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  1. I wanted to make some basic graphic for my angled top down game. It is a scifi game. It is really just a prototype graphic, but every feedback would help me. Sprites are in vector so I can resize them if you think player is too small for screen. Here is the picture, but main reasons why I am posting are animations. And Animations are here: Animations (Cars are in bad perspective for now) Do you think, animations like this can work in game? Do you think the graphic looks more like graphic for side scroller game?
  2. Weiner

    Bad writer need help with sci-fi story

    Thank you for reply. My first question is if somebody have some idea for my story. I always come up with some idea then I write it. But I can not continue. I know that I will not make whole story in a week, but after month I have nothing more than basic. I know my story is cliche, but whatever. I do games just for fun now. Another question. Any tip about making missions? But I think, there is no advice. You are right. I do not want spend two years writing story, so I will choose second option too. And thanks for questions. I will think about them.
  3. I was thinking about some sci-fi game like Grand Theft Auto. It is important because story is designed for this type of game. Story Year 3050 Ships of new enemy attacked planet and destroyed almost whole planet, before federation fleet destroyed them. Some people survived. Between them was a girl, Kes. She stay on planet, steal food. One man find her and help her. Because he know she has a adventurous character. They become traders nad space pirates. One day man was shot and she runaway and take his ship. The second main protagonist and playable character is son of general or some else with high status. His father want for him to be ship commander, but he ended in a hangar and helping with repairing ships. One day Kes is arrested and blackmailed by federation. She must do some jobs for them and her partner is Raldy. When doing some job they meet old friend. Man who saved Kes when she was young. They make a team and start some business. I think sci-fi is great for game like GTA. In game can be lots of gangs, stealing space ship, lots of business and I already hate games when you saving the world. Mass Effect have lots of talking and I do not like it in this game type.
  4. [attachment=35448:big_bang_steam_concept.png] Hi, I am indie game developer from Czech republic and I want share with you my new game. Few days ago I posted here another game Logistic Nation. But I am working on Big Bang much longer. Now I am making game in Studio 2, so I changed lots of things. But game is still in development. What is Big Bang? It is a game about creating your own universe. When you start new game, game will create a universe for you with stars, planets and meteorites. You can put a life to meteorite and send it to planet. After some time on planet will appears civilization. It is on you what you will do next. Points? Player will get and lose points for action. Points can be spent to many things like change meteorite direction or create wormhole. ZOOMING? Space is huge, there is lots of stars, planets, etc. So I was thinking how to make zooming. This is my idea what I already have in game. There is no zooming, but 4 views 1. view: You can see almost whole universe, but only stars are visibles. 2. view: You can see everything and you can customize what informations about planets you want to see. Third view is same, but closer. There will be some diferences between second and third view. 4. view: If you choosed planet, in fourth view, you can see whole planet, all informations, cities, maybe talking people, fallen meteorite, all actions, research and more things. Civilizations? Civilizations will fight against each other or will make peace. Some are more aggresive, others more peaceful. But everything is random. If evolution of some civilization is very fast, it can destroy whole planet, so you can use some points and do some action to slow down evolution and progress. Every civilization will have lots of variables-aggression, attack, defense. Variables are changing what civilization is going to do. If aggression or attack will be big, they will make assault ships. Everything will be random, but everything can be change with points. First video: 
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