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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I updated my resume with the feedback I received here, as well as with a link to my newly made portfolio website JonahBrooks.net. I'll try to commit to github more regularly so it doesn't look abandoned, and I'll try to make a more substantial game demo in the coming months. Thanks again for all the feedback and advice! Jonah_Brooks_Resume.pdf
  2. Awesome. Thanks guys! And I'll be sure to do that mr_tawan. The font size does make the github icon a bit hard to see, and it's always better safe than sorry.
  3. Thank you for the input! I have updated my resume to be 1 page, and incorporated the rest of your advice as well. It's a lot more concise now. I'm still thinking of making a website with code snippets and links to the itch.io games instead of linking to itch.io and github. I've heard videos demonstrating the games is a good idea, so I might include those as well. Thanks for your time and input. Jonah_Brooks_Resume.pdf
  4. Hello everyone. I have recently been applying for various entry level game programming jobs, but have not so much as heard back from most of the companies. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my resume and programming portfolio, in case they are the reason I'm not hearing back from companies. My resume can be found on my linkedin profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonah-brooks-16b49159/ (I've also attached it to this post) And my portfolio can be found at https://amperian.itch.io with source code at https://github.com/JonahBrooks I've searched the forums for other people asking for portfolio feedback and incorporated most of the suggestions they were given. Would it be significantly better if I made a website with code snippets and videos, or is my current approach more of what employers are looking for? Also, judging by my resume and portfolio, do I even have enough experience for an entry level position, or should I wait until I've made a few more games on my own? Finally, should I aim for self-publishing something on Google Play and/or Steam, or just stick with itch.io demos for my portfolio? Thank you for your time in reading this and for any feedback you may give. Jonah_Brooks_Resume.pdf
  5. Thanks for the reply! And yes, I forgot to mention it was for engineering positions. It's good to hear that neither is really frowned upon as long as the content is polished and impressive. I'll probably start out with something on Unity, then, just from familiarity so I can spend more time polishing the gameplay experience and presentation.    Thanks again for the input!
  6. Hi. I'm a recent college graduate who is currently working on building my portfolio. I've read a lot about what goes into a strong portfolio, but I still have one question: do hiring managers specifically look for game demos made "from scratch," using DirectX/OpenGL, custom physics, etc, or would Unity/Unreal games carry the same weight? I'm happy to do either or both. I mostly just want to know which looks better in a portfolio. I guess that probably depends on the company and whether they are using Unity/Unreal or not, but I wanted to seek out advice before spending the next few months making a game that might not help my portfolio. Thanks for any replies!
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