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  1. Edgarlerouge

    how to calculate a price ?

    Thank's a lot for your answer. Yes i'm the provider and i already have a price per minute but i don't know the criteria to calculate the purchasing price.
  2. Edgarlerouge

    how to calculate a price ?

    Hi everyone ! I actually work with a video game compagny as a composer and i would like to know the difference between "having a license" for a track and "purchasing" the track. What are the criteria and how can i calculate the price in those two cases ? Thank's a lot ! Yohan.
  3. Edgarlerouge

    Advice/opinion needed!

    Hi ! Good job, i like your style! i'm not a pro in electronic music buy it sounds great, you create interesting mood that could fit with some of video games. I Don't know if you composed these tracks thinking about a video game, but that could be a good idea to try. Pick different event and try to compose directly to express a fight, a cinematic, a transition between 2 moments, or i don't no what, just to try to compose for a specific mood. It helped me a lot. After that, if you want co compose fo video games, just do it
  4. Hi, here are some tracks i made for a game named "Curse of the scarecrow". You get that, it's a game for Halloween time. It would be very cool to have some feedback or advices to improve the final result. Thank's and have a good listening !
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