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  1. Take a journey across infinite lands, explore the darkest and most comprehensive dungeons your mind can create. Customize your character from hundreds of morphs, hair styles, clothing options, and even give your character a personality. Battle fearsome adversaries in hand to hand combat, sail ships across vast oceans and brace yourself for non-stop action. Play our official campaign or create your own worlds and play with friends. Featuring a real time and optional turn based mode with table top style dynamics, role the dice and see if you will be victorious. Be the dungeon master and engage players as they journey into your world in real time, place your arsenal of enemies, monsters and deadly traps and reward them for victories. Featuring music by Ivan Torrent and an Original Score of over 100 sound tracks, precision photo realistic textures, a procedural open world and landmark generator to create your world of any size, you wont settle for any other epic role playing game again. Unlike any role playing game before, this will push the limits of imagination and the only limit is your imagination. Visit Game Textures our number one source for PBR textures!
  2. i3di


    Sorry for the lack of updates. Lots of texture modifications and structuring. We finally began on the water material with varying quality options that we can add in to unreal later. Now we are getting held up a little with the panner in Unreal. Not working as we thought it should. But, thought I'd give you a preview of our water material and some of the design in it as we are working over time to make a really great water and underwater world come to life. Good News is we are finally all set with all textures structured and in the varying formats for scalability from 2k, 1k, 512, and 256 size textures. Project was also delayed due to my terminally ill son dying. Never had a incomplete project in my life, never will. So working some in the back end but will be back to full speed in mid June or beginning of July.
  3. Hi All Since November we have been in the development phase of Heroes & Legends. The overall game will be developed in Unreal, but we have several stages of production designed to bring an income. The first stage is World Max, our procedural terrain generator. Now I have assembled thousands of textures, built various models, invested in tools like Substance, iClone and Speed Tree. I need several artists who are willing to dedicate some time to using these tools to produce art since I and David will be doing the programming and assembling the art into our plugin tool. You may view the overall project and updates here: We are currently beginning the plugin terrain programming in Unity. We will take the terrain we have created in substance and begin by creating a database of specific texture types, then generate our terrain and map the textures to the terrain. This should give us some nice video screen shots to put up on the site. However, we need a large variety of plant life, and trees that must be created to finalize our scenes. If you have experience with CG Art in general, Substance, iClone, Speed Tree, we could really use your help in this phase. As a side note, if you are familiar with C#/C++, Unity or Unreal please get in touch, need a few of you guys. Audio is taken care of on the music side of things, However, we could use sound fx creators. Thank You! Interactive 3D International
  4. Well, we have done up the first water and ice textures. At first we were thinking PBR Specular material, but, there is something additional that looks great when water has that metallic feel. If you like the water, please comment on it, if not please say why not. I am just getting a feel for what the overall impression is on our water done with a metallic specular look:
  5. Not to long ago we announced World Max for Unity edition. I thought this would deserve some explanation on the system, what we are aiming to achieve as there have been some questions regarding the procedural and technical aspects of World Max for Unity. "World Max" is not just a procedural terrain, city and dungeon editor plugin. It is a complete fantasy world generator plugin. The goal is to allow for world and scene generation in Unity. How is this achieved? When the plugin is complete there will be a menu that you can access in Unity. On the panel you can select various options, enter in world size, max elevation and declination. The generator will produce a database with various vector, elevation and seed data. It will also produce a 2D topographic map with links that when clicked in game that are connected to the appropriate data in the database, will access that data, and procedurally generate the scene. The scenes will transition to the next scene according to the boundary location in game of the prior scene you are transitioning from. What are the features in "World Max"? First, "World Max" features all content necessary to quickly and easily produce a fantasy game of your choosing. This includes all assets, textures, models, sounds, scripts, special effects, and all content will be expanded over time. Menus are included and can be easily modified to a custom look. "World Max" is also a fully featured procedural fantasy world generator, the menu being accessed from inside Unity. Second, game mechanics, timing, are all gone. Fantasy games are wide and varied. To include the most options, "World Max" is designed with a turn based, real time mode. "World Max" is also multi-player or single player. Game mechanics, such as combat, travel, timing, are all unique to the "World Max" system. Can "World Max" be used commercially? Yes. When you purchased the full edition you will have a indie license, professional license, and enterprise license. Indie license allows for unlimited production by the individual. A professional license is good for small teams up to five people. A enterprise license is for larger companies who will be using "World Max" in a team larger than five members. The professional and enterprise license are only useable with Unity and Unreal professional edition or higher and one major difference is the multiplayer setup. Indie only allows for smaller network games, professional and enterprise allow for massive multiplayer projects. What are the technical requirements? Obviously, familiarity with Unity is a requirement. However, the in depth knowledge on programming and features of Unity is not. What do I mean? "World Max" is designed to eliminate much of the programming work. Technical issues like multiplayer are already done in scripts, attached to objects and ready for game play. The database, media assets, already done and provided for. Most of the work will be spent in designing the world and story line compared to programming and creating the world. While you will have to modify certain maps for special purposes, you will not need to create your entire game world as that is done by entering parameters and procedural generation. What platform is "World Max" for? It has varying levels of quality and size on all media and is designed to compile for PC, Console and Mobile platforms such as Android, iPad and Windows. "World Max" will not compile for smaller phones and devices.
  6. After some messing around with B2M, finally got the textures detailed and looking good. You can see one of our dirt textures at 1k the final materials include mobile 1k-512 and standard to high shaders' adding 2k textures: Also got our temperate pine imported for mobile, 6p x 1k with 2 LOD's: Standard Trees will be 10p up to 2k quality and High Trees will be 14p up to 2k quality! In a few days should have enough terrain textures to begin procedural world generation scripts. So stay tuned!
  7. While I haven't posted the mobile version being done in Unity in the projects yet, I am working on a Unity - World Max version of the game with a very specific setup. We are needing the following: CG Artists, 3D Modelers, Textures via Substance Unity & Unreal Programmers Special FX Creators Get the latest here: Check out our epic music audio enticer video on the right side of the page!
  8. After some discussion we are doing a World Max for Unity & Unreal. Now the implementation will not be the same for the procedural terrain generation in Unity. Instead the engine will create a world with varying scenes since Unity lacks the infinite terrain with portals. This will be a complete RPG creation kit, PBR Textures, Interfaces, Models, Scripts, Data, Music, Sound, Special FX a complete plugin with varying generation options, mobile, standard and in game options. We will be focusing on mobile, standard, and maximum media for in game quality options. The style of game play will be similar to Infinity Engine Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Pillars of Eternity but with 3D Camera and Controls like Neverwinter Nights I & II. The price we are settling on will be $499.99, and about 299.99 for upgrades to other versions in the future, expansions in the same version will be free. Will not include World Max - Civilization or World Max - Dungeons the city and dungeon generator expansions. This will be made available on the Unity Asset Store. Here are some things we will be including: 8 x Beach Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 8 x Dirt Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 8 x Grass Textures 256, 512, 1k 2k 8 x Snow Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 8 x Rock Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 8 x Stone Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 8 x Water Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2K 8 x Animated Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 32 x Architectural Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 32 x Dungeon Textures 256, 512, 1k, 2k 3 x Fantasy GUI Interfaces 16 x General Music Scores 16 x Combat Music Scores 16 x Ambient Sound Effects 64 x Fantasy Sound Effects 32 x Special Effects 32 x Tree Varieties 32 x Plant Varieties 6 x RPG Character & 16 x Monster Models Leather, Studded, Ring, Chain, Scale Armor Sets (Helmet, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Wrists, Hands, Upper and Lower Legs, Feet) Blunt, Bladed, Missile Weapons Varying Clothing of Multiple Fabric Types Complete Fantasy Animations 8 x Animal Models 8 x Wild Life Models 32 x Furnishing Models (Tables, Chairs) 16 x Placement Models (Chests, Crates, Barrels) All multiplayer, camera, game mechanics, interface, persistence, and data scripts included. Plugin that generates the persistent world with all scenes, mobile and standard options. Does not include World Max - Civilization Release will not occur until Speed Tree 8 for Unity is available to keep things consistent with PBR work flows.
  9. The original trees were crappy looking so =went out, examined local pines, and drove to a forested area and came up with much better, more realistic pines. All pines are 12k with 4 LOD's. The textures are 2048 x2048. I am looking to expand the variety to about 128 pine variants from lush and full to stripped, with bark mold, sap marks, and various other components. Heres the new models! Looking great! Check out the hobbyists classified as I am needing more artists in general to expand our library to about 1000 Pine, Oak, Maple, Birch, Palm, Tropical trees! Needing to do a lot of ferns, plant life, vines, flowers, etc. Need to do a massive library of all these for World Max procedural terrain generator.
  10. So here are some plans for Heroes & Legends: Advanced Character Creation option similar to the sims but far more advanced in clothing, skinning, faces, etc. Actual Fluid dynamics, lava, under water utilizing gpu processing with physics according to under water immersion Actual weather, temperatures, survival such as camping, clothing, shelter, hypothermia, etc Sickness. Snow accumulation and melting. Rain puddles, mud, quick sand etc. World Max and a SRTM compatible database capable of generating worlds the size of earth, larger or smaller and generating a planet earth up to 2M resolution Real combat, no more hit points but instead a system that qualifies injuries based on hit location and armor. Takes into account material of the armor. 16th, 17th, 18th Century Sailing Ships trade and combat. Actual hull material and hit dynamics system, no more hit points, 1 hit could sink your ship or 50 hits could do a lot of damage. Actual flooding and displacement physics. Latitude and Longitude coordinate system. Use of a compass may be required when navigating the world. Smaller bugs, low poly such as mosquitos, flies, knats, lady bugs, and other various critters. Aves, or birds, that fly or pirch on branches. Fish, perch, trout, piranha, bass, jelly fish, sharks, and various sea fish. Sexual interaction and nudity. Explicit, and all inclusive. Use your imagination. I am looking for other suggestions in game development to make this a RPG game for the ages. Please post comments and suggestions here in this topic and follow along as we develop more and soon will be coming in game screen shots!
  11. Looking for the following: Unreal Programmers CG Artists, Substance B2M, Designer, Painter, Gimp, Blender C++ Programmers Sound Effects Developers Note: Prior experience is preferred. Project: The game and it's progress can be found here: Heroes and Legends is an epic fantasy that will surpass Skyrim, and The Witcher by miles. PBR Textures, Substance Designed Art, Photogram textures, SRTM database and procedural world generation, fluid dynamics, underwater physics, and a load of plans for World Max out procedural terrain generator for Unreal. So need plenty of artists and people that specialize in producing architecture, sailing ships, texture art, and have vast knowledge of tools like Substance and Speed Tree. Prior posting was a video showing 6 of the 100+ sound scores we have for HaL. The latest posting today shows the trees and detailed textures we have been producing this last month. Contact me or post comments or replies and I will be in touch. Just as an easy reference here are a couple trees and their textures up close so you can see the details:
  12. i3di

    Finally - Immense Tree Detail and Models

    This is for unreal. I am using speed tree. I am keeping the textures consistent in 2048x2048x32. The reason is this is for more modern PC's and I am aiming for very real texture details. Skyrim was good but can be better. I do want to keep polygons low because of some unique features we will be adding. For instance, I am currently doing a modification of the Unreal Engine to allow for underwater experience. Basically, you place a low poly lens over the camera and map with transparent water color texture. You can morph the lens to create currents while swimming. You can also confine fluid particles to simulate junk in the water within the camera lens. This allows for a complete immersion and swimming underwater experience at low cost, with the major effects of underwater added in. Also will be adding fish, algae, and various other underwater life. There will also be very detailed characters upwards of 16k polys, and massive spell effects and detailed animated textures for lava flow. So the less I do in polys the better. Plenty of texture memory for what we are doing compared to poly processing.
  13. Unreal 4 is the best right now for large terrain. As part of Heroes & Legends I am developing a plugin and procedural terrain system compatible with Geographical Information Systems using a 2D Vector Database that also enables producing 2D Maps with detailed information and allowing selection and loading of a specific location. The level streaming is very good. Right now, if you want something for terrain, Unreal 4 is by far the most mature right now in the way of meeting every need of game development including large world terrains. Just follow Heroes and Legends project and when "World Max" is out on the market, pick up a copy from Unreal 4 market and use it for your world.
  14. Heroes & Legend is an epic fantasy role play game that I believe will set new standards in role playing. Featuring a rich audio score of over 50+ sound tracks. Currently the game has four on board developers, designers, programmers, and music composers. I am taking on eight more people that are dedicated. You may view six of our audio scores in our first audio enticement video here: Vimeo: YouTube: Gamedev - Project: Gamedev - Blog Company Website - Under Construction http://www.i3dix.com Summary: We are looking for artists familiar with iClone7, iClone Character Creator 2, Blender, PBR, and the 3D Exchange Pipeline. We also need some entry level to proficient Unreal 4 Developers who can help in getting World Max - I, our premier procedural world generator out on Unreal 4 market. This procedural world generator utilizes a 2D Vector Database for SRTM and Natural Earth database importing or creating large worlds smaller or larger than earth with latitude, longitude, Bathymetry and topographical overlay. I am a 25+ year software engineer in charge of the company and would be considered a 10+ year software engineer. Also, I am taking on a couple positions for Java Developers to create our companies premier Content Management System complete with a Web Hosting Module, Project Management Module, Subversion Module, interacting on a Linux System with a LAMP + T setup, subversion repository, who can also manage Network Administration. Assets are synched via one-drive, projects maintained via private GitHub repositories. Will train applicants, so don't be a cissy, try me, and let's see if you have what it takes to be a partner. All potential partners must sign a company NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and Business Agreement via DocuSign. Profit share on all products is 0.025% of the 10% quarterly budgeted net for payment. If you think you have what this takes, then I look forward to hearing from you.
  15. i3di

    Unreal 4 - Procedural Terrain (GIS)

    Yes, the main mission is to be like Jane's Combat Simulations was, back in the day. However, it takes time to get to that point. So we are using the creations as modular components to sell and raise more capital. So assets are being sold in mass on iClone CC2, iClone CC7 starting about the 26th of February, This is a complete package of armor, clothing for every base model. We are doing the animations next, every animation in a puppet for any fantasy RPG you could imagine. We are then decimating and converting them into one massive Fantasy Character Package for Unreal 4 market. Part of the project is our premier procedural terrain generator, which is a huge volume of work. It will come out in about 6 months, be compatible with SRTM and Natural Earth databases. The objective is to create all the components for simulations in a fantasy game then on completion use the money from sales and marketing to begin creating combat simulations. Our simulator will be very much unlike anything you have seen. We are covering all branches of the military, air force, army, navy, marines. You will join a server and take the place of one of simulated characters on the server according to your rank. We plan on doing F-16E, FA-18, Interactive Naval Vessels, Humvees, Tanks, the works over a long period of time. Our first plan is to get people hooked on early day sailing vessel as you will be able to select an era, then we will add a industrial area, and a modern day era. So you will get the full range of simulation experience.
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