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    Car physics - slip ratio and torque.

    Not the wheel weight exactly. This depends if you have shocks, or if your car is one fixed block. If it has shocks etc, then your wheels are seperate objects from your vehicle. If not, then you can assume its one big block, that has 4 points of contact to transfer power. Each of these also has a rotary inertial force. Anyways, as for your coefficeint of friction. Firstly, at lower force from rest you ahve static friction. This is kind of linear, and will exceed your kinetic friction. When the thing starts moving, it changes to kinetic. As for rolling resistance, its kind of like: Resistive_Force = Normal_Load * Coefficient_Of_Rolling_Resistance / Radius_of_wheel This occurs in the opposite direction of the movement. Kind of hard to explain without a diagram really. Anyways, although yuo said simple, your normal load is going to change depending on the angle yoru vehicle is at, and how much contact is on the ground etc (which wheels are on what or no surface), and if you have shocks. Your normal load if the car is at rest, and is just a big solid rectangle with evenly spaced wheels, will be 1/4 of the weight of the car including the tyre. coef of RR is some tiny number radius of wheel is because of how the wheel sticks. Also note, it depends upon your wheel material and the surface material. eg: Tyres bend more than steel train wheels or belted wooden cart wheels, or ones on yor roller skates/blades or skate board. Sand really moves around and sticks to the wheel, steel rails are pretty much solid, bitchumen (dark coloured roads) is kind of rubbery, cement (lets say cement roads) is less rubbery. The more the wheel and the surface is rubbery, the more it bends and the more surface are touches. This increases coeef of friction (also for static/kinetic when sliding etc). This is why you can go faster on cement, but why you slip like crazy on it. Otherthings effect this - sand - although it moulds around the wheel - unless its like sticky/muddy and non slippery, you'll get mroe traction, but if its liquidy or dead dry and soft (like a beach) the sand itself moves.
  2. Dredge-Master

    What are voxels and how do they work.

    clarification slabspri was the voxel creater slabsrc is the source code for it all on ken's site http://www.advsys.net/ken/buildsrc/ give it a try, its fun, and simple when you try it.
  3. Dredge-Master

    What are voxels and how do they work.

    PS - Jonof was also in the team for duke3d v2 :) before then we all use to make mods for duke3d (around 97/98) anyways, regarding animation with voxels, usually its done via rotation of the voxel models (nothing fancy) and the same as sprites for animations - a new one for each frame. as for them not looking great - dont forget that things like voxlap/build were written in around 1994. Back then you had one option - a sprite. Then along came voxels, and you had a second option - a voxel model (which is 3d). Now we have accelerated cards and OpenGL (or Direct3D + other APIs) that allow us to use polygons and a ridiculously high rate (comparatively). This allows for textured polygons, high numbers of polys, and beazier patches or bump mapping, and much better lighting (as you dont need to calculate and store the normals for every spot of the voxel map). Also, a high poly model allows for less memory consumption (unless you use lots of texturing) and good detail when zoomed in (depending on model + texturing). But for its age, voxels are MUCH nicer than a 2D sprite - cause a voxel model is a 3D sprite :)
  4. Dredge-Master

    What are voxels and how do they work.

    Haven't read most of the posts (none of the second page yet) Quote:Original post by SimonForsman Quote:Original post by NewBreed Quote: when i was in the team for duke3d v2 You helped make duke3d? :O I remember playing that around my mates house for hours and hours! Dukes' voice clips were fantastic. :D Those trip bombs were brill. ;) I would guess that Duke3D v2 was an unofficial update, the Duke3D sourcecode was released under the GNU GPL in 2003. Duke3D v2 was an update led by Matt Saettler (from shadow warrior and blood, and part of duke 1.4). that was around 1999. originally only Matt was given the source for duke3d (the build engine was given to us though via matt from ken). If we wrote anything, it was done in the build engine in our own apps, or via the eCON files (script). Then Matt would add it to duke3d. Quote:Original post by NewBreed Quote: Kens method of using a 6-sided sprite map to generate the voxelated object, is of course a brilliant solution. Could you explain this further please? Doesnt have to be 6 can be 1 sided (looks crappy). Most stuff in duke3d is 5, 7 or 11 sided. The utility that creates them (called voxlap) can go up to a few hundred sprites. For my own little projects and tinkerings, i used a 32 sided sprite. Basically, you have a bunch of sprites, or pictures of an image from each direction. then you get a block, and you project/carve an image form the front. rotate the block a bit, and carve it with the next image (when you carve you also paint the pixel). It then leaves you with a model of it. I don't know if the voxlap source was made public, but its a very clever method, and the code is nice and the engine is fast.
  5. Dredge-Master

    What are voxels and how do they work.

    Ken Silvermans code was written when he was 16, as was his 3d engine (or before that age). 3DRealms found his engine, and bought it/employed him - thats when Duke3D was made (the Build engine, ie Kenneth's Build Engine). Duke3D was voxeless, even though the engine allowed it (aswell as heaps of other stuff) They they made Shadow Warrior, and Monolith made Blood. Both these games used voxels. when i was in the team for duke3d v2 (eduke, the project with matt saettler who was the programmer on blood or shadow warrior - or both, i forgot, check his website) they re-added voxels to the duke3d game. Also, Ken's code allows for a conversion that generates from a multi-sided sprite into a voxel model (takes slices out of a cube from different angles). His code is lots of fun to play with - however you (atleast use to) need the watcom compiler and usually used the dos4gw expander. I think there is a free watcom c around somewhere now, and ken may still have the code on his website for the entire build engine. As for delta force - i think the voxels were only used for the grass (strands of grass) and maybe for some of the towers in the air, and when a weapon was on the ground, the rest was polys. As for a voxel, it doesnt have to be a cube http://members.optushome.com.au/jlferry/download/ its any volume. its like when you do FEA, its a voxel, an infinetly small volume, but it can be any shape - cubes and balls are the easiest to render and represent, and in most cases a cube or pyramid is the fastest, but you COULD render thousands of tiny volks wagon beetles, where each car represents a point in space. http folder the ball in that image was around 1000000 voxels or something. - i forgot. basically a sphere with a diameter of about 128 pixels - could have been bigger, i forgot, maybe 256. the data was stored in a 3d link list (oh, the build engine is a great example of a 2d linked list, including the voxels). In that screenshot, its running at around 30 (top left - and i forgot what the third line/scale was for - it was timing something) - 6 colourd lights (non directional) in textured mode. was on a geforce 2 on a 1.6ghz amd i think. If you can get it to work I'm rather happy - I'm sitting at work and it won't run :) If you can run it, the right hand side is to turn on lights and change colours of it etc, the 4 small square icons are for the rendering mode, spherical, cubic, textured cubic or point voxels. It's about 3 computers and 6 hard drives ago (2002), so i MIGHT be able to find the source code, but I'm not willing to. //edit - used ubb code instead of html
  6. Dredge-Master

    4x4 Matrix Inversion

    re: why use a 4x4 matrice inversion in 3d space? Identity matrices is 4x4 Quaternion Grassmann products are 4x4 in general, quaternion representation are either 2x2 complex number matrices, or 4x4 real number matricies in my case - auto calibration of sensors (3D accelerometers) is a 6x6 for static, and 18x18 and greater for dynamic - not including movement and rotation tracking. PS - after 2 or 3 years away from gamedev, I'm back :)
  7. Dredge-Master

    Brave New World

    Pirates of the Caribbean Online - start as a land lubbin pirate, can join other peoples crews, potter around the starting island, kill stuff etc. level up in I THINK it was 4 skill tracts for land/3rd person player combat, or eventualyl earn enough to buy a sloop (or preferably something much bigger) and take the the seas in your own (or as a crewmember) and sail around, and kill stuff. :) if you are on a vessel, you can either pilot the ship (3rd person view of the ship) or run around jsut controlling your chracter (3rd person view of the player character just like on land) and control cannons etc, until you board a ship where you can take a nice short battle between both crews etc. Horizons: Istaria - kind of the first large world graphical MMORPG - when its cranked up its beautiful, (and buggy and slow). Anyways, all players are through levels 0 to 100 (i think it was inclusive). about 20 classes for combat and 20 for trade which oyu can change once you hit 20 - for any biped. However if you played as a dragon, you start as a cute cuddly little baby dragon that runs around with tiny wings that dont do much. Once you hit level 50, you can start doing a few quests to become an adult dragon - when you are an adult dragon you gain the ability to fly - it makes travelling SOOO much faster - and you are huge - and the game allows you to sit on peoples buildings and crush them :) so yes it has been done - but I don't think i have seen it done in a futuristic sci-fi genre - its either been pseudo-historical or fantasy sci-fi
  8. Dredge-Master

    Winamp contest over! Let the judging begin...

    and I get the invite to Gmail, google's email service. Gmail provides 1 gig of mail. The service is still in beta so you need an invite to get access. Here's more info: http://gmail.google.com/gmail/help/about.html
  9. Dredge-Master

    New Winamp GL Mini Contest

    I'm just curious as to how we are to do the voting. are only the contestants allowed to vote? (maybe a score system, we give 2 for what we like the most and 1 for the second favourite). We use the email accounts that we submitted the files in with (prevents vote rigging). As for the dancing bombs, I downloaded it a few days ago, so I don't have anything against it still being submitted. It was finished before the deadline atleast, and he has a link up top somewhere. Oh, and Matrix, do you still want us to clean up our code and resubmit our programs (for the ones who haven't bothered to add in the code already)?
  10. Dredge-Master

    New Winamp GL Mini Contest

    I use the standard html code to add links: mweber_winamp_plugin.zip <a href="address">link text</a> <a href="http://www.marco-we.de/mweber_winamp_plugin.zip">mweber_winamp_plugin.zip</a> and thankyou both for the compliments!
  11. Dredge-Master

    New Winamp GL Mini Contest

    yep, hence the wooden textures :) The little tounge hanging out the front was my sisters idea. Same as alot of its styling. Originally I was thinking about having all 9 deer up and then a toy sleigh at the back, but it was pointed out that if I did that, the visualisation would become too cluttered, so one little toy reindeer remained :).
  12. Dredge-Master

    New Winamp GL Mini Contest

    I've sent my email and I just got my Carbon Copy back. I've uploaded my entry here http://users.bigpond.com/jlferry/vis_reindeers_flight_readme.zip. There is no source included at the moment, I will upload a newer package later on. Probably after I get some sleep, and clean up the code. I hope you like it, good luck everyone!
  13. Dredge-Master

    New Winamp GL Mini Contest

    Thanks for the help regarding the MSVC compiler, I've also found an article on SlashDot about non-compliance in it and they said this: 1) use the /ZA option for the compiler (can break code) or use 2) #define for if(0);else for Number two works perfectly right now :) so I've been able to start the visualisation demo. Hopefully I can get it done by 800 GMT (midnight pacific time). If not, I will probably send a first version by then and do what Custard does and submit a more polished version tomorrow. And I like the previous two christmas examples. [Edited by - Dredge-Master on January 8, 2005 12:00:55 PM]
  14. Dredge-Master

    New Winamp GL Mini Contest

    Just downloaded the base code and started on my project. Unfortunatly I've been an ANSI C & ISO C++ complient complier user for along time, and now I have had to goto MSVC6 (reinstalled it, haven't bothered opening any of the boxes for the other microsoft compilers though) and one thing I have to really ask is: Is there ANY way to force the MSVC compiler to handle the scope of variables correctly? I mean for(int i=0;i<4;i++); for(int i=0;i<8;i++); should not throw redefinition errors under ISO C++. Well, now matter how much I like windows (yes, I actually do) I think I know the reason why it has some memory faults - some one probably used correct scoping whilst programming, yet the compiler buggered it up. Anyway, if anyone knows which options to set to force it to scope things properly, it would be much appreciated. Aside from that my reindeers kinematics are working well. Nice basecode, and I like the other demos that have been posted do far.
  15. Dredge-Master

    New Winamp GL Mini Contest

    currently it's the 7th (next friday). As for the prize, you can't just get rid of a prize when more than half way through a contest.
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