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  1. ok i decided to join appthony in his quest to get his first game done. still be free to contact me for other projects which i could be joining once this one is finished
  2. Hi settlerUnseen, Low poly brings me back to the total beginning of my 3d-learning adventure . It is what i started with but something i have been trying to remove out of my models . like this creature in the attachment. I do wonder what things i could make now i am a better 3d-modeler and i do think i could try and make a character for you. I do hope you understand that i probably wont make all the art for your game and it is pure a hobby for me. I am currently bussy with my exams which will be ending at the end of january. do you have a character idea i could try working out perhaps? greetings
  3. Hi there, My name is Jaimie Vranckx and i am a student engineering elektronics-ict. For a long time i have been learning a lot of things in game design like: programming,3d modeling, 2d art, ui design and much more. I wouldn't say i am the best in any of these but i am surelly not the worst in any of them . Next to my studies i am currently working on a little app in my spare time. But i decided to look further and see what inspiring ideas/projects there are going on these days. Thats why i want to join someone with their project. So do you have a good idea for a game or a program, or just need that little extra boost to get your project going feel free to pm me or just answer here . greetings, Jaimie Vranckx
  4. Hi, i have been thinking about joining a game project for a while now your game descriptions sound nice and i'd like to join. I have been working with blender for 2 years now altough i do mostly low poly. I am however a good programmer and i learn quickly i worked with unity/ java/c# etc so let me know if you want my help. 
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