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  1. Beginners gotta start somewhere. Besides that, I see nothing wrong with using engines like Unreal or Unity. Even AAA studios have used them to make some great games. (Examples: Hearthstone, Bioshock Infinite)
  2. prof_smash

    I want to change the "game".

    Welcome, welcome! I do enjoy reading origin stories. Hope you find what you're looking for here.
  3. prof_smash

    Space Colonization and the Future

    I'm confident that one day we'll colonize space. Not because we need to, but because want to. We'll be driven by the sense of adventure.
  4. Smash Bros., without a doubt. I've poured hundreds of hours into that franchise and can never truly be bored of it. When I want to play a game just to play a game, Smash Bros. is my go to.
  5. prof_smash

    What are your focusing techniques?

    For me my main motivation/focus technique is simply that I want/need to get something done in a certain amount of time. I often set up deadlines for myself to make sure work gets done in a timely manner.
  6. Oh, I must've missed that. Thanks for correcting me. Still, Lactose is right. Ninty doesn't respond to even fan projects real well. That fan remake of Metroid II is a great example of that.
  7. Buddy, that simply ain't true. True, no one INVENTED a character that runs and jumps, but they invented the character of Mario. If you are selling something and in the same breath saying it's "super mario" then Nintendo isn't going to like that. You've been given plenty of good advice already. I'd pay attention to it.
  8. All I really want is two things. First, I really would not mind more shorter games. I don't have the time I used to for 50 hour RPGs. Heck, I really don't have much time for even 10 hour games. Second, I'd like to see more games be a little more old school in their design. You have to be careful of course because some things back in the early days of gaming will not work by today's standards. But if Doom 2016 taught me anything, it's that you can have a modern shooter with old school design and mechanics. I had originally thought those kinds of games were effectively dead, at least in the AAA space. More of them to spice things up would be nice.
  9. prof_smash

    At what time do you sleep and wake up?

    I have to be pretty consistent everyday with my day job and all. So I'm usually awake by 7:15 AM and then I turn in a little after 10 PM. On weekends I'll wake up closer to 9 or 10 and go to sleep closer to 11. And some days it just depends on how "into" programming I am. Once I get deep into a task, it can be hard for me to stop.
  10. prof_smash

    Why do games tend to limit their form?

    A game should stick to what it's good at. Say I'm making a platforming shooter (which I am :p). There's basically two elements that will need attention at the game's core: platforming and shooting. So I should spend plenty of time tweaking my mechanics so that the platforming and shooting and everything else in the game complimenting those two things are as good as I can make it. So if I suddenly turn around and suddenly make it a puzzle platformer halfway through the game, two things happen. The first thing is that the player will probably be frustrated with my game. He/She spends so much time mastering the mechanics in the action platforming and then suddenly they have to throw all that skill away because the game is a puzzle platformer now and I'm demanding they play what is essentially a completely different. They might just want to shut the game off and uninstall it! They wanted an action platformer, and they got it for some time but then I yanked it away from them. I guess you could say I only gave that player half a game. Now let's look at some examples that are actually out there in the world today. A lot of people already mentioned the games from the 80s and 90s. For other examples, I'd even remind us that some action games in the early 2000s (I think, it may have even gone onto to early 2010s if I recall) would have these great, good feeling action mechanics in play, you're feeling like a champ, downing enemies...and then suddenly you have to solve some random puzzle in the middle of the game to go back to bashing enemies. I don't know about anyone else, but that annoyed me and I'm glad we don't really see that anymore. Then there's the development side of things. It's just too difficult on me as well as most if not all developers to make what may as well be two games in one. Having to shift mindsets throughout development...go into action building mode then back to puzzle building mode over and over is taxing and honestly, not fun at all. And most of the time, splitting your time between two very different mechanical styles just makes the whole game bad. Get good at one thing. Try to do a whole bunch of things in a game, and most likely all those things will be mediocre and won't leave a lasting impression on a player. Whereas you do one thing REALLY well, and it'll stick with a player in a good way,
  11. Pretty much been said already, but it's far easier to download a licensed engine and get to work instead of having to spend who knows how much time making my own engine myself. This is especially true when you're like me and have to currently do everything on your own.
  12. prof_smash

    Why watching movies is a necessity for games

      That's an interesting thought. I've never had that idea cross my mind before. Now I feel an urge to go read some books! I don't read as many books as I'd like...
  13. prof_smash

    Worldwide ransomware cyber attack

    The most secure system and the one least at risk is the one that can't do anything at all? :) Hahahahaha, That seems to be what they're thinking!
  14. prof_smash

    Worldwide ransomware cyber attack

    Though it didn't make its way to the place where I work, it's still made things interesting over here. They upped security on our network, but in doing so kind of crippled some of us. As we speak, I'm unable to work. I can only sit at my desk. It's... definitely something.
  15. prof_smash

    Weird fears?

    Weirdest fear I probably have is turning around and my computer completely glitching out on me when it was working a minute ago. I don't know why I dread that idea so much but I do.
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