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    Retro Renaissance Audio/ Freelance Composer Available

    New music on my channel!
  2. RetroRenaissance

    Realistic MMORPG

    yeah, keep it to yourself
  3. RetroRenaissance

    Retro Renaissance Audio/ Freelance Composer Available

    Hello everybody, my name is Devin Macaulay and Im the composer that is hopefully going to rock your world. Give your game a unique flavour, bring your world to life with Retro Renaissance Audio. Slick, ambience-driven tunes produced in a timely manner to your utmost satisfaction. I like to work close with developers, discussing ideas, taking feedback, its your game, after all. Let me help you bring your vision to life. My music can be heard here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCGMqdH7qN12A_Isip9HrAhg If you think we can work together, please contact via email retrorenaissance04@gmail.com Thanks for reading! Happy Devving!
  4. Hey all, my name is Devin MacAulay and Ive been composing music for games for just under a year now. Ive got a few projects under my belt and Im looking for more! I work fast and produce stellar, unique songs to give games their own special vibe and flavour. My music can be heard here; https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCGMqdH7qN12A_Isip9HrAhg I dont have too else much to say, so if you think we can work together please email me at retrorenaissance04@gmail.com Thanks for your time!
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