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  1. Hello, at first I would like to say I’m a newbie, this data is just my personal data from my games, it’s not a study of a market or something like that. Before I was releasing games only on Android, but just like 1–1.5 month ago I had released my last game “Fisherman” on IOS. To be honest I Was ready for fail (IOS version got a lot less promotion than my release on Android). Before I was not releasing games for IOS because of cost (license, devices, etc). I got ~1.48k total downloads , 189 in one day (highest), for me it’s nice, I mean, I was thinking, I won’t even pass 100. Fisherman Downloads Download Countries If we come to earnings it was $27.58 from Chartboost ads (full screen) and $14.18 from Unity Ads (reward video). Comparing IOS to Android, IOS got a lot higher earnings. On Chartboost ECPM (for Fisherman) it’s $6.30 for IOS and $1.50 for Android, so the difference is huge. I think it’s because CTR is 11.63% on IOS and 3.21% on Android. If we look at Chartboost earnings with ~5k downloads I got $38.71 earnings on Android and $27.58 on IOS (with 1.48k downloads). “Fisherman” is free to play game, no IAP, only reward videos and full screen ad (1x per ~7 minutes + players need to reach certain game level to see it). My total cost of releasing a game on IOS was ~$185 (port from Android → IOS), total earnings are $41.76 (IOS) (not withdrawable + I need to deduce tax from that cash). Like I said before, I was not releasing on IOS because costs (dev license cost ~$100 per year, when on Google it’s $25 per lifetime) + for developing on IOS you need MAC device. I just wanted to check out, how releasing games on IOS looks like. To be honest I must say that it’s a lot easier to promote the game on IOS than on Android + it’s easier to get organic downloads, earnings on IOS are a lot better. Device Type A lot of people ask how does the apple review work, to be honest, I was releasing a total of 3 games on IOS. Expect “Fisherman” game I was releasing “Mirkowanie” and “Casual Tree”. Casual tree earned ~$0.7 (47 downloads), Mirkowanie earned $0.07 (60 downloads). I’m using Unity, so I had to set few things on XCode (I had to edit info.plist, add few frameworks, add capability, and some other things). The process was easy and fast. I had been just suppressed by “Encryption Export Compliance” question, I don’t use any cryptography, but even if app use HTTPS or SSL connection I had to check “YES” (so if app got ads or use GameCenter, some API, we need to check “yes”). After It, I got 3 of my games rejected by Apple (description was suggesting, that players can get real cash, to be honest, I never had that purpose, I had change description, I got rejected again, then I had again changed description, then 2 of my 3 games got accepted. For the 3rd game I had to appeal (It got rejected because it was similar to others), after a few days my 3rd game got accepted. Download types I know what is Reddit and TouchAracde, iosgods is linking to “hacked” version of my game (with high cash), to be honest I don’t got problem with it, it’s extra promotion. Check out my game: IOS Google Play Amazon Store And my social media: Facebook Twitter e-mail newsletter Now I’m working on Yerba Mate tycoon game for Steam, I take a break from Mobile markets ;P Not sure if this data is useful for any1. Also, it don’t mean that you won’t earn cash from your game/app because, I didn’t earn it (there are games/apps which earn cash, and there are apps/games that don’t, it’s normal). Feel free to ask questions. Threat this post as a “curiosity” :-} Earnings and stats from my other games
  2. Thanks, In future I will post update about Fisherman stats + I will post data from my 1 small web game (Still in making, simple one) + I got plans for Tycoon game (Simple, I think I will sell it for 1$ or less, theme is unique one, it would be hard for Tycoon game to put Ads, I mean reward ads, not sure if any1 will buy it). When I will finish them, I will post data/statistics from them too (as one post, main theme will be Tycoon, other as addon) :-} + I got plans for a lot more games, I will post data from them. Thanks, Yes, I'm glad I'm only 20, Still a lot of time to make something good. Now raising with experience, and one day I will attack with something good.
  3. Hello, it’s time for statistics from my last game “Fisherman” (downloads and earnings), expect it, I will share data from my other games + total earnings + plays (online) + downloads from my 8 games (6 Android + WebGL, 2 only WebGL). My game (fisherman) has been released for Android (Google Play, Amazon Store) + WebGL (Kongregate, Crazy Games). Fisherman is a clicker/idle game, your purpose is to earn the highest amount of cash + buy new upgrades (more about game here). Game has been downloaded 740x (698x Google Play, 42x Amazon Store). The Highest number of downloads (one day) is 434x. WebGL version (Online), got: 17000 (Kongregate) game plays 6000 (Crazy Games) game plays Total 23000 game plays. Kongregate Data, daily new players Installs image (Android): Google Play Downloads Amazon Store Downloads Google Play users country What about earnings? Android: $6,42 Unity Ads (reward video ads, only played when users want). $2.55 ChartBoost (full screen ads, only visible, when player have enough high earnings + they got CD for 5–8 minutes, expect it if Unity Ads fail to show ad, this one will show reward ad). $2.55 from Google Play, $0 from Amazon Store. Online (WebGL): $32.53 Kongregate (played based on game plays + they quality). €13.97 Crazy Games (based on game plays + they quality). In total, it gives me: ~$57.41 (- taxes and -graphics costs and other cost, expect it there is fee for withdrawing cash + PayPal got weak exchange rate). My game (this one and others), don’t got IAP. I expected these earnings, to be honest I never expected something (you know big cash, popularity, MMO RPG with millions of players), that’s why I’ve never been disappointed. It could be worse, game earnings Check out my game: Google Play Amazon Store Online And my social media: Facebook Twitter (^ You won’t miss info about my new games + about new stats from future games) OK, time for most interesting statistics: Most amount of rates (Android) comes from Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. In terms of downloads, most popular phones are Redmi 4x and Redmi Note 4, expect it there is a lot of other Xiaomi Devices + a lot of Samsung smartphones. Total daily play time ( the best day) is 8.68M seconds (~100days), total daily play time per user (the best day) is 3.13k seconds. Expect it, in the best day, I had notice 38.53 shop button clicks (only one shop) and 11k transports (started). Best Day = day with highest rate of installs Android Rate (Google Play) Oh, I had thought, that I will get a lot of 1 star rates (I got 2x crash bug): 1. I had updated Google Services, because older was working very bad, I got no errors, on my phone (Android 6), all was working fine, then after releasing game to Google Play, I got crashes on users with Android 6+. 2. I just released a very small upgrade, then my game crashes for users (Unity corrupted packaged game files, only Android). Those crash didn’t affect rates, because I got very good users, they had reported me those bugs so fast + I fixed them in less than 24 hours (ussaly day of bug report = day of bug fix) Time for some images: New Users, Data from Unity Analitycs Monthly active users (Data from Unity Analitycs) Country of my game users (Google Play data) Android Versions of my users (Google Play) Here are stats from my game before “Fisherman”, “Zarsthor”: Game got downloaded 152x (111x Google Play + 41x Amazon Store). Expect it, it got 7k game plays (online. Earnings: $0 Chartboost, $0 Unity ads, $8.73 Web Version (WebGL). Ok, time for next bonus stats, after releasing zarsthor (my 5th game), I decided to release 2 small WebGL games (games for 2 players): Throw, it was a simple game, to be honest IDK about what is it (I think we are throwing something), it has earned $10,4 (more than Zarsthor, let’s say Zarsthor was xxx time when throw was x time). It got also 12,162 game plays, Fish Eat Fishes, my next simple game, this time it earned $47.77 earnings. Game got 29,577 game plays. So my total earnings, are from all games (8 in total, 6 released for Web + Android, 2 only for Web): Unity ads $144.24 Chartboost: $114.54 (withdraw from $300) Crazy Games: (Great Website with online games) $238.68 Kongregate: $128.32 In total = $625.78 (-$114 non Withdraw from Chartboost, -taxes, -graphics cost and others). My Web (WebGL) game plays amount (total, from my all game) Game plays: Kongregate: 86,421 Crazy Games: 164,599 In total: ~251k game plays (only online versions). My total downloads of my Android games is: Google Play: 11643x Amazon Store: 1943x Total: ~13586 Expect it I got 2 from my 6 Android games on itch.io, today I had seen, that bomb rain got 6 downloads, tree tap 59 (on itch.io), but I had never linked to my itch.io, so today I had uploaded all my other games to it. My Itch.io Time for some social media data: Facebook: 69 likes Twitter: 50 observing people And some strange bonus data from a Polish website (like Dig): my tag is observed by 381 people, my list (like a e-mail newsletter, but on portal only) is subscribed by 123 people Expect it, I got on that websites (total) 4166 “up votes” (let’s say it’s an up vote) and total 985 comments + 164.1k views. Expect it (on blog like, I mean it’s a website blog on polish website like dig, where all can post various things), I got total 6119 up votes ( the best post got 722 comments and 2715 up votes). What about reedit? I got 945 total up votes (counted up votes — down votes) And total 441 comments. Time for data from my other games (Downloads) Fisherman: Google Play Amazon Store Online 698 Google + 42 Amazon Store = 740 Downloads Zarsthor: Google Play Amazon Store Online 111 Google + 41 Amazon store = 152 Downloads Mirkowanie: Google Play Amazon Store Online 4118 Google + 49 Amazon Store = 4167 Downloads Stickman: Google Play Amazon Store Online 549 Google + 533 Amazon Store = 1082 Downloads Money Tree: Google Play Amazon Store Online 5013 Google + 970 Amazon Store = 5983 Downloads Bomb Rain: Google Play Amazon Store 1154 Google + 308 Amazon Store = 1462 Downloads Expect it, you can check my games on Kongregate and itch.io (Android) New users for all games (Unity Analitycs) My most earnings comes from “Fish eat Fishes”, “Tree Tap” and “Mirkowanie”. Like I said before, I never expected something (you know big cash, popularity, MMO RPG with millions of players), that’s why I’ve never been disappointed. Future Plans: When you are reading it, I’m answering tons of PM (thanks for each of them). Also, I’m leaving gamedev, to be honest it’s so hard work, and I got nothing from it. Joking, I plan to release some updates to my last game + I’m working on small web game (15% done), then I gotta move to my main project. It will be tycoon, special one, with unique theme, no one even released Tycoon with this theme. I don’t want to give details right now, I’m still planing it. Thanks for support, thanks for each Pm, thanks for helping me with beta/alpha tests, also thanks for playing my games :-} When I was making those games, I had learned a lot, and it’s still start for me. I mean, my first game was some random thing, just idk what I was making, I just was making something, no plans, idea. No marketing (only marketing was in day of release). “Releasing Games” is just a start of work, updating game, responding to players, marketing game is a next ton of work. Got any questions? Feel free to ask them :-} I had complete gathering those data at 5AM, total earnings and earnings from games may be other (just not all data is fetched + some old data is not visible). ** I’m not expert, I’m still newbie in gamedev (just a 20 old guy, who one day started making games). Threat this post as a share of curiosity, it’s not a professional data collection. Check out my game: Google Play Amazon Store Online And my social media: Facebook Twitter Also, here is more detail statistics from some of my other games: Mirkowanie Stickman RPG Tree Tap Bomb Rain Data
  4. donislawdev

    Earnings and Statistics from my 4th Android Game

    Thank you :-} I think that friends/family may not be honest with opinions (they will always try to look at game, as a better game). Mostly people that I know in real life, thinks making games is super easy + it's some activity for children. When I'm telling people, that I develop games as mine hobby, they think I'm developing some games like GTA/Witcher. Oh, also, nice post: https://mcgivernjacob.wixsite.com/jacobmcgivern/blog/how-waking-up-at-5-30am-changed-my-life It reminds me, in old times, when I was waking up at 4:30 and going to sleep at 22:30 (to develop games, before I was going to school). Shame latter I had constantly stayed at night (developing games) + I had given up with waking up at 4:30AM (it was also hard to stop developing games at that time, let's say I got school at 8:00AM, but I got some problem to fix, and it was just hard to leave it ;p). I agree, that it's also nice to have a plan, when I'm developing games (before sleep) I'm always writing a list for a next day (what to program next day + what to take care of).
  5. donislawdev

    Earnings and Statistics from my 4th Android Game

    Nice idea, I had studied my 4 games fails, and with my 5th game I got some plans to improve. I always start with something like that: 1. When I'm making game, from time to time I post info about it on Twitter/Facebok (gif/video) + on Wykop (Polish websites like Reddit). 2. When I'm near finishing game, I start beta tests, sometimes I got with alpha, depends on game, but on beta test I search beta testers from Poland (Wykop Website) + Reddit + Facebook/Twitter. 3. Collect feedback, develop updates based on feedback. Etc. 4. When releasing game I try to do good ASO + bring high rates + I'm writing to a lot of youtubers/websites (with my past games I even got some reviews), so let's say I can get 500-1500 downloads in first day, but then all fail. No idea how to get more players, I mean from time to time I develop updates + post info about them, I release game statistics. My new plan is similar to this one, but better, no idea how it will work. Right now main problem is that, I can generate downloads, but it's 1-3 day MAX (but with some games I got 15-40 downloads per day for ~1-3 weeks, still not enough). I think one day I will make a post, why my all games failed + what I did wrong.
  6. donislawdev

    Earnings and Statistics from my 4th Android Game

    Thank you :-} Maybe one day I will get more players (I had never reached 5k+ in Google Play), which is a very bad, IK it won't change anything in earnings, but I just want reach 5k+ downloads with one game (Google Play), not sure why, but I just want it, because I had never got 5k+ downloads, so I want them I'm excited about my new game (still a lot of work, but I think its like 50%+ done, it was dropped but now I'm back into it). Gonna try some new marketing plans, just worried how many downloads I can get with it, I think I will fail, but it's interesting still.
  7. Hello, it's time for statistics and earnings from my 4th Android/WebGL Game, "Mirkowanie" is idle clicker, it's mostly a special game, because it was made for Polish website community (but not only players from Poland play it), it's specific, so I was not looking into a lot of players + earnings (Poland got very low earnings from ads) I'm just 19 year old newbie, I couldn't sleep, I had weak up at 3-4AM and I started to develop "Mirkowanie". It was fun to develop it ;p Just a lot of work in analyzing data (imagine checking website data from 2005-2018 year). Here are statistics: Game got downloaded 3451x (19x Amazon Store and 3432x Google Play), Amazon Store is that low, because downloads was mostly from Poland. Game got 26k game plays (online). Top download (one day) was 1900x times, I got 500x testers in one day. Kongregate (new players) Unity Analitycs (new players) MAU (Unity analitycs); Earnings? $36.82 (Unity Ads, video ads, can't withdraw it). $29.62 (Kongregate, we got payed from game plays, can withdraw it ). $17.56 Chartboost (ads that are shown in-game, sometimes video ads (if Unity ads fail), can't withdraw it ). So my pure "earning" is $29.62 (can withdraw it). So was not worth it, but that's not problem, my games also don't got IAPs + most of the players was from Poland (low cash from ads), but it was still fun to develop it, I mean it was crazy idea ;p I mean from one side I got 1900x downloads in one day, it's big number from me, but to be honest, for gamedev business it's nothing, but wait, for me it's still 1900x players (my first game got 600x Downloads in ~1 year). Also, fun fact, I was top1 new Free casual game in Poland. Also, ~25% downloads comes from Xiaomi devices. So in last week i got 14.3k sessions, max time spend in-game (one day, max, total ) was 13.85M seconds (~160 days). It's 80 minutes for each user, average 2.5 session per user. Some other stats: Most used phones: Most used android versions: Game name is Mirkowanie - Ilde Money Clicker Also, if any1 wish to check out my other earnings/statistics from other games, there are all on Reddit + I always post them on my Twitter/Facebook (same as my name on Reddit). Also, right now I'm working on space shooter with own story, we get new ships, buy upgrades, we got side and main quests and a lot more. It got story made by me + Original sounds, that's some nice music (not from game), but made by the same person: Check Music Images from the game are also on images with statistics. Check out game + observe me :-} Android Online Firefox play only, use text save, Chrome got bug, reported it to browser, still waiting for fix, that same other browsers on Blink engine (not all)) Amazon Store Facebook Twitter And my new game (W.I.P):
  8. donislawdev

    Earnings and Statistics from my 3rd Android Game - Stickman RPG

    Hello, it's not problem: Kongregate DashBoard (Kongregate data), Unity Analytics (Information about players, sessions, and many other), Google Play (Downloads information), Amazon Store (Downloads information), Unity Ads DashBoard (Video Ads statistics), ChartBoost Dashboard (full screen ads statistics).
  9. donislawdev

    Earnings and Statistics from my 3rd Android Game - Stickman RPG

    Thank you, right now I work on a next game.
  10. Hello, month ago I had released my 3rd Android/WebGL game, it’s a simple Clicker. I wanted to experiment with clicking mechanic, add some RPG elements. I didn’t know if I should release statistics from this game (they are really small). But in past I had said, that I will release statistics from my all games, so here is it: „Stickman RPG - Idle Money Clicker” has been downloaded by 166 people, WebGL version got 2400 plays. 78 Downloads come from Google Play, 88 come from Amazon Store. It might look strange, because, there are more downloads from Amazon Store, than from Google Play. It’s because my game was removed from Google Play (because „it’s look like another game”). I had written to Google Play (My game was not in Google Play, for 2-3 days), and they had brought back my game to Google Play, they just removed my game by mistake ;p Kongregate Data: Earnings: $3.70 Kongregate $0.03 ChartBoost $0 Unity Ads Yeah, I was ready for no earnings from my game, I had made 3 games, and I had earned total $0, it’s not problem. I know, that I need improve my skills to earn something, my games are just too weak to earn cash. I’m 19 year old, I just like making games, I think it’s pretty fun. From a fun fact, 9 September an area button was clicked ~9000x (counting only online players, counting all clicks, not only unique). And 14000x Start Shield button was clicked (not counting shield button, just Start Shield button, not only unique, only online players). 9 September players had spent in my game 505k seconds, in my last game (record) was 3.38 Million seconds at 13 August. Some Statistics about my game: At this moment I work on a next game, it will be a space shooter, we will fly from planet to planet, unlock/upgrade new ships, beat new enemies. Game will get own story: „I got normal life like other humans, but one day all has changed. I had decided, that I want leave my safe and peace planet, and have a trip over galaxy, I want to have adventure of my life. Death, life, brutality, continuous fighting, welcome to space travel, even if you survive, yes ... Nothing will be the same, here life is next to death, friend next to the enemy, anyway, today is difficult to distinguish.” Google Play Amazon Store Kongregate Web Version Facebook Twitter My Other Games Some ScreenShots from game:
  11. Hello all, 1 month ago I had released my 2nd game on Android and WebGL. It’s a simple clicker/idle game, in which we gather funds and we buy upgrades, from time to time, we make decisions. I must say, that creating this game, was very fun. „Tree Tap – Money Idle Clicker” Was downloaded by 539 users, WebGL version got 13500 game plays, those numbers are not big, to be honest, those statistics are really weak, but I’m glad that someone had played my game. 141 users had download game from Amazon Store, 398 from Google Play. The Biggest number of downloads (in one day) was 72. Game is downloaded 12-14x/per day. As a curiosity, record of my first game (downloads in one day) was 30. Actual number of downloads of my first game is 427. How does earnings from „Tree Tap – Money Idle Clicker” looks? $19.46 (Kongregate) $2.37 (Unity Ads) $0.61 (Chartboost) I can’t withdraw those cash, it’s too small. I was ready for those earnings, I don’t hope too much on earnings, I still learn, I think, that my games are too weak, to earn some cash. For marketing, I had use: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Wykop(Polish website) and I had written to many youtubers, sites. I was also frequently updating game, based on players requests. As a next curiosity, my game is frequently used on those devices: Some Data, about users of my game: Google Nexus 6P - 4.5% Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - 4.5% Samsung Galaxy S7 - 2,8% Google Pixel XL - 2.0% A lot of Samsung Devices ( 60-70% ) What are my plans? I plan to make new updates for „Tree Tap – Money Idle Clicker”, then I will learn new things in C# and I will make next game. I think, that it will be next clicker, but I plan to make a other mechanic for it, it won’t be boring clicking. If You got any questions, feel free to ask them, threat this as a curiosity, I got 18 years, I’m still weak newbie. Tree Tap – Google Play Tree Tap – Amazon Store Tree Tap – Online Version, Kongregate Facebook Twitter
  12. donislawdev

    List of sites with free/paid game assets (2D,3D,Sounds)

    I didin't know ;o, adding to my list. Thank alot for link.
  13. 2D: free/paid [gamedeveloperstudio](https://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com/) Very great support, expect it cheap price (we can buy alot of things under 1$, one time bought sprites can be used multiple times in comercial use) - For me it's a very great site, it get like everyday new assets. 2D/3D/Sounds: free [opengameart](https://opengameart.org/) Sounds/Sprites 2D/3D Free, CC0 things are free for comerical use, no need to give credits (if chosed CC0 license), very good site. 2D/3D/Sounds: free/paid [kenney.nl](https://kenney.nl/assets) 2D/3D and Audio mostly free but some are paid, really great site, to be honest Kenney do a great job, he share so much assets for free. Sounds: free [freesound](https://www.freesound.org/) Alot of sounds + sfx, if we chose CC0, we can use sounds for comercial and non comercial use, great site. 2D/3D/sounds/particles and alot more: free/paid [Unity assetstore ](https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/) Alot of free assets, paid assets, various prices and various support (depends on creators. I had bought some assets from this site, and creators of them was always nice + giving very good support 2D/3D/sounds: free/paid [gamedevmarket](https://www.gamedevmarket.net/) Alot of sprites + sounds, 2D and 3D, very good site. 2D: Free [lostgarden](http://www.lostgarden.com/search/label/free%20game%20graphics) Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, need give credits if used. Not used by me 2D: Free/Paid [supergameasset](http://www.supergameasset.com/) Not used by me 2D: free/paid [gameartpartners](https://gameartpartners.com/) Not used by me 2D/Sounds: paid [scirra](https://www.scirra.com/store) Sounds and graphic, Not used by me. 2D: paid [graphicriver](https://graphicriver.net/category/game-assets/sprites) 2D sprites i think only paid, Not used by me. 2D: paid/free [gameart2d](http://www.gameart2d.com/) 2D sprites, few are free, Not used by me. 2D: free/paid [tokegameart](http://tokegameart.net/) Not used by me. 2D: free/paid [mobilegamegraphics](https://mobilegamegraphics.com/) Not used by me. 2D/3D/Sounds: Free/Paid [Gamedev Marke](https://gamedev.market/) Not used by me. 2D:free/paid [graphic-buffet](http://www.graphic-buffet.com/) Alot of sprites, few are free, other are paid, 2d graphic, minimum price is 5$, used this site. *sorry if there was a topic like this, sites positions are random, list got made by me. My game which use some of assets from listed sites: [Google Play:] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Donislaw.BombermanRain [Amazon Store] https://www.amazon.com/Bomb-Rain-Tap-Reflex-Game/dp/B06XB7G9RB [My Twitter]: https://twitter.com/DonislawDev [My Facebook]: https://www.facebook.com/DonislawDev-432377923770925/
  14. donislawdev

    Earnings and Statistic from my Android Game - Bomb Rain

    Hello, thank for comment, for my next game statistic i will also share this information :-}
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