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  1. iamyoukou

    Snow physics in Red Dead Redemption 2

    So much useful information! Thanks : )
  2. iamyoukou

    Snow physics in Red Dead Redemption 2

    Nice! Let me check these videos. Thanks : )
  3. I'm very interested in the snow physics in Red Dead Redemption 2. Here is a demo video from YouTube. Does anyone know the techniques behind this snow physics? For example, What is the shading model of the snow? How do they create snow deformation?
  4. Thank you for the code : ) I think  N = cross(T, B) in your code is more reasonable than the equation (12) in that article. Thanks again  :)
  5. The equations for calculating tangent and bi normal vector are (10) and (11). The article also gives a result of the cross prod you mentioned (equation 12), but it doesn't show the whole calculating steps. And I don't understand some part of those missing steps :( By the way, sorry for not showing equation (10) ~ (12), I will edit my post.
  6. I'm reading the article of ocean surface simulation based on gerstner waves in this book: But I don't understand how to compute the normal vectors (equation 10 ~ 12). Currently, I got [attachment=35446:question_0.png] It seems that the article makes the following assumption [attachment=35447:question_1.png] But how is that possible? Or did I miss something?   ================================= edited, 2017.03.28, 08:30 ================================= The bi normal vector is (equation 10) The tangent vector is (equation 11) The normal vector given by the article is (equation 12) I don't understand how they cancel out those summation terms (e.g. part 1a and part 1b).
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