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    MoH:AA / CoD1 Remake

    I've had an idea in mind since some seven odd years ago.. and that was to recreate Medal of Honour: Allied Assault. Recently since resparking the idea in mind i've also come to conclusion that it would be awesome to remake the first ever Call of Duty game.. And then well, why not have the best of both worlds come together?.. I truly admired alot of the multiplayer maps and the gameplay style of both these games.. Although there were some things about CoD I did not like so much.. Like the way you lost the ability to run and strafe like crazy as in MoH:AA and maybe the short looking characters also threw me out :-P With that being said; I would love to work with several others to create something truly magical; to recreate the early 2000's again.. with clean, easy-on-the-eyes colour schemes and gameplay that just operates as as calm and not manic.. I guess for me the difference between the early 2000's and now as far as FPS games or most games in general go.. is the fact that things seem so 'chaotic' and it makes it really difficult to actually enjoy the game.. Most of the time I come back from a match of CoD:IW with a god damn migraine and when I look back there are never any moments that i've truly enjoyed!? Hence why I no longer play it or games like it anymore.. My skills as far as game design are almost none.. At this point in time I am learning 3d design with Blender and I am also learning map creation within the UT4 Engine.. So effectively I am making a shout out, to ask whom may be interested in helping with this project. I will only consider sincere people who have a love for either MoH:AA or CoD in general. Thanks!
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