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  1. If crowdfunding campaign will fail, then we release this site only in my country for now, until we get a funds for releasing it to other countries. We are not putting all hope in gathering some funds from backers, our project is independent from this campaign, we have a funds to run this site, but not on the world scale already. In my country if someone wants to make a gambling business he need a proper license what costs about milion in $ currency. I will be informed already by a lawyers if i has to buy that kind of license. I've got a license of legality my business, nobody will risk his career by giving a license to company who's breaking a law. To be clear, we are not in any partnership with Riot, we just received an API after passing their TOS.  Thanks #Scouting Ninja 
  2. You just skipped a rest of my post. I wrote that I speak with Rioter already about my site using a "Discord" chat. I was invited to a RiotAPIDevCommunity, there i described all mechanisms of my site and it's been review by a Rioter already. He told me to change some site mechanism, gives me a list of work to do and now this works are realized by a programmers. Tell me, if I create a wallpaper, and then someone make a copy of this, how can I proof thats is my creation? If I invent a new patent, then it's registered in Patent and Trademark Office by automatic ?way? I'm not dumb, I taking a good care to make this project sticked to law regulations.
  3. "Dude" where is writed, that image is copyrighted? Read a comments first, he's making a small changes to original lol wallpaper. On deviantart publicate a someones work is against them TOS too, so why this wallpaper is still there for almost 4 years already? A miracle? If you trying to get an API code for your project you have to applicate first to Riot. I already got this API after my site has been checked by a Rioter. You can get an API only from them, ONLY. That doesn't mean that I'm in partnership with Riot. There are many sites who use this API, if you can get through application, you can do that, what API allows you, simple. I don't understand why you searching a problems where they are not exsist? My project is not in work for a month, first ideas was created in 2015. I'm not breaking any law, for these years I taking a good care about this, I wrote this earlier than on legality of my business take care a company what know a law regulations.   Ooo... I almost forgot... You can report this wallpaper to deviantart too because is against their TOS!  
  4. I change a main picture of campaign already. My site is vaildated by a company http://legalniewsieci.pl it's nothing illegal, especially there is no gambling here. If indiegogo wants to prove that, then I will prove this to them.
  5. Gambling? Where you see gambling? Our terms of use and privacy policy was written by a lawyer on our behalf. We have a contract with company what cares about legitimate business on the internet. In my country gambling is not allowed, read a definition of gambling first. Unlike gambling, there is everything depends only on your own abilities. Project has been checked by a indiegogo already. There is always a someone who's trying to ruining someones work. Thanks to be an assh*le #conquestorbugged I have hope that you are proud and fully satisfied.
  6. Hi! I'm working with my team on project called "ArenaPVP". It's a website where you can play multiplayer games like a League of Legends for real money! There is still a lot of work to do, so we organized a campaign 3 days ago to gather needed funds on indiegogo. Check our campaign for details: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/e2b52c7f On site, a user who create a new clan is a captain. Captains can create new tournaments, after he choose a size of it (small - 4 teams with 5 players participating, medium - 8 teams with 5 players, and big - 16 teams with 5 players). When he already set a size of tournament, he must set a: - Tournament name - Maps - Start date of tournament (Year, month, day, hour) - Match stake ("Match stake" is a amount of money taking from each player participating in tournament, which is holding into "match pot". For example: Captain set a match stake to 5$ in tournament for 4 teams with 5 player in them. Then this 5$ is taking from each player account who belongs to the clan, and it's transferred into match pot. Thats give 4x5=20 players in this tournament so the match pot is 20x5$=100$-10% of service commision, thats give a 90$ for a winner clan! 90$/5=18$ for each player!) Minimum match stake is 5$ (The stake is set every 5$. Thats mean 5$,10$,15$,20$...) and there is no limitations for maximum stake. Game can be spectated by all. There is unlimited number of tournaments what can be played at the same time on our site. After completing all the proces with creating a tournament, there is generating a links for all players who belongs to this captains clan. In that link every player from clan can see tournament conditions set by captain. If EVERY player from clan accepted a conditions, then that tournament starts to be visible to other clans. If other clans wants to join to this tournament, then is has to be done almost in the same way as a creating of tournament. Captain from other clan have to save his clan to participate in the tournament, if he do that, then to the rest of players from his clan receive links with tournament conditions to accept. If every player accept it, then officially a new clan has ben saved to tournament. If numbers of clans required for tournament start is filled properly before expire of start date, then system generate a "Tournament codes" for participating clans, which are sended to each player about 30 minutes before start. Tournament pairs are also drawn by a system. From each pair, system choose a "waiting room captain" who is responsible for starting game after all needed players join. Thats allow to start two or more matches of tournament at the same time. Game is not preinstalled on my page, every player uses his own copy of game from his computer. After player receive a tournament code, he starts a game launcher and then login in to his account, choose "play", then choose "custom game"---> Tournament codes, and here he paste a code what he received from my page and click on "join the game". Now he is inside of "waiting room" and waits until all players gather here. Next step is a "lobby" where players choose a characters, and after that a game is start. If match is finished, our page systems downloads all statistics of the game from Riot servers by ID, and match pot is splitted to all players from winner clan (After charging 10% of service commision). If required number of teams participating in tournament is not going to be filled before date start, then this tournament is cancelled and money returns to players. If required number of teams in tournament is filled before start date, but in "waiting room" some players are not join in, then tournament is going to start anyway, so choose your team mates carefully. Every information about a tournaments, matches inside of tournaments, and players are visible by a admins. So if "waiting room captain" going to ban another player (yes he can, it's a game feature and we can't change it) then match is cancelled after it's someone report this to admins that captain going to lose ALL his money from his account, and his account will be banned. We can gather all this informations using a API keys from Riots. We have this API already integrated with a site, but size of functionality is enormous. Our hired programmers after a month of learning this API, met it in about 80% already.   I'm a user of closed community of developers related to League of Legends game. There are peoples who working on their own project and wants to know if they ideas are possible to achieve, and gets some help from Rioters (workers of Riot studio) or from other users. As I know, this project is possible to achive, I've speak with a Rioter. Our programmers are conviced too, that this project is going to work Share our project from Indiegogo on Facebook if you want to help, or make a donate. Minimum size of donate is even 1$. Thanks to all!  
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