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  1. What is Heroes and Legends? Well, it is meant to be the most advanced RPG to date, exceeding Skyrim, and as immersive as Baldur's Gate. This game will push the envelope of modern PC's requiring more modern technology, 16GB min RAM, 4GB min Video, Advanced in Game Kinematics, Actual Fluid physics, the works. I have been in programming for over 25 years. I have studied 3D computer graphics since the early days of WinG before it was DirectX. What am I offering? A team and partnership. Everyone who comes on board will receive royalties and be part of the company as I move it from a Sole Proprietorship to Corporation. Sky is the limit on this. All the project goals are meant to be a stepping stone in to the companies ultimate focus which is Military Combat Simulations. I need your help though. Right now, I am in content creation. I have over 600 textures needing normal maps, ambient occlusion, specular and displacement. I have a very advanced 3D model with rig that is almost complete. The rig uses actual anatomy and bone sizes of the human body. As I close the completion of this advanced work in the rigging, I still have to create high def detail, clothes, animations and I must add on to the rig for various humanoid types. The project is split in to modular pieces so that elements can be sold on Unreal store, converted to Unity and sold. So there will be money making in process. So, if your looking to become part of a permanent team with good project management, a very experienced developer, and be part of a developing company, then please, reply or send a message. I have received only 1 reply since I began making this effort and I can't do this alone. Game development is a team sport. No response, well, then this will never see completion. Here is who I need: HTML, Java EE 7, HTML, PHP, Linux Web Developers Server Administrators 3D Modelers and Animators 2D Concept and Interface Artists Sound and Music Composers Unreal and C++ Programmers What you need: Vision, Creativity and Dedication Enclosed is the blender file of the High Polygon Human Rig. This rig will allow for every type of human interaction you can imagine, right down to breathing. Using advanced IK plugins, and motion graphics, the level of character interaction and realism will be unlike anything experienced in games, right down to a punch molding flesh on the face. This is not complete, but the rig is almost there. My work, solely. MALE-0000-0000-0001.blend
  2. Project: Heroes and Legends Stage: 1, Content Generation, Assembly Skills: Unreal 4, GIMP, Krita, Blender, iClone, Rigging, Animation, Texture Generation, Substance, Audio Composition, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), C++, YeD, Open Office, GitHub Positions: Unreal 4 Developers C++ Programmers 2D Artists 3D Texture Artists Music Composers Sound Composers Web Developers HTML, Java, MySQL, PHP Server Administrator Description: Heroes and Legends is a RPG like Skyrim but has action to turn based systems. It features extreme motion graphics. Some adult content like The Witcher. Immense combat intricacy. It will also feature heavy object interaction. This is not a short term project. It will feature an in pay system. I currently am in the content generation stage. I have posted one of the models I am working on with 1 piece of music I have selected. I have rights to Versus and Ivan Torrent for music sound tracks. I also have one dedicated server, Ubuntu 16.04, a domain and need web developers and server administration as I can't possibly do all this work my self. I also have a CC merchant already, including business PayPal account. Please be prepared to show a portfolio. I am the creator of Labworks made in Java which is a scientific engineering program, I also have plenty of C++ source code. I have studied Unreal 4 for 4 years and know it in and out, this is my first major project so no blueprints or portfolio work besides my software programs developed under my company. Benefits: Currently I am offering paid for access to pluralsight.com and geekbooks.me for anyone that contributes. Royalties will be split among the contributors on completion of the project. Contact: You may reply to this post. You may contact me via my business email, darian.a.glinski@i3dix.com You may message me on Skype at Darian Glinski, Elk Mound, Wisconsin. Message both one is my business one is my personal. Websites: i3dix.com (Under Construction) sworn2duty.com (Organization of veterans, using Joomla) bbc-051117-Epic-Action-Orchestrations-Full-Mix.mp3
  3. Game Engine Enthusiasts

    I am actually already started on an Engine.  The focus is essentially Linux systems.  I have a business plan already worked up and the resources.  I'd like to team with you on my Kinetics engine and contribute my server and system level design as partners.  Hit me up.
  4. Alright, heres who I am.  24 Years Basic.  24 years C/C++ experience.  15 years Java.  8 years Assembly.  24 Years Hardware Design, Building, Maintenance.  Have dedicated 24 years to the study of 3D Engine Design, Theory, architecture.  1 Computer Science Degree.  Disciplines in Physics, and Math.  My actual work experience, 8 years in the Army under Security Clearance, doing Battlefield Networking and Communications.  2 Years working with simulators.  Ran my own business before Iraq in computer hardware.  I have 3 AAM's, 2 ACM's, 3 Citations, 1 Purple Heart.  Spent last 8 years recovering from combat injuries and PTSD.  Now I am starting a business in 3D Technology software development.  I plan to compete.  I am looking for a or some partners that have follow through, and will stick to a business plan.   Business Plan involves development of Kinetics Engine, then development of RapidOS 3D Platform.  This will be commercial.  Skills required, Assembly, C/C++, Eclipse, Yed, OpenGL, Boost, Java, JavaEE, JSF.
  5. I started Interactive 3D International as of June 01, 2016.  The focus of the company is 3D technology.  I am seeking a partner or partners to help develop the Kinetics 3D Game Engine and get the company off the ground together.  The game engine is specifically for Linux platforms and requires a great deal of technical knowledge.  Also, I will need assistance using the dedicated server for the company to develop a JavaEE website.  I am willing to work with anyone who shows time, dedication and a will stick with the project.  Here are some basic skill requirements:   Assembly, C/C++, Java, JavaEE, Apache Tomcat, Linux   Ability to work with:   Eclipse, Ubuntu, GCC, Boost ASIO, OpenGL, Yed and Git
  6. Interactive 3D International is a starter company.  We currently have one dedicated server and web site development needs.  We specialize in Interactive 3D Applications for open source systems.  Also plans are underway for the development of a special gaming operating system.  This is an excellent opportunity to hop on board and start at the beginning and help us found our company name with immersive, cutting edge technologies. Current Project:   Kinetics Game Engine   Skills: C/C++, Git, OpenGL, Boost, Java, Xlib, Qt, Motif, SQL, HTML, XML, Yed, Blender, Gimp, Assembly   If interested in designing, programming and implementing this project just send a message my way.