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  1. AlekseyRybchak

    Lead writer looking for a project

    Hey, thanks! 15 years of experience look impressive. Were you lucky to build some good network devoid of lazy idea guys?
  2. AlekseyRybchak

    Lead writer looking for a project

    But he might as well have quite a different background. Let's say he' not a military but rather one of few pioneers who try to colonize some remote world. The guy is a young technician. So those knee pads are custom made. He is a gadget lover. He loves exploring the surrounding nature, probably even risking own life. When he's away from the colony he spots a hidden alien ship. The invaison is coming! Now he has to find the way to hold it until allies come.
  3. AlekseyRybchak

    Lead writer looking for a project

    Hello Goliath, It's a tricky request. I have no idea about the game this dude was originally designed for. Judging from his clothes (tight fabric + some armored knee pads) he must be from the future. I mean he doesn't fit into the picture of a classic fantasy world. So let's assume he's from the year 2100+ He looks young and the model itself is sorta child friendly. So I'm not sure the guy got some complex past. Or at least it would be hard to write a dramatic story for such a cutie. Still he is sorta armored and fit. So he is supposed to fight somebody. He must be a private, some fresh starship trooper. The world he lives in should be simplistic 'black and white'. So he's with the good guys who fight the bad guys. At least this what comes to my mind when I see this joyful model of a boy but not a man.
  4. Hi Ifrit, Ping me if a writer is still needed
  5. Hi, I trust you are well! I used to work for several indie teams, and now I'm getting cold feet on joining another one. Still I enjoy writing, especially when it comes down to the lore. Which is why I'm here again. I'm interested in sci-fi, steampunk, diesel punk and I can get along with grim fantasy worlds. Also I enjoy thinking of unique game mechanics. FAQs: 1. Gimme samples of your works - No, give me a challenge. I'm not into copy-pasting my old writings. I'd rather write an A4 of something new. 2. We already got a writer, so would you.. - Next, please. I'm not salty. But you can't just have two writers unless one of them is ready to focus on dialogs only. 3. Why are you so picky? It is you who must do A, B and C and appreciate ANY opportunity - I've seen enough undisciplined teams and I've wasted a lot of time for nothing. So I'd rather keep looking for a group of genuine enthusiasts than join yet another 'promising young studio'. P.S.: I ain't not gonna argue any 'remarks' you might write in the reply section. I don't care. So if you are about to write something, let it be a join offer. Regards, Alex
  6. AlekseyRybchak

    Recruiting 2 designers and 2 coders

    Must have rough by me as well. But anyway this is a 'Hobby' section. So normally people would not check this post looking for some fixed payment. Some simply have no experience to apply for positions with established game studios. Some might simply want freedom and are ready to work on a side project for fun. I guess your remarks make a point. I'll re-write some of the requirements. They must really look way too high at a glance.
  7. AlekseyRybchak

    Recruiting 2 designers and 2 coders

    Why are you trying to prove your point so desperately? There are experienced guys in the team already. All your 'help' is a wall of text about proud professionals who would never work for a %; which is not some universal truth to put it mild. Your several implication speak for themselves: - you called me a parasite willing to make money on other people - for some unknown reason you belive I am the game owner or a PM - you feel like people need your guidance. I mean for sure noone can possibly know about a dropbox or about some PM tools. Thank you very much! With the above said GL preaching and labling.
  8. AlekseyRybchak

    Recruiting 2 designers and 2 coders

    In this context a 'part timer' stands for a quitter; e. g. a person who tends to leave a team. If I ment full time job why would I mention no '30 minutes per week?'
  9. Hi there! We are working on an fantasy based RPG with some really challenging gameplay. We are working on real time fantasy bases RPG, with really challenging game mechanics. At the moment we have 2 writers, 1 programmer, 1 3D artist, 1 composer and one Project Manager (not including the project owner). Now we need the following additional members possising SOME of the listed skills: 2 designers who know substance designer, photoshop, 3ds max/maya. Specifically a character artist and an environment artist. 2 more programmers with experience in Blueprint, C++ and Unreal Engine. You'll get rev share after we publish the full game. However experienced applicants may get some money in exhange for the right to get that rev share. Publishing would not be an issue. Important: We need committed team members. Our goal is to publish a demo with 3-4 months, if only to provide some fodder for our resumes and portfolios. We'd like to continue the project after the initial demo, but our primary objective is to make SOMETHING that is memorable, and showcases the talent of each of our team members. If you are interested PM me or better e-mail Paul: pauldando21@icloud.com Below you may find our objectives statement:https://www.docdroid.net/nYFMFBO/objectives.pdf TY to Scounting Ninja I flamed below for some remarks BR, Alex
  10. AlekseyRybchak

    Gsthering a team to develop a game

    Hi Feint! I'm not a really big fan of MMORPG. Still thanks for replying and good luck with your engine!
  11. AlekseyRybchak


    A short piece of my wrting:   'What I've ever heard from all the men in luxurious costumes smelled of arrogance. It smelled worse than dark poisonous clouds behind my tiny dirty window. The wealthiest of my creators disguise me and all my kind. They come to our platform on humongous steam powered ships from the other side of the Channel and order around just as if they have the right to claim more though giving little in return. I'm a freak in their eyes. A grotesque mix of flash, mechanisms, artificial liquids and one stone that is my heart. Clunky yet strong, resilient to all the toxicity they fear so much yet dependent on spare parts they bring – I must be the epitome of what a silent working class member should look like. Why giving me a normal brain then? So that I could slowly lose my mind locked within this labor prison; destined to drill oil till I fall apart? Our time is never yet to come unless we force it...' From a diary of a deviant* Deviant is a steam-punk blue color cyborg created by scientists and alchemists. A deviant is assembled from some human parts of dead criminals, mechanisms and an arcane stone that serves a source of energy. Deviants are used for dirtiest tasks and normally work on oil platforms, mines and chemical labs. They have nearly no civil rights and are treated like talking tools. Some scientists though believe their intelligent is at least not inferior to man's.
  12. Howdy! Yes, there is a typo in the subject  :wink: I got a few game concepts ready on paper: - an RPG with unique game mechanics and lore - a MOBA with economic elements - a dark steam-punk tactical RPG with strategic elements.   What do I want: - make one of those games above to publish it on Steam - make sure the game gives a unique playing experience - make sure I have a reliable team to develop the other two games to repeat the previous two steps Who I need: - 2 programmers who know the same language; preferably C++ - one concept designer - 2 3-D designers - a composer What I will do: - project management - writing - balancing - all the other things that are not covered by coding, 3D modeling and writing music. I can develop anything from wepons and tech trees to characters. All I need is a number of experienced guys who can code and visualuze it. Who I don't need: - guys who just want to look around and leave in a week saying no word - those who enjoy making game clones - those who got 20 mintes per week to do the job - those who who don't believe they can really make something kick-ass   No initial payment; only rev-share. Regards, Alex
  13. AlekseyRybchak


    Howdy! I'm a wtiter!
  14. AlekseyRybchak

    Writer looking for a team

    Howdy! I'm looking to join a team willig to develop MOBA, RPG, Horror or Survival. I can write lore, quests, decribe all the necessary game attributes, do some basic balancing math etc. Basically if you got a team and want a guy to develop the whole new world with unique creatures, flora, spells, quests etc. contact me. I got a couple of concepts on paper ready: one for MOBA and one for Horror RPG with strategic elements. Also I can help with balancing. Regards, Alex Discord: AlexRybchak#9533 Skype: aleksr217
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