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  1. between3and26characters

    Anyone here a self-taught graphics programmer?

    edit: now you can select your team and ship parts. edit-2: for ship rendering, exchanged circles with png data for more realistic view edit-3: now captains levelup with experience and pick skills (if you add at least 1 captain from settings) (deprecated) You can control all, its not even a prealpha version. It has only but in future you may pick your own team and fill crew yourself. After crew developent is finished, there will be team-fight, free-for-all and king-of-the hill modes(maybe even story mode but I don't know how to handle game events yet in GPU) (deprecated) Yes it hurts to look at them from far because they start blinking because of pixel sampling randomness(ship id values have priority to be sampled and they start as random positions -> blinking like stars in chaotic athmosphere. Maybe needs some extra smothing when looking from far, or just creating a k-nearest neighbor bordered painting to look simpler). Thank you.
  2. between3and26characters

    Low-latency, determinism, and multithreading

    I'm developing a game that uses opencl and it has low enough latency even though it uses millions of gpu threads. Did you mean real-time-computing?
  3. Easy way: draw(but don't paint) a line from center of projectile to a distance accordingly with its facing angle. At each new pixel of line, check pixel color (or an invisible map of bits/id values) to check if its an enemy or not. Hard way: divide map into imaginary boxes put all enemies to their own enclosing boxes raycast from center to the end of map through boxes check any box that ray hits if there is an enemy in box or not, if yes, continue ray casting in a finer grain inside of that box.
  4. between3and26characters

    Anyone here a self-taught graphics programmer?

    Hi, I teach myself OpenCL. Here is a game that gets its logic and rendering computed by only OpenCL. 8-bit art counts here? Warning! This may be the worst rendering in forum. here you can download and try it: https://github.com/tugrul512bit/KaloriferBenchmarkGPU/blob/master/EpicWarCL021.rar it uses a multi-device-capable OpenCL load-balancer and pipeliner API that I wrote: https://github.com/tugrul512bit/Cekirdekler/wiki I've been doing OpenCL stuff with tagetting new experiences and fun, for about 4 years.
  5. between3and26characters

    Machine code and the semantic gap

    If you want registers in C#, you can check my signature. It has __register keyword for thread-private variables. But vendor implementation compiler can send them to global memory.
  6. between3and26characters

    HALP! Simultaneous Equations with Chemistry and Physics Simulation

    If the space is fine grained, you could try random action. Throw dice, 1-3 makes acid, 4-6 makes explosive. Just as quantum physics. This should give it some reality. If their masses are not integer but any ratio, then you would need to alter the probability with it so 1-2 acid 3-6 explosive is B is more. Something exponential should do the trick. Or Enable finer grained sub 2D-map for the mixed cells. 
  7. between3and26characters

    Finding the shortest path between points in a grid

    Wasn't this a breadth-first search on a graph? This map also looks like a graph where each node has 8 neighbors. X chars would just delete 1 neighbor connection. Root is the starting point, building a tree from that point shouldn't be complex. Or is it?
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