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  1. I'm wanting to create a hybrid game between turn based and action. I'm looking to create a system where the player has a list of attack or move options on their turn, but I want to add a skill minigame in order to make the game more engaging for non-strategists. I figured some sort of minigame or something. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. Pepsidog

    2D Engine Advice

    Don't use stencyl, because it's just for web games and works poorly on every other platform. I've never used gamemaker, so you might want to consider it. I've used unity quite a bit. Making 2d animations for unity is annoying and unintuitive. The transform system is built for 3d, so it isn't perfect. Otherwise, it's great for 2d. It has multiple pixel art scripts and tools for making things easy. The physics feel natural, and it doesn't burn through processing power. It's scripting is pretty easy to use. It's web support looks kind of amatuer, but it's easily the best option I've found so far.
  3. Pepsidog

    Opinions on Unity for 2D Mobile?

    scripting wise, could use work. Quality wise, absolutely epic. Input wise, great. Animation wise, very frustrating. Performance wise, very smooth. Effort wise, intermidiate. In summary, pretty great except animation and transforms.
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