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  1. FrogStop Studios

    Small indie studio looking for 2D Artists and Composers.

    Yes it is, I just accepted your request.
  2. Hello all, frogstop studios is a small indie studio currently looking for 2D artists and musical Composers. You won’t be paid immediately, however any profits will be equally split. We are working on a couple projects currently, mainly a custom game engine. Please pm me or add me on discord and more information will be provided. Discord: FrogStop#5630
  3. FrogStop Studios

    New Game Idea (Pitch) Looking for Team

    Even if you “fixed” it, it still means you didn’t care enough to write your own at the time. And if you got backed, I think that’s worse if you just copied the other one, as you may do the same with your games.
  4. FrogStop Studios

    New Game Idea (Pitch) Looking for Team

    All you did was copy this thread and slightly change it :
  5. FrogStop Studios

    Looking to join a development team?

    Sounds interesting, I’m a musician/sound engineer. Pm me if I could join.
  6. FrogStop Studios

    looking to assemble a team for a "Hobby" project

    Hey I’m a musician/SFX artist, sounds intriguing. If interested please pm me.
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