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  1. I am trying to write kind of a slowly moving song then rises up at the end then a slow conclusion. For some reason though I get a feeling like I heard the same tune before... NOTE: This song hasn't been mixed to a great extent yet so it's a bit rough. If anyone could give me tips on how to make this a bit more unique that would be awesome, thank you!
  2. So I have updated the song I made to orchestral instead of the synth, wanted to see which was better. More feedback is welcome! https://soundcloud.com/isaiah-phillips-262485374/too-many-trumpets-revised-1
  3. Thanks! I will definitly try some more mixing and see if I can get the panning down right. I will add some low end too :D
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new here to these forums and since my Rokits finally came in I decided to finish up my song.  I tried to make it kind of Megaman-esque (sort of fast paced and never slows down), would love to see what you think and see if I can improve in some areas. https://soundcloud.com/isaiah-phillips-262485374/too-many Hope you enjoy!
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