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    Where to start when making my game?

    Generally, you do not want to build your own engine just because it is a lot of (unnecessary) work for a 2D work. It is much better to work on the game with an existing engine like Unity or Unreal because you will get more work done and it is far more reliable to use.
  2. Seekrish

    Game environment

      If all the photos give you the inspiration for the game then try take the specific things you like about each picture and merge them together. If you can draw, you can create a concept art for these references.
  3. Seekrish

    Where can I get sound effects?

    http://soundimage.org/   This guy has some good sound fx but doesn't have a lot of them since he mainly composes music.
  4. Seekrish

    Working for game companies

    Alright thanks guys, I wasn't really aware of the technical artist role so I'll look into it!
  5. I am a computer science student about to graduate in a few months but recently have been interested in 3d modelling, particularly in environment modelling. I have a good amount of spare time considering this my final year. At this point, I am thinking about getting a job in the game industry but undecided of whether to do programming or art. I don't enjoy programming as much as 3d modelling but have more experience in it. I only know the basics of 3ds max as of right now. So my question is, should I apply for programming whilst learning and becoming proficient in environment modelling or take the time to learn environment modelling in these few months + summer holidays and search for the jobs, or are both of these options terrible?
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