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  1. Hey! We're right now 2 people looking to put together a team for a first person parkour game. We're currently one programmer and a game designer and are looking for people that want to join and build a portfolio together with us. This post is mainly directed towards 3D artists but if you have any other skill you think can contribute with you are welcome to apply and i also want to point out that we're in no way only looking for professionals. You are welcome to join as long as you can do something with your skill to contribute. If you would be interested to join we would want some quick questions answered. How old are you? If you have a portfolio please post a link to it here. (Only imgur or gyazo). How much time/week will you be able to spend on the game? (Specific days, weekends, times etc...) May also want to point out that im not the leader of this project so if you have any questions i will give them to the lead. Thanks for your time and hope you'll be happy to apply.
  2. I couldn't find you. Are you sure you typed the correct username/ID?
  3. Well i would gladly join. Could you setup a Discord server where the team can communicate? and give me your username?
  4. Programmer here. I don't have any real experience but i've programmed for a while now and has already learnt the basics and started with a bit more "advanced" stuff. If it's all good i would like to join if you could please give me a bit more information about the project we're making. Do you have a Discord server where we can talk? And some wuick questions. - Who is gonna lead the development? - How many is in the team? - What sort of game are we going to make? FPS, RPG etc...
  5. DaKingZ

    Getting together a team!

    Hey! Unity Programmer here. I am in no way a professional and im still learning and watching tutorials to become better. But i think i will be able to do it with time. If you manage to put together a team i would be more than willing to join.
  6. Could you give a bit more information? What's the story about? What sort of gameplay is it supposed to be? Compare it to an already existing game? Price/Free? etc... //Programmer
  7. Hey! We are a team of 5 people that are in need of some people for our project. We are right now looking for a concept artist and a level designer. If you can do both that would be great. I will go. a bit more in detail about the game later and it's story etc... But the games is a 3rd person 3D platformer. Here is what we're looking for. Concept Artist: You will make refrence images, blueprints for objects, Characters, Enviroments etc... That the 3D will follow to make the final product. Requirements: - Be able to draw good enough from diffrent angles so the 3D Artist's can follow it. - Be able to make concept art from ideas. - Be able to draw cartoony looking characters, Props, Objects etc... - Be creative Level Designer: You will design the levels of the game and together with the concept artist design the specific areas. Requirements: - Be able to design working levels for games. - Be able to draw good enough for a 3D artist to follow your blueprints of the levels. - Be able to work with the concept artist to make the levels feel alive. - Be able to draw cartoony looking areas. Similar to games like Super Mario and Zelda? Remember that alot of the people in the team is new to their role and the games made are to begin with very simple and we're all just looking for ways to improve. The game will be released for free and no revenue will be earned. And also you don't have to worry about being good. We are looking for people to improve with. You don't need to be good as a concept artist or level designer. Just good enough to be able to make something. Remember we're doing it all for fun. If you would like to apply please answer these questions in the comments or in a PM. 1. Which role do you want to apply to? 2. How good would you consider yourself to be? 3. Do you meet all the requirements listed? 4. Which timezone are you in? 5. If you have any portfolio we can view please post a link to it here. Have a nice day :)
  8. Both, but the majority of ideas are 3D focused.   I believe you have left out the part of your post where you articulate why folks who have "skills" should work on your ideas instead of their own and why someone with experience would want to take direction from someone without. Are you offering payment? Do you at least have project management experience? These are important questions. Assuming you're actually asking, I didn't leave them out intentionally. I didn't consider those questions. Yes, it was wrong, but I didn't know better when writing the post, and will fix that.   I appreciate this very much, thank you. Anyone else reading this reply, I also appreciate constructive criticism; if you wish to help me improve, please do so in a private message. Well then im more than happy to join you as a 3D artist :)
  9. Damn... You really got a future in the game industry!
  10. Are you looking for 2D or 3D art?
  11. Are you looking for a 2D or 3D artist?
  12. Hey! Could you please give a bit more detail on what sort of things you want? - What sort of graphics do you want? Clean/Cartoon looking like ex: Clustertruck or More realistic? - What sort of things would i do? Props, Levels, Enemies etc... - What will happen with the game when it's finished? Will it be for mobile or PC etc...
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