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  1. It's been almost a week since release, but we manage to do several important updates to the game and ready to give more. So what about updates? there are 4 of them and all of them are small preparatory step to the next big one which is Customization. What we have now that we didn't have at the moment of update: - statistics of victories and defeats of each gamemode and best result in the menu (before you could see only best result at the end of each match) - usability of some menus (such as the ability for the client to close statistics for themselves before it was done by the server, additional information so player will know more about what they are doing, new visual controls and many more) - some improvements in the menu level regarding optimization What next? Now we are at update 1.4, when we make 2.0 it will be customization. Before it there will be several small updates concerning other things.
  2. dillyframe

    Bunny Minesweeper

    Multiplayer in Minesweeper? Yes! Play with your friends or random party in classic Minesweeper or try crazy challenging modes. Probably we all play classic Minesweeper trying to clear a board from hidden mines, counting numbers and beating our own records. But have you ever think to play it with a friend? or two friends? or three friends? Now you can do it! Play with your friends or random party up to 4 people on the map. Choose between three classic mode or three really crazy mode to challenge your mind and friendship. This is not easy to play not alone. Features: 4 player online drop-in/drop-out co-op three classic modes three crazy modes 3 types of matchmaking: single player, random, only friends Leaderboard mini football chickens Some rules in co-op: only host can start a new game,this button is unavailable for the client only host can choose or change the difficulty, the client will see what the host has chosen only host can build the field Solo mode has its own Leaderboard, random and friends modes has common Leaderboards as they are supposed to be a team match
  3. dillyframe

    New life of minesweeper!

    This is the first entry in this blog and it's about the minesweeper - some people hate it, others - love it. Why people don't play minesweeper? Probably because it's boring? The idea of our game is to unite people in solving logic task in classic minesweeper. It is not solo experience anymore, It's cooperetive game where you can gather your friends (up to 4) and win together or loose together. And this is not a flat 2D picture it's full 3d environment which you can explore (play mini-football or find some hidden places, or just kick chckens). It's not about minesweeper it's about challenging your friendship and your mind if you accept the invitation. How we came to it? It's simple: we like minesweeper and we like 3d games and we like games from third-person and we like puzzles. Why not to combine it all in one game? Here it is! What's new? Bunny Minesweeper have 2 game modes: classic and crazy. Classic mode offers 3 classic types of difficulties which you could see in traditional minesweeper Crazy mode offers 3 crazy types of difficulties - the biggestfield is 60x60, that is 3600 cells and 396 bombs - and we really tested it and it's damn hard to win in party!!! You can play solo if you want to - there are 3 matchmaking opportunities: solo, random and friends. As the game is only in steam - the friends matchmaking is your steam friends. Mini-football? And why not? It will help to rest from the main task and have some fun with friends. BTW you can play football not with the ball but with your friends to get more scores - just kick them into the gate! Statistics and Leaderboard At the end of the match you will see some statistics of the match - how many cells each player opened and how many flags they put. There is also a Leaderboard - separate for solo and coop modes for each difficulty - the faster you complete the game the higher your position will be. Customization For now you can change the color of your bunny before joining any game (in the menu). This color serve to identify the flags you put, so at the end of the match before building another field, everyone can analize where and who is responsible for the defeat. Future plans of customization are huge - from some parts of clothes (like hat or gloves) to full unique skins. Some of parts you can see in the main menu - those strange dancning bunnies. And - YES! - you can dance in game pressing 4 button. Why kicking? The main idea of kicking players is to force them to go away from the cell they could occupied when afk or bother you to play. You can use it in any way you like. It's just a possibility. Conclusion So if you love minesweeper you should definitely try this one and if you hate it - well... give minesweeper a chance to change your mind by playing it in 3d enviroment with friends - hard and fun simultaneously!!!
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    Defendion is tower defense strategy game in VR. Buy weapons to shoot your enemies, freeze and set them on fire. Collect gold from enemies to improve weapons. Improve weapons to deal more damage, improve the castle to make it stronger. Build mazes so that enemies go longer to the castle and perish from your traps. Do everything to win. Features: - the availability of training, where you can see how weapons work and simulate protection on a small map - infinite waves, with each wave the level of mobs and the number of gold increase - the ability to buy, sell and improve weapons, possibility to repair and improve the castle - the enemies are not following the specified path - you can change their path by putting obstacles in the form of weapons (guns, walls with stakes, etc.) - you can place all weapons both before the wave and during the attack - enemies can detroy your equpment if it blocks the way - passive ways of obtaining gold - the captive in the castle can carry out some commands
  5. Hello everyone!  :) I've decided to share my first development here and want to know your opinion and thoughts and feedback. Me and my friend are developing DillyBall - "marble"-platformer-puzzle game. We are trying to make it beautiful and a bit difficult. It's on Unreal Engine. Everything we're doing by ourself - don't  judge too strictly, please  :rolleyes: [attachment=35475:01.jpg] Game will have more than 50 level. The story of it is as follows: "One day DillyBall decided to travel different worlds, but got lost... Help him to find home-world!  You will go through great number of world. If you think it'll be easy trip - you are wrong.  Each world is unique and dangerous in its own way. There is only one way to get back home - to find it... "   Dillyball could go to the next each world only if he collects certain number of transfer-calls - he can't go through the gates without them. Each world has limited number of these cells and sometimes it will be difficult to get necessary number. He also can collect coins - coins can be exchanged for additional transfer-cells or other goods (we are still in the stage of making list of these goods -  it may be skins and bonuses to help passing levels)   [media]https:[/media]   Although the idea of ball-platformer is not new, the main concept is not new too, but puzzles, dangers and appearance of each such game is unique and based on developers' fantasies, experience and background. We are trying to make it interesting for ourself that guarantees that it will be interesting for you too.   Screenshot and videos probably would say much moo than the text P.S.: BTW we'are now passing greenlight and hope for your support if you like it.  :blink:   [attachment=35479:greenlight_dilly.jpg]   [attachment=35474:02.jpg][attachment=35473:03.jpg][attachment=35472:04.jpg][attachment=35471:05.jpg][attachment=35470:06.jpg][attachment=35469:07.jpg][attachment=35468:08.jpg][attachment=35467:09.jpg] [media=560,315]http:[/media]
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    Bunny Minesweeper

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    Album for Defendion
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