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  1. Hey Wizardboy, I hear Nova Era and I think of a more ambient style piece without drums (or very subtle percussion). Slower arpeggios and a less in your face mix. Have you hear the FEZ soundtrack? I am a new member. I just posted a piece a did a while back and synced it to a Mass Effects / trailer video. Maybe you could have a listen and let me know what you think. here is a link:
  2. Hey, I can definitely hear the FF in Let`s fight. I would be very interesting to hear a chiptune version this piece. One thing I would change is the bass sound. I find it too funky. Not the notes, but the timbre.  BTW, Im also from Montreal. I just joined. I posted a thread with one of my pieces. Maybe you could have a listen and let me know what you think.  Take care! 
  3. Hi, I`ve always wanted to work as a video game music composer, but have been scared to try. After years as a professional student, endlessly studying music and other subject, I thought i would be a good idea to throw myself into the real world and start seeing what people think of my work. Keep in mind this is the first piece that I have synced to video.  I recently stumbled across the Mass Effects 3 trailer. Apart from the music, I thought the video was amazing. So...I decided to re-compose the trailer soundtrack. Please let me know what you think!