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  1. Hi, everyone! Today, we announce that Monster Loops, the free-to-play touch-based arcade game, is available on the App Store. Monster Loops is a collaboration between Mad Head Games and Binx Interactive, and the game is the next title in our Indie Accelerator Programme. In Monster Loops, spherical monsters inhabit the darkness of a colourful world. Head to different areas and catch as many monsters as you can before the timer runs out. It’s a simple, fun and very fast-paced arcade swipe-em-up that you won’t want to put down! Check out Monster Loops launch trailer: Download on the App Store: https://goo.gl/KBAKqu Tell us what you think?
  2. Hi everyone, We are giving away 10 Steam keys and t-shirts for Rocking Pilot - a twin-stick shooter extravaganza inspired by arcade classics. Just follow these easy steps: 1. Visit this page https://gleam.io/vQGjA/rocking-pilot-giveaway and download Rocking Pilot demo 2. Play the game 3. Fill out a short survey Winners will be chosen from a random draw of entries on 9th August! Good luck!
  3. Hi, everyone!   Today, we announce that Rocking Pilot, twin-stick bullet hell shooter is launched on Steam. Developed in collaboration between Mad Head Games and Gungrounds, Rocking Pilot is the first release through our new Indie Accelerator Program. Rocking Pilot is launched on the PC via Steam for $5.99 and is also coming to PS4 at a later date. Rocking Pilot is a single player top-down shooter that combines combo high score chasing, cartoony graphics, fast-paced arcade gameplay, a heavy rock soundtrack and crazy weapons into one awesome package. With a punk spirit, zany characters and fast-paced arcade gameplay, Rocking Pilot is a contemporary version of the classic shoot ‘em ups of the 90s consoles and arcades!       Check out the Rocking Pilot launch trailer:   For more information head to the game’s Steam Page https://goo.gl/BdLNBt   Rocking Pilot is also planned to launch for PS4 at a later date.   [attachment=35904:Rocking Pilot.jpg]    
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