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  1. Hi everybody. So, I loved Lego-Racers as a kid and was really dissapointed by the sequal. To make up for it i've decided to make an homage to the Original Lego-Racers. Not a complete clone, but how I imagine it would have been made with todays tech. So far I've (feature) completed the Car Builder. I'm no UI artist, or sound artist for that matter. So both the UI and sounds/music needs a loving hand. But everything is functional. Features: - Danish and English localization. - Save/load/Edit block-cars. - 66 Blocks in 5 categories to build with. And still many more on the drawing board. - 2 Base car foundations to start building your car from. - Full color customization. You can even select how metallic a block is. - Full Undo/Redo history. I've included a test-driving range so you can test drive your creations. But real racing is yet to come. My point with this game is not to make money. Even though i have done a lot to avoid obvious Lego references i'm still pretty sure this won't hold in court. This is purely a game made for the sake of recapturing my childhood favourite. Still though, if you think you can help in any way and want to experience a modern Lego-Racers like I do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feedback is also greatly appreciated. Love. Showcase video. BlockCarRacer_publicBuild01.zip
  2. DrOffensive

    Looking for team

    Hey :D I'm new to this site, so i hope im doing it right :P I'm currently working on a remake of the old Dungeon Keeper Gold, but the project is too large for 1 guy to finish in any realistic time period. Therefore i am looking for a team who needs a helping hand or is looking for their next project. My primary skills are programming, especially programming randomized systems (i.e. Random Levels) but i also do 3D and 2D graphics. I have years of experience using Unity Engine, althoug i constantly try to challenge myself using different tools and software (i recently wrote a very simple 2D game engine w. physics in Java, very messy and inefficient but it works). Links:    
  3. DrOffensive

    What are you working on?

    Spending my spare time to recreate the feel of Dungeon Keeper Gold in a new setting. Graphics are still placeholders. Im currently working on implementing A*.
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