify me if you put a comment on the discussion page. I'll also try my best to remember to read it. Good day, fellow game design enthusiasts :D
  5. Some Bored Guy

    [TEAM] Creating a game engine - hobby

    Just a friendly suggestion, maybe the rule that "People-seeking is not permitted in any of the discussion forums" should be added to the FAQ so that other people (like me, who is very new here, in fact this is my first post) won't make the same mistake in the future. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful this was one of the first forum posts I went on to, thus saving myself from making that mistake. But people like RV can greatly benefit from knowing this from the get-go. Then again, maybe this rule was already on there and I just missed it. I tend to not be very confident in my ability to remember that kind of thing. :3 And just so you know Tom, I upvoted your comment because I am grateful you mentioned that looking for people to help isn't allowed on discussion forums.
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