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  1. Hey All, My name's Jeron. I'm a programmer of 5 years, and work a full-time job doing web/game development. On the side, I've been working on a cool 2d retro-style tactical RPG with a small team, and we need to find another pixel artist, especially one who likes to create environments. The game is built on Open Gaming Content. That means it uses a lot of the similar rules as D&D games. Here's a screenshot of a combat situation: Here's a channel where you can see some dev updates I did along with some gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYHLYqU1aAfzXn71mfFwtYw The game's core mechanics have already been implemented. Here are a few to give you an idea: -Modular character/equipment animation system (what you see is what you have equipped) -Combat basics -Terrain FX -Stealth/Vision -Level-Up/Multi-Classing/exp. system -Various UI's, like action bar, combat log, inventory window, battle cue -Hotseat multiplayer/Skirmish -Tutorial system -Overmap for in-between combat situations -Spellcasting system Please reply if you'd be interested in learning more about joining the team as a talented pixel artist!
  2. Hi there, I have a really awesome prototype going for tactical rpg game that utilizes DnD 5e rules.  I'd like to find an avid DnD nerd / Unity game dev to compliment my weak points, which are UX/Art/Illustration.  I specialize in architecting mechanics, and creating content pipelines.   The style is retro/pixel graphics.  Here are a few screenshots: My philosophy for development has been to make by-the-book combat, and so far I've done a good job.  Here are some of the features built into the project so far: -State machine that allows players and ai entities to break up their turn freely like in DnD.  You can Move/Attack/Move more, or the reverse.   -Character creation widget, allowing you to choose race, class, abilities, skills, features, and name. -Content pipelines set up for creating weapons, armour, classes, features, actions, battle maps, and new UIs  very easily -AI archetypes pipeline (so far I only have melee attacker archetype). -A skirmish mode, which allows you to pit characters you've created against each other. -Modular equipment animations.  What-you-see-is-what-you-get as far as what you have equipped. -System devised for handling difficult terrain, non-passable terrain, cover, and concealment. My goal is to release a vertical-slice demo by a couple months from now, with skirmish mode and possibly a first level in a campaign.  You would probably be working on making the UI clearer/prettier/easier.  Though it's statistically unreasonable to think this project would go viral, it definitely has potential, and I would be willing to split interest in it with you. Please respond if you would be interested in working on this with me!    
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