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  1. Sky Plankers [iOS & Android]

    Sky Plankers has been released for iOS and Android. We are mainly looking for feedback and would like to hear what the indie community has to say about our game. Maybe we can make it better for the users from your input.. Thank you..    [sharedmedia=core:attachments:35670] [sharedmedia=core:attachments:35672]         Download Free on Google Play here: Download Free on iTunes here:
  2. Sky Plankers #1

    Sky Plankers, like many other mobile games, was made to be a long shot. The process in making this game took about 2 months to design. We intended to make more than 50 playable characters for release, but that was just out of the question..The UI design as well as the art work took a month itself. Thats 1 guy doing it all might i add. Then coding and setting up the character selection scree too another month. I wanted it all to work smoothly. Other wise i could of just made the selection screen plain Jane, but thats now how we like to do things.. The hardest part was the save and load function.. We thought about using Playerprefs save functionality but we all know thats hackable.. We dont like hackable. Lets face it, we make our bread and butter from in app purchases.So we went with binary saving. That was a SOB to get right. Especially getting it to save all the dynamics of the game.. Such as gold amounts and scores.. But nonetheless we made it all happen. Now the world can enjoy a new hit game like Sky Plankers.