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  1. We were 3 people that started this week, and we all quit yesterday, and the remaining 2 employees will leave next week too when their contracts ends. It was my first real job as dev, and I'm not pleased! Hope it changes. I'd hold off on that. They guy won't even check up on his employees, let alone devRant!
  2. Oh that's so not the case here. The thing that really hurts about this company is that they proudly claim to have been in business for 10+ years on their web page. Besides, the guy is extremely rich! And each 2 weeks, he signs a new contract with at least 3 new clients! Money is not the issue with this guy, he's just really really cheap, with bad managerial skills. Gotta make a rant about him on devRant.
  3. This company has a web dev, and an android dev too, and i just found out that they respectively haven't been paid in 5 and 3 months. Gonna quit today!
  4. I'm a coder, and I was promised regular paycheck (not too high though, but good enough for my level of expertise), and a share in final profit. Although i see that the company is very poorly managed, and I'm not confident in the project ever kicking off. And now based on what you guys say, i see that i better either ask for a higher pay and no share, or just quit this place. Thanks anyways guys.
  5. Imagine there's a team of 4, consisting of an investor, a coder, a graphics designer, and a sound designer. What percentage of the end profit should each person get? What if there was another guy for 3d modeling? And what if there was multiple guys doing one part of the job, would they collectively get the percentage that that job gets? I mean, imagine there is 1 investor, 1 graphics designer, 1 sound designer but 3 coders. If 1 coder (like in question 1) would get 25%, would this number be divided among all the coders, or will the number rise?
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