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  1. Corona’s engineers have slipped a couple of really cool features into recent daily builds that may have not caught your attention. Emitter Particles and Groups Previously, the particles emitted from an emitter became part of the stage until they expired. This would create problems with the relative positioning of the particles if your app needed to move the emitter. If you moved the emitter as part of a parent group, it didn’t create a natural look. Emitters can now have their particles be part of the parent group the emitter is in. This was added to daily build 2018.3199. To use this feature, you can set emitter.absolutePosition to the parent group of the emitter. Previously you had the options of true or false to determine if the positioning was absolute or relative to the emitter. By passing a group, it’s now relative to the group. You can download a sample project to see the feature in action. Controlling iOS system gestures On iOS when you swipe down from the top, it shows the Notifications panel. When you swipe up, you get the control panel. If you have UI elements in your game that are near the top of bottom in areas that are likely to result in swipe gestures, it would be nice to be able to control that. Now you can! Starting with daily build 2018.3193, you can use native.setProperty( “preferredScreenEdgesDeferringSystemGestures”, true ) to have those swipes just show a swipe arrow and a second swipe to activate the panels. We have more great things in the pipeline so watch this space for news and updates. View the full article
  2. From the Forum – Issue #173

    Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics. Deriving points Math is important! In this thread, the poster knows two points on a line but wants to calculate points along a circle for which that line is a radius. Several of our brightest developers jumped in with multiple math, code and working examples. Wavy movement Curves have always challenged developers regardless of platforms. Moving your enemies in a straight line… easy peasy… Moving them in a wave takes a bit more math. This thread contains some great examples on moving objects along a wave. Controlling body movement The poster of this thread noticed that when two physics objects interact, one object that was expected to stay in place had some slight movement. The problem was analyzed and a solution offered. Do you have a particular forum thread that was helpful for you? Let us know about it! Email, put FTF: and the forum title in the subject, and include the URL in the email. We will consider adding it to an upcoming edition of From the Forum. View the full article
  3. Featured Game: Zombie Guard

    Elliot Pace at Epace Games LLC can put a feather in his cap. His game Zombie Guard has broken the one million download mark, a dream for almost every app developer. The game also earned the Google Play Editor’s Choice selection! In Zombie Guard, you defend your city from an onslaught of zombies. You pick up weapons, power ups and other equipment to boost your abilities. You can also get other allies to help and gain even more loot. According to Pace, this is by far his most successful game. Between ads and in-app purchases, he’s able to travel the world as a digital nomad. Zombie Guard is free and available from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. View the full article
  4. From the Forum – Issue #172

    Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics. Multiple variables for strings The original poster was curious how to have multiple variables in a string. Our community developers came up with multiple solutions in this thread. Aligning text in a text field The question asked in this thread is how to cause a native.newTextField to show the beginning of the string if the text entered was too long. Learn how to force the string back to the beginning. Creating Custom Rankings Games need leaderboards, but sometimes developers need their own unique stats to rank more than score, time, etc. In this thread options are explored to cover various ways to manage one’s own rankings. Do you have a particular forum thread that was helpful for you? Let us know about it! Email, put FTF: and the forum title in the subject, and include the URL in the email. We will consider adding it to an upcoming edition of From the Forum. View the full article
  5. Featured Game: Triogical

    Triogical is a puzzle game from Jealogic, a two person studio located in France. The game is based on three wizards with different powers that can collect gems, move objects and destroy objects. You move from puzzle to puzzle solving each one using a combination of the wizards powers. The game features several castles to explore, with about fifty levels each. Your goals is to try and clear each level in as few moves as possible to collect the most stars. Earn enough stars to unlock other castle islands. Each castle has even tougher objects and more ingenious puzzles to solve. Triogical is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for free and contains in-app purchases. View the full article
  6. Happy Holidays from Corona Labs

    Corona Labs would like to take a brief moment to wish everyone worldwide a Happy Holidays. We have had a great year and have added many new features to the Corona suite of tools: Make Corona Enterprise free by merging it with Corona SDK into one product (Corona) Made Corona Native available for Windows developers Paid Facebook Audience Network (FAN) plugin and AppLovin without revenue share, to complement the free FAN and AppLovin plugins Make the Welcome Window more useful with better access to the Marketplace, documentation, and more Update our website Modernize Corona Simulator for Windows Add support for CoronaBuilder to download plugins for native users Calendar plugin Begin working on Marketplace 2.0 Resume HTML5 development Improve tvOS support (add missing features like IAP and Game Center support) We are happy that you’ve chosen Corona as your favorite development tool, which makes us a worldwide company. Our team is located in various countries as well, and as such we will be taking some much needed time off to spend with family and friends. We may not be able to respond between December 25 and January 8. We wish you the very best for the rest of 2018 and a very successful 2019! View the full article
  7. Corona Labs is pleased to announce the latest public release of Corona. This new build, 2017.3184 contains many bug fixes and important new features that move Corona forward. Corona Native builds are now supported on Windows Starting with this build, Windows developers can now use Android Studio to build native based apps including building plugins, linking to native Android libraries similar to the way Mac based users have been able to do for some time. You will find a new “Native” folder in Corona’s Start menu folder, which has our standard “App” template in it. Copy that folder to your project directory and use “Open an Existing Android Studio project” option with Android Studio. iOS 11.2 is the default SDK for iOS builds Apple continues to improve iOS 11 and move their developers along with it. For this public build, you will need to use Xcode 9.2 to build for iOS. We’ve also added support for the iPhone X. This includes a simulator skin for the device and several new API calls to get the safe zone for your UI elements. These new APIs include: display.safeScreenOriginX display.safeScreenOriginY display.safeActualPixelWidth display.safeActualPixelHeight display.getSafeAreaInsets() These API calls are not only iPhone X aware, but they take into consideration status bars and soft button bars, so using these API calls for all devices is considered a best practice. In addition for the iPhone X, you can use native.setProperty() to control if the home indicator automatically hides or not with the "prefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden" key. You can get the current value using native.getProperty(). iOS Icons Apple also changed the requirements for how icons are handled. You can no longer just include icons in your project folder and put a list of them in build.settings. You must now use an “xcassets” folder that contains the icons as well as some other important files. Please see the Images.xcassets documentation for details on setting up icons. New Welcome Window When you first start Corona you’re presented with a Welcome Window with a list of recent projects, icons to start new projects and open existing projects. This window has been redesigned with a more modern look. Windows Live Server now supports both Bonjour v2 and v3 Bonjour is Apple’s library that lets Corona Live Server work on Windows. Until recently, Bonjour v3 was included with the installation of iTunes. However, Apple no longer includes Bonjour with iTunes. The standalone version of Bonjour is version 2. Live Server now can use either v2 or v3 of Bonjour. Gradient paint now supports arbitrary directions Previously you could only set directions like 0, 45, 90 and 180 when constructing a gradient fill using the fill.rotation value. It can now take a number allowing you to have gradients at other angles. Windows text renderer is rewritten Windows text renderer was rewritten to better match other platforms behavior, fixing number of bugs. Google’s ContentProvider path traversal vulnerability warning This public build also contains an update that addresses Corona made apps that get flagged in Google Play with the “ContentProvider path traversal vulnerability” warning. If you’re getting this warning in Google Play, simply rebuild with this version of Corona. Corona can now use the latest Java Corona has been updated to use 64 bit Java installations. You no longer need to install a specific version of Java, just have the latest version installed. Android support plugins updated Our team recently updated the Android dependency plugins to their latest versions. See our recent announcement for details. Download Corona Conclusion With support for native builds on Windows and our continued improvements, this release is our best version of Corona yet. We have more to come so stay tuned to our daily builds to see what’s next for the best 2D cross-platform development framework. View the full article
  8. From the Forum – Issue #171

    Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics. JSON for a database? In this forum tread, the poster was curious about using JSON to hold database data. Our great community chimed in with several answers. Timeout on the field! Network requests can fail for several reasons. Timeouts are one of the errors you might encounter. This thread helps understand how Corona’s network.request() handles timeout errors. Widget confusion A new user was trying to understand how widgets worked. Forum superstar @roaminggamer jumped in to provide multiple sources and examples on how to use widgets in this thread. Do you have a particular forum thread that was helpful for you? Let us know about it! Email, put FTF: and the forum title in the subject, and include the URL in the email. We will consider adding it to an upcoming edition of From the Forum. View the full article
  9. PayPal is back!

    PayPal is back. Marketplace vendors can once again request payouts via PayPal. Also for those purchasing the plugins that are part of the Corona Professional Bundle, including the Splash Screen Control plugin, you can request to pay via PayPal by emailing View the full article
  10. Corona Labs’ engineers have completed the process of updating to the latest versions of the various support libraries that other Android plugins depend on . The updates include: Google Play Services – 11.4.2 Support libraries – 25.2.0 Plugin developers should be able to take advantage of these updates. All Corona developers using build 2017.3183 or later will use the new versions of these support plugins. Older versions of Corona will continue to use the older versions of the support plugins. Additionally, the Android Awareness support plugin (a new support library) is now included. We hope these updates will help you going forward. View the full article
  11. If you haven’t peeked into the Corona Marketplace recently, it now offers dozens of plugins and assets, from art packs to audio tracks to useful utility plugins. Periodically, we will highlight a few exciting products which can help you develop your dream app using Corona. Texture Packer Helpers Roaming Gamer has come up with a useful plugin that lets you use one of several different texture packing tools and use the same code base to process the files output from them. This includes Texture Packer and Shoe Box. Check it out! Lua Class Plugin Cyborc Games has created a plugin that lets you implement object oriented classes using Lua. The documentation comes with several useful examples to get you started. This could be quite useful if you like object oriented programming. CubX CubX plugin from tnt.idroid is a complete project template that uses a new concept with Tetris-like blocks and blocks of new designs to implement a puzzle game. You can use this to build your own block based puzzle games. View the full article
  12. You provided us with some great stories. We learned about many successful stories and we wish we could select them all… Thank you for all your contributions! Made with Mustard gets the prize for the best overall story. They discuss a concept called “Friction” where the tools slow you down and make your progress hard to achieve. Read their story. For their story, they will receive a free license for the plugins in the Corona Professional Bundle, 10K app installs for one of their apps, and of course their story will be added to the Corona Labs Stories web page. The runners up include: Pedro Pablo Sacristan Maddy Kay with Smart Games Fun Lab AppsCraft Denis Goncharov with Synthesis The Reef Games Each of the runner-up stories will receive licenses for the plugins in the Corona Professional Bundle and get their story posted to the Corona Labs Stories page. We loved all the stories submitted and wish we could select them all. It’s great to see all the different ways people are using Corona. You, the community, are what makes us great! View the full article
  13. From the Forum – Issue #170

    Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics. All I want for Christmas… Or Winter holiday of your choosing… In this thread, several users come up with various wish lists they have for the holidays. Maybe you can help make someone’s wish come true even if it’s just voting for a feature at Dynamic database tables The original poster needed to name and create SQL table names on the fly. Community developer hero @develephant comes to the rescue with an easy-to-use line of code to create the SQL to make these dynamically named tables. Letters to numbers The original poster needed to convert letters to numbers. Several Corona community developers jumped in with different techniques to make this happen. Do you have a particular forum thread that was helpful for you? Let us know about it! Email, put FTF: and the forum title in the subject, and include the URL in the email. We will consider adding it to an upcoming edition of From the Forum. View the full article
  14. Corona Lab’s 2D game engine, Corona is a finalist for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Awards 2018 in the Best Development Tool category. We have had a great year and are honored to have been recognized by the industry for the hard work we continue to put into Corona. The Mobile Games Awards will be presented at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2018, Tuesday, January 23rd 2018. View the full article
  15. Ludum Dare 40 starts this weekend

    Ludum Dare 40 starts this weekend, December 1st, 2017. For those not familiar, Ludum Dare is one of the most popular game jams in the universe! The theme voting is currently going on now. Corona developers have an advantage over other platforms with Corona’s instant-update, no compile-time simulator. You can prototype your game jam projects faster than with other platforms. It’s also a great opportunity for Corona developers to showcase their skills in this global competition. Let us know in the Corona Forums if you’re planning on participating! View the full article