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  1. I work in iClone 7. I am mainly a developer. I currently host medical records and various server related services. I am developing a small sci-fi thriller and a economic simulation very much like capitalism. I am requesting a couple artists that know iClone to create some basic male and female characters. Maybe a alien race, haven't decided on that. Just a couple good looking male characters, interchangeable heads, hair, body types, suits, uniforms, clothing sets, and space suits for those characters and some basic animations, walking, running, lifting, rolling, strafing, pick up, set down, duck, crouch, shooting, and talking. All done in iClone with xChange pipeline. If you could be interested you may send me a message or email me at career@i3dix.com This is not a large project, neither is it intended to be. It's a simple 3D shooter, sci-fi meant to be a intro into a larger Galaxy and a run into something I hope will be larger and captivating. The goal is fun, depth, and to capture people in a series like Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, and many popular Sci-Fi's by linking current events with a possible future. Already have sound, textures, and special effects covered. Thanks.
  2. So, in light of comments and various input from people on gamedev.net, I am simply developing a small interactive game and intro into what I hope will be a take off platform for a new brand of sci-fi. The game is simply a attempt to break thru the traditional sci-fi standard. It's a 3D Shooter, with a small amount of tactical command from a ship in a future based on current events and how they play out 150 years from now. I have iClone 7, CC2, 3D XChange Pipeline, Substance B2M, Designer, Painter and Speed Tree. I am a expert at Unreal 4. The idea is to take the idea of Globalism and Alex Jones, the populous movement wins World War III in 2024 opening the door to life extension, eradication of disease, space travel is realized to other galaxies, the space tether is completed and for 150 years man continues but the Globalist Elite return more evil than ever with a new, deadlier discovery. I want to take conspiracy theory elements, stuff people understand today and realize them in a imaginative creative way, in a new Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon, type Universe. In this small game you will play Terrance Bradley, Captain and former Space Marine (Evolution of Trumps 'Space Force') sent to investigate the disappearance of a Earth Frigate in border space. There you will uncover a evil from 150 years ago, thought defeated, and race against time to survive, and warn Earth command of the immerging threat, returned from before the Transcendent period. This is simply a shooter for the most part. One guy, yes, some nasty creatures, one evil villain and a large vessel. A thriller video intro, great audio score and maybe ten hours of sci-fi shoot'em up action to open the door to a much larger series introduction scientific based technologies, conspiracy theory development, and a future, much larger Universe. Project should take two months at most. Nothing more. I have access to all audio we need. I have all art tools. Would simply like some creative minds familiar with Unreal, maybe another artist to collaborate with and have some fun. Could use a couple actors willing to play Terrance, Renei (Terrance Lover), and a really evil villain, simply voice overs. Voice overs are done with Crazy Talk.
  3. I3DI

    What Makes a great Sci-Fi?

    I do to, and I think I know how to get into the whole shebang and set off a series. ID Software started with Doom. Great, but not a lot there. However, if man evolves after this winning in 2024, the space tether gets completed, the first construction on major ships start, Trumps "space force" will be the key for introducing us to the story of 1 man when things begin in 2174. Space marine, deployed from a soon to be doomed ship investigating the disappearance of a single ship in a galaxy far, far away. It opens the door to a larger universe composed of Terran Men and Women who make up a fleet that we built in 150 years, turns Trump's space force into something plausible, adds that simple 3D shooter, interaction in a well constructed vessel, gives you action, suspense, and if done well, will leave you hanging as we open the larger project and continuation into my companies evolving universe, while introducing a clear and present threat to man related to modern day events and repeating history but nastier and more evil than ever before.... Mix it with 3D Interactive Novel, 1st Person and some tactical. Keep it small enough to do, but good enough to make people want more...
  4. I3DI

    What Makes a great Sci-Fi?

    That's awesome because I came up today with the theme behind my project. I am going to begin putting together a game that keeps on giving with a open ended dynamic galaxy, online-coop and online play, single player, and multiplayer. I decided the game will be called "Earth - Transcendence". I am simply taking technology today, evolving it 150 years down the road, but, I am connecting elements from today and plots from today, and reinventing them in the future. So, right now everybody calls Alex Jones, "Conspiracy Theorist". But, he say's, "We are at the door of unlocking the secrets of space travel, discovering life extension technologies. It's a Global Elite that are so damn evil they want to keep it all for themselves and make you slaves!" Whether you believe it or not, let's just let people believe that World War III is occurring right now, no bombs or guns, but is being fought with psychological warfare, technology, subversion, and all the concepts of thousands of years of warfare combined and the populous uprising wins in 2024, defeating the Global Elite, completing life extension technologies, unlocking the secret to space travel, completing the tether, and 150 years from now, the evil has returned... Had to really stretch for this idea, but I like it, and it should really strike a tone because it connects today with a possible future, dark undertone, repeated history, but imaginative. I'll continue the storyline a while in writing, see where I take things, but I think it's a cool idea...
  5. I3DI

    What Makes a great Sci-Fi?

    Point well taken. I think, while having a interactive game that keeps you busy is good, needs to be some plots, consequences, really themed out things in it to force thought. Right now I am building a shuttle for instance. Interactive computer system console, the chair, the benches, and engine compartments. You will be able to interact with the engine, doors, computer systems, program, use Track IR to look around, but, if that's all you have during travel is maintenance, reprogramming, programming maneuvers in the navigation system and maybe a computer game to keep you busy on the shuttle, that will get tedious. So let's dry run peoples thoughts on the shuttle, the interaction and feel, then come back to how to move those ideas in to the realm of something interesting. I'm aiming for around a November 1st release of the Shuttle, completely done up, imagined and put together shuttle simulation.
  6. I3DI

    What Makes a great Sci-Fi?

    World Max is what I have spent the last year on. It's a procedural world generator. I plan to debut it at the next gaming convention here at the Eastridge Center where my store is located next summer. It' generates terrain, populates the world with trees, foliage, creates a separate database for each world using seeds and vector databases. I've made it to be compatible with Arc SRTM technology but that will take some time to integrate, so thinking on sticking with this and working the other in later. I'm doing atmospheric differential equations right now. But, I am thinking, if it generates 1 entire world and then get's compressed, I could potentially generate entire worlds and galaxies that could be streamed. I personally love Sci-Fi and that would be far better than a RPG starter for it. RPG's are a dime a dozen, Sci-Fi's, well, nothing terribly great yet. Beautiful, not phenomenal and entirely immersive. To narrowing the question, this is a brain storm by the community. I hope to gleam lots of input and I am simply testing the notion. I want to start small but think big. Expansion is key and planning expansion in early design is important, but understanding what has been done and it's effect in other games and the views, well, it's simply, what to you, personally makes the game? What elements did you like what do you feel overall is missing, how could you combine your ideas into something great for you personally? This is a awesome response. I happen to love Jules Verne. I have read all his works. 20,000 leagues, Journey to the Center of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon, Around the World in 80 days. Very great response, and I agree. When I was growing up I had imagination and when the first Atari systems came out and I played the first attempt at them, I was already envisioning 3D adventures, dragons, heroic characters but much more alive than digital really. Being a kid. I will be reflecting on that, because you are absolutely right. Digital Media, Computers, Technology has taken a lot away from the simple imagination and bringing it to life in our conversations, writings, and thinking. Instead, we work feverishly to create our own versions on a computer and spend more time doing the work than writing a simple novel with words. Word Pictures are the spice of any great work.
  7. I3DI

    What Makes a great Sci-Fi?

    I've had some input that travel in space games is a problem. You spend long amounts of time with nothing to do traveling from one place to another. My thinking is, provide a in ship 3D view and permit walking around, maybe social interaction, story narratives, ship maintenance, strategy and command training and planning. Maybe going to various controls and optimizing things. Just some things I have been jotting down. I agree in part, it's terrible you get a ship, outside view but you never are inside experience of ship life and activities. I was thinking utilize TrackIR and Oculus to immerse people. Perhaps even a command structure from inside that effects ship combat outside, or actions. Perhaps interacting with ship systems to perform certain actions. What is peoples thoughts on these ideas? Does anyone have ideas that would promote this, would this add to your experience? Do you have other ideas to add to the list? What would make the difference in a 3D sci-fi for you in detail?
  8. So, with the almost complete world max and myself not being a RPG buff, but a scientist and simulator fan, I was thinking on moving World Max to the interstellar arena and doing worlds you can explore, vast landscapes, space travel. But, I am stuck with the looming question, "What makes a sci-fi game great?". Well, what made Star Wars so popular? What made Wing Commander? What made Star Trek? What is the magical components to the greatest sci-fi game in the world? I am all ears. Please post your answers.
  9. This is your opportunity to prove yourself and start on a career path with Interactive 3D International. Currently I am seeking several graphic artists of varying skill levels to create texture packs, nature packs, characters, effects, and animations for sale on Unreal Engine Market. This is a commission based contract that will last six months. Why would you do art for my company? Well, I provide the insurances, marketing, package your art with pre-designed special effects we create. We provide the business server for hosting files, and also supply computer equipment at a discounted rate to sub contractors. We currently have one seat available for iClone 7 to someone proficient with the software. Your art, and our ability to put the art together into packages that sell on Unreal Market with advertising, you can make a decent profit. The term will be six months. You will be paid a commission based salary off sales bi-weekly. After six months we can renegotiate the contract or, if you have the proven skill and think you can handle a full time career, we can discuss moving you to our physical location. We currently have a temporary website up at www.i3dix.com as we are undergoing a major overhaul and finishing the point of sale system for retail sales. If your up to the challenge forward your resume and portfolio to career@i3dix.com. Interactive 3D International Darian A. Glinski, C.E.O. 2198 Eastridge Center Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701 Phone: (715) 895-6650
  10. Hi Folks. You may check out the recent posts on my main profile. I have been busy establishing a new business location. I have been in business since 2016. I am currently seeking experienced 2D and 2D artists to develop high quality assets for the Unreal Engine marketplace. Please be aware this is a commission based job that pays out Bi-Weekly. This is to ensure work is done. I carry all proper licensing and as revenue increases from the business so will pay. This is not a partnership, you will be developing models for Interactive 3D International towards it's initial project Heroes and Legends and they will be sold directly on Unreal Engine Marketplace and commission will be paid accordingly. If you are interested, please send a resume to: career@i3dix.com
  11. Hi All Since November we have been in the development phase of Heroes & Legends. The overall game will be developed in Unreal, but we have several stages of production designed to bring an income. The first stage is World Max, our procedural terrain generator. Now I have assembled thousands of textures, built various models, invested in tools like Substance, iClone and Speed Tree. I need several artists who are willing to dedicate some time to using these tools to produce art since I and David will be doing the programming and assembling the art into our plugin tool. You may view the overall project and updates here: We are currently beginning the plugin terrain programming in Unity. We will take the terrain we have created in substance and begin by creating a database of specific texture types, then generate our terrain and map the textures to the terrain. This should give us some nice video screen shots to put up on the site. However, we need a large variety of plant life, and trees that must be created to finalize our scenes. If you have experience with CG Art in general, Substance, iClone, Speed Tree, we could really use your help in this phase. As a side note, if you are familiar with C#/C++, Unity or Unreal please get in touch, need a few of you guys. Audio is taken care of on the music side of things, However, we could use sound fx creators. Thank You! Interactive 3D International
  12. While I haven't posted the mobile version being done in Unity in the projects yet, I am working on a Unity - World Max version of the game with a very specific setup. We are needing the following: CG Artists, 3D Modelers, Textures via Substance Unity & Unreal Programmers Special FX Creators Get the latest here: Check out our epic music audio enticer video on the right side of the page!
  13. Looking for the following: Unreal Programmers CG Artists, Substance B2M, Designer, Painter, Gimp, Blender C++ Programmers Sound Effects Developers Note: Prior experience is preferred. Project: The game and it's progress can be found here: Heroes and Legends is an epic fantasy that will surpass Skyrim, and The Witcher by miles. PBR Textures, Substance Designed Art, Photogram textures, SRTM database and procedural world generation, fluid dynamics, underwater physics, and a load of plans for World Max out procedural terrain generator for Unreal. So need plenty of artists and people that specialize in producing architecture, sailing ships, texture art, and have vast knowledge of tools like Substance and Speed Tree. Prior posting was a video showing 6 of the 100+ sound scores we have for HaL. The latest posting today shows the trees and detailed textures we have been producing this last month. Contact me or post comments or replies and I will be in touch. Just as an easy reference here are a couple trees and their textures up close so you can see the details:
  14. Unreal 4 is the best right now for large terrain. As part of Heroes & Legends I am developing a plugin and procedural terrain system compatible with Geographical Information Systems using a 2D Vector Database that also enables producing 2D Maps with detailed information and allowing selection and loading of a specific location. The level streaming is very good. Right now, if you want something for terrain, Unreal 4 is by far the most mature right now in the way of meeting every need of game development including large world terrains. Just follow Heroes and Legends project and when "World Max" is out on the market, pick up a copy from Unreal 4 market and use it for your world.
  15. Heroes & Legend is an epic fantasy role play game that I believe will set new standards in role playing. Featuring a rich audio score of over 50+ sound tracks. Currently the game has four on board developers, designers, programmers, and music composers. I am taking on eight more people that are dedicated. You may view six of our audio scores in our first audio enticement video here: Vimeo: YouTube: Gamedev - Project: Gamedev - Blog Company Website - Under Construction http://www.i3dix.com Summary: We are looking for artists familiar with iClone7, iClone Character Creator 2, Blender, PBR, and the 3D Exchange Pipeline. We also need some entry level to proficient Unreal 4 Developers who can help in getting World Max - I, our premier procedural world generator out on Unreal 4 market. This procedural world generator utilizes a 2D Vector Database for SRTM and Natural Earth database importing or creating large worlds smaller or larger than earth with latitude, longitude, Bathymetry and topographical overlay. I am a 25+ year software engineer in charge of the company and would be considered a 10+ year software engineer. Also, I am taking on a couple positions for Java Developers to create our companies premier Content Management System complete with a Web Hosting Module, Project Management Module, Subversion Module, interacting on a Linux System with a LAMP + T setup, subversion repository, who can also manage Network Administration. Assets are synched via one-drive, projects maintained via private GitHub repositories. Will train applicants, so don't be a cissy, try me, and let's see if you have what it takes to be a partner. All potential partners must sign a company NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and Business Agreement via DocuSign. Profit share on all products is 0.025% of the 10% quarterly budgeted net for payment. If you think you have what this takes, then I look forward to hearing from you.
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