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  1. Build issues with CL and GLFW

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, we considered that, but I think we just didn't really need to use Visual Studio and felt it was enough to use the compiler (and seemingly faster). We did fix the issue in the end though and found out it was mostly a chicken and egg thing with how we compiled some dll's.
  2. Hey everyone. I've recently tried to move from compiling my engine with g++ to cl (Microsoft's compiler) from Visual Studio 2015, but I've run into some issues. So basically, we want to compile for 64bit thus initializing CL with vcvarsall.bat x64 This means we want 64 bit version of every library we are using. We are using OpenGL with GLFW3 and GLAD for loading. Beyond that we are using OpenAL and FreeType 2.7. Before I get into any more detail I wanted to know if anyone had experience with CL using those two libraries, and maybe could share what they did to make it link without errors. We are basically having issues with the linking to the correct libraries. So the question is really, if you have any experience with CL and at least some of those libraries while compiling for 64bit from the command line, do you have any experiences (both good and bad) that could help, and more specifically, which versions and links you used for the libraries or which you built yourself and so on. Hope someone can help :) I can clear things up about the specific build file if anyone wants, but for now I'll just leave it as is.