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  1. Hello GameDev vets, I use to program when I was younger (few college courses as well) and as I got older I got away from it. I've now been really taking learning programming very serious. I bought Sam's Teach Yourself C++ to learn the newer stuff added to C++ and refresh myself of all the basics. I am looking for the next book to help me actually start on a simple rogue RPG. I wish I could find a book (recent date) that covers heavily DirectX12 or 11 and RPGs. Especially procedural generation and tiles. I assume my book on Isometric programming still has relevant ways of doing tiles. Can anyone help me pick out 2-3 books that will help make me a comfortable windows programmer. 3D is probably my LAST stop. I just would really enjoy non outdated books regarding 2D RPG games (and eventually 3D). But I am trying to go through the stages in a more practical way. Price is not really an issue. Any other sources are great as well. Thanks everyone! I have the following books: Sam's teach yourself C++(8th Edition) |Beginning C++ Game Programming by John Horton Beginning C++ Through Game Programming (4th Edition) by Michael Dawson Game Programming Patterns The Art of Game Design Level Up (Also own a kindle version of 2D programming by I forget who, it was great during its time) OLD OUTDATED BOOKS: Programming Role Playing Games with DX9 Programing Isometric Games with DX7 (maybe 9) Programming Multiplayer Games
  2. Looking for a roguelike influenced book

    What exactly had changed? This is both interesting and disappointing. Can you guide me to a book that will update me?
  3. Hello, I use to program all through 5th/6th grade through high school and finished c++ classes at a community college. It has been 9 years since I've programmed. I have a lot of spare time at the moment and want to get back into programming. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a few books talking about the design of a simple tile based RPG game. Perhaps with an indepth build of the engine and something to build off of. My game programming books are so outdated, but I do have my original C++ books. I think my last gaming book was DirectX 9. I should be able to get the language down fast again, but I really like the books that hold your hand and walk you down everything in the engine ect. My last book I read for fun was Programming 2D games I believe? It was very good and I'll be reading it again. I'd just prefer a note on topic book. If anyone could help I would appreciate it! I tried a search on Amazon and it looks like the programming market books don't exist anymore. I wrote down a list of ones that could be good, but anxious to hear from the veterans and see if any of the suggestions were on my list. Thank you!
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