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    Language Genesis: Setback 1 - Premature Exuberance

    Your screenshot needs more lens flare. :D
  2. s_cloudx


    [quote]Original post by Programmer16 You'll be able to customize Hero (but not his name because of the following) I'm going to have voice acting Check out Final Fantasy X: you can change the hero's name and it features voice acting. The way they did it was not to refer to the hero's name whenever they talk to him directly. Also, it helped that it was the hero who narrated the game's story.
  3. s_cloudx

    Odin Sphere

    >[ed's note: that harvest moon with fighting should be neat!] Check out Rune Factory. It's a harvest moon game with a sword. For Nintendo DS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rune_Factory:_A_Fantasy_Harvest_Moon
  4. s_cloudx

    Out of Order

    Scarlett: I am insulted by your gift!
  5. It would be interesting if in the sequel, Megatron awakens because the allspark merges permanently with Megatron and he become Galvatron. If this was the case, I'll bet that half of the sequel will be Starscream attacking Earth and Galvatron appearing after the allspark finishes repairing/fixing/upgrading Megatron.
  6. s_cloudx

    Blocky Shop

    Will I be able to buy "No Hat"? I have a feeling I'm gonna need it. :D
  7. s_cloudx

    Round Carpet Bombing

    Sounds like Super Mario World's Bowser boss. ;)
  8. s_cloudx


    You're on digg, dude. Don't know if that's a good thing. http://www.digg.com/gaming_news/This_Guy_is_Making_a_Commerical_Game_by_Himself
  9. s_cloudx

    Creeping Horror?

    Quote:Quote: P.S. The Silent Hill movieI never watched it, because I loved the games so much and I hadn't heard anything good about the movie. As a fan of the games, is it worth seeing? I'm a fan of SH games (SH2, being my favorite). Go watch the movie. The director is a big fan of the series, so you won't be disappointed.
  10. s_cloudx

    It's a trap!

    http://itsatrap.ytmnd.com/ ;-)
  11. s_cloudx


    They're breaking the tubes
  12. s_cloudx

    Starting to fix some bugs.

    Quote:- The camera could be further out (or zoomable?). You don't even see most of the enemies you kill or that kill you. It wasn't a problem with me. I thought it was fun, not seeing where the enemy is. I had my headphones on. When I hear gunshot, I take cover and try to find the bullets. Then, I fire one bullet to the general direction of the enemy, until I hit the enemy (you can hear a sound when you hit an enemy), taking cover for each shot.
  13. s_cloudx

    Starting to fix some bugs.

    I was able to unlock new game++ and that "weird mini-game". My only complaint is that you should be invulnerable when you respawn. Most of my deaths is because I respawned in front of a machine-gun wielding baddie. I got some suggestion on survival: a. How 'bout recovering all your life when you level up? This should make the player anticipate leveling up but also pressures him to kill the next spawn (and when the player's life is less than 10%, screw with him and have a 30% chance of making the next spawn a giant zombie :D) b. When an enemy spawns, play an audio cue. Gunshot shouldn't count as a cue. Hehe. c. Change the center tiles of the survival map into lighter colored tiles. I kept mistaking them as cover from bullets. Of course, this is just aesthetics. Btw, great game. 10/10 for the survival, 8/10 for the campaign (I don't like how I got my unfair deaths.)
  14. s_cloudx


    Nice journal. Btw, I think you're RSS feed is broken. I can't subscribe to your journal. :(
  15. Good writeup. You should send it as an article, so a lot more indies could read it. ;) Btw, you said google on your first sentence, but I think you meant wikipedia (or you searched google and found wiki). Other than that, it's a great write-up. :D
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