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  1. Edgarlerouge

    how to calculate a price ?

    Thank's a lot for your answer. Yes i'm the provider and i already have a price per minute but i don't know the criteria to calculate the purchasing price.
  2. Edgarlerouge

    how to calculate a price ?

    Hi everyone ! I actually work with a video game compagny as a composer and i would like to know the difference between "having a license" for a track and "purchasing" the track. What are the criteria and how can i calculate the price in those two cases ? Thank's a lot ! Yohan.
  3. Edgarlerouge

    Advice/opinion needed!

    Hi ! Good job, i like your style! i'm not a pro in electronic music buy it sounds great, you create interesting mood that could fit with some of video games. I Don't know if you composed these tracks thinking about a video game, but that could be a good idea to try. Pick different event and try to compose directly to express a fight, a cinematic, a transition between 2 moments, or i don't no what, just to try to compose for a specific mood. It helped me a lot. After that, if you want co compose fo video games, just do it
  4. Hi, here are some tracks i made for a game named "Curse of the scarecrow". You get that, it's a game for Halloween time. It would be very cool to have some feedback or advices to improve the final result. Thank's and have a good listening !
  5. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    Hi veryone,Here is my last production for ARK Moon Survival, official mod of ARK game. This is a remix of the original theme composed by Gareth Coker.https://soundcloud.com/user-154921054/ark-moon-survivalEnjoy !
  6. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    For people who liked the music i made for BLOKI, the game is now available on google play. Have fun ! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lizifox.bloki
  7. Edgarlerouge

    Piano composition - Some feedback required!

    Hi Jed, Nice work ! I like the mood you create with the pedal of D. Is it a 4 hands piece ? Maybe i would add at 1:42 new rythms at left hand to make a difference with the beginning. It could bring something more energic and then make the direction of the piece clearer. But i don't know the client's intentions for ... I tryed to add 3 eighth notes "A C D" at the left hand every 2 bars, to add a sort of cadential mvt, that's what inspired me... The chromatic progression is a good idea and it sounds great, tell me if i'm wrong, you go down most of the time with major chords? maybe i would add more extra notes to put the attention more on the colors of the chords and less the chromatism especially at the beginning of the chormatic progression. There are my ideas ... Yo.
  8. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    Hi nsmadsen, Thank's for giving me feedback. Yes the loops are very short, that was the intention of the developer, i was supposed to do around 20sec for each. Interesting point of view about the drum section, i did my balance and the result is close to what i looked for. I agree with the soft volume of the section, maybe for android game we need more of it ? I'll try that and see! The "timed" loop is quite different than others, you're right. It doesn't have a melody and the harmonic structure is more simple. the goal was to create kind of a "urgency mood" or "challenging mood" focused more on the energy than a the lyricism. I Really appriciate having comments on my work, thank's a lot !
  9. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    Hi everyone ! Here is 4 new loop tracks i just composed for a really cool game named "Bloki". It's a brain teaser where you have to find the right colors sequence. It's going to be available really soon but only for android owners. Before that, enjoy original soundtracks and leave a comment if you want ! https://soundcloud.com/user-154921054/sets/bloki-game
  10. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    I just tried to compose in the Shooter style, and here is the result !   https://soundcloud.com/user-154921054 Enjoy and comment if you want to !
  11. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    Here is a new one that i wrote, i changed the music in the menu of "The last of us" :  
  12. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    thank's for listening my tune ! Of course the chiptune would be good ! i understand your opinion about the funky bass, it would change the mood of a FF fight i agree, but i wanted to keep that mood for now just for fun and tne energy it brings!
  13. Edgarlerouge

    New Member: Alternative music for Mass Effects Trailer

    Nice work ! the mood you create is really good, in my opinion you could develop a bit more your song to fit with different actions that we see in the video. When you add women voices when the girl see the ship, it works really well, i would do more effects like that during the video. Good work anyway !
  14. Hi wizardboy, You have good ideas and i like them, especially Galaxy dust, i love that mood. For the rest I would put the drums a bit more in the bacground, in general and i wouldn't use to much the charleston effect between the bass who reminds me more RnB that we listen to the radio, i hope you know what i mean :) I like the theme of the Haunted west, i don't really catch where you go with your chords progression right after the theme, maybe you could keep the bass progression and let the rest of the notes in the same tonality. That's mi opinion :D but nice work indeed !
  15. Edgarlerouge

    Here is my work, how does it sounds to you ?

    Ok i know what you mean, thank's a lot for that !
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