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  1. I know c# very well js and php comes easy, I'd like to work within the gaming fireld, wondering where to find some income helping a dev team or similar group with coding, id work on basically anything related. I tried online job sites but most are work at site or have a many school and a batch of other requirements. I have no school in the field though have released a few windows apps freeware and worked on a custom online rpg mud/ winform app project for a couple years while teaching self then scratched project. thanks
  2. Hello. If anyone needs guy who's familiar with gaming and programming,(Which i took a break from for a while, though would come back if I were to help with a project) .. game-type of interest would be one that could be complete in a reasonable time-frame (few years?) dedicated team, and these traits or similar.. Open world non violent non survival magic - social - cosmetic and social focused mmo I think it would attract a younger crowd (like most games obviously) But i do not like the dnd structure anymore, thinking to get something more creative. Heh, maybe I should do this on my own though I would like to work for others or lead the team if thats needed. I have coded for hobby for a while (non profit) though stopped near completely a couple years ago. Thanks. -Rob
  3. Extreme Long shot, but If i can find a few people I have a vision of sorts on a MMORPG with mechanics similar to games  such as Everquest Asherons's Call and Darkfall. I want to explain this in-depth but would rather in PMs.  The goal would be to find a few people with the right roles to complete the projection in a short time period.  I'd like the game to look like one of the classics, Graphically, low polygon but non-voxel (Thinking early Everquest ) To compete this we (well just me at the moment), would need a graphic modeler, audio guy, and another coder (as myself as - though knowledgeable with unity 3d). And a writer. Long shot again, But I'd like this to be a popular game with a lot of time put into it, which I believe can be done. So we would need the modeler and other coder to work on this daily, a lot, with the idea to complete a game.  It wouldn't work otherwise, without dedication (I know most people finding these posts work or want to be hired, But i cannot offer pay) I'm not experience as a leader to be honest but I have not found any type of game such as this being worked on or looking for help, but do have the free time to keep things going. [Moved self intro to bottom] I've learned C# over the last few years with a primary goal of making a game.  I eventually decided to work on a MMORPG which turned out to be released as a UI heavy non-telnet windows client MUD type game. I designed the game with the idea in mind for it to work with a transition to fully 3d. Though as this was my first attempt I went back re-doing code and learning what would work better.   The game ended playing nice and similar to that of a 3d game without the 3 dimensions and text based.  The attack was distance based, there existed a class and class switch system, a skill system, auction-house, alternative advancement system etc.. well pretty much worked on everything that would be in a MMORPG so the game did not really feel like a MUD.  I Ignored lore aspects completely. The core mechanics of the game would be re-written by me and if another would like to help. It wont take me nearly as long as being second time. Learning Unity 3d would be too new to me and super time consuming and is why I'd like to find someone focused on that aspect to work along side.   I took a break for a while from programming since the Text version did not satisfy me and I'd rather create a world with a population of players enjoying the game.   I'm posting this now because I often think about working on something like this again but realize I would need a team of people with enough free time such as myself.  I have full time free time if a team were put together.   Sorry if some of the text was difficult to read I am tired today due to lack of sleep.      
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