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  1. Hello, I'm Ayden and I'm kind of new to video game development but, not new to video games so I know a good game when I see one. I know a bit about all the thing necessary to make an incredible game but not the people to do it.   The game We'll be working on is an open world rpg based around a really good combat and is set in a fantasy setting. Pixel Artist A Tileset and a sprite sheet are needed for the game, I can help with the map design and animation but I'm not at all proficient in making a sprite sheet or tileset.   Programmer I can help program the enemies and the player attacks and movement, most of the game lies in the combat system and I how I can help make it perfect    Musician sound effects and the soundtrack for a fantasy world setting are needed for the game.   looking for some cool people to help make a 2D open world rpg in unity 5, needing a pixel artist, a programmer and a musician. It's going to be really fun to make and I'm super excited for it. All help is appreciated even if not listed above, if you want to help develop you can reply or send a message.