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  1. Densun

    Drinking in public

    There are some dumb beer laws in certain states.
  2. Densun

    Pet peeve: Incorrect use of question marks.

    Quote:Original post by Benjamin Heath Use question marks to end questions. Use periods to end statements. If it's not a question, then don't end it with a question mark. It's as simple as that. It's not as simple as that. Something like "Would you please send me your catalog of lilies?" or "You're gonna do it, aren't you." may switch between a period and question mark. Quote:Original post by boolean Wouldn't make more sense to go "?I guess he won’t be doing that again" "!I guess he won’t be doing that again" I’ve never understood that. You probably like Spanish.
  3. Quote:Original post by MindWipe First off, one interesting conspiracy is vitamin B17. Apparently what stops cancer. It's taken away from lots of food we eat today, as food rot faster with it, if I understand it correctly. But it's also what stops cancer. That's is why there are hardly any Eskimos with cancer, as they eat rich B17 food. Read more here: http://codshit.blogspot.com/2003/10/why-do-some-people-not-get-cancer.html I didn't see anything about B17 being taken out of food (although I skimmed the post), and I'm not sure how it could be from the things I buy. Grocery stores sell plenty of non-processed food that people are always buying. Quote:I found it very interesting, and of course many earn lots of money on the cancer industry so it makes sense. No, it doesn't. Who doesn't want to go down in history as the curer of cancer? It's also legally available in places, so how about hearing lots of cancer curing stories?
  4. Densun

    Hit and run - would you help?

    Quote:Original post by Don Carnage My point is these things happen all the time, so shouldn't normal people be more eqipped to handle the situation? What do you mean all the time? If you count all the instances around the world, I suppose so, but for an individual it's rare to experience this.
  5. Densun

    How big are you?

    Quote:Original post by Rixter Man, there's a lot of tall people! A lot of guys will add a couple inches to their actual height, so you may not be as below the average as you may think.
  6. Densun

    How big are you?

    Quote:Original post by Ainokea 5'6, 145 lbs. Not terribly muscular except I have a huge neck because I am a wrestler. Hard to find clothes because my body isn't that big but my neck is so my shirts are really baggy and hang down my body funny. I'd recommend button-up shirts, or polos with a few buttons for the neck.
  7. Densun

    How big are you?

    5'8 and about 140 lbs. I've got a naturally slim build that makes it difficult to find proper fitting clothes. Luckily slim fit clothing is becoming more popular.
  8. Densun

    How to sing better

    When I was trying to improve, I watched some of Eric Arceneaux's videos. I like 'em.
  9. Densun

    England 2 - 0 USA

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Lakers in 5, btw. [grin] I wouldn't be surprised. The Celtics seemed somewhat sloppy, but it might be just Rondo making me feel that way.
  10. Densun

    England 2 - 0 USA

    Quote:Original post by Simian Man A related question, how many people here are aware that the Stanley Cup Finals are being held now? Maybe it's just because I'm in the south, but nobody seems to know or care. It's not just because you're in the south. I think that's how it is most places. I'm aware of it, but for some reason I haven't felt like watching hockey this year. I'm more interested in watching the NBA playoffs. I don't know why, but I want the Lakers to win over the Spurs. I also want the Celtics to advance, because Ray Allen is on that team. I'm happy for him, because he deserved better than the Sonics.
  11. Densun

    Alcoholic drinks

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight There are basically two orthoganol scales when it comes to beer: hoppiness and maltiness. Bitter comes from hops, sweet comes from malt. You'll want to stick to the classification of Ales over Lagers, as Ales typically have spicier, fruitier flavors. I think that was the issue during my last foray into beers; I tried too many lagers. I decided to try again yesterday because I heard that fruit flavored beers were good for sweet-tooths, so I bought an Apricot Weizen by Pyramid. The apricot flavor helped a little at the start but it faded away quickly. I've got Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout and Young's Double Chocolate Stout on my "to try" list. I'll keep in mind the styles you mentioned.
  12. Densun

    Alcoholic drinks

    I'd like to try mixing my own drinks, but I've failed miserably in the past (with non-alcoholic drinks), so I'm a little hesitant to try. It also ended up being more work than I would have thought. Is there anything that can done with beers? I'd like something to balance the bitterness that's keeping me from getting into the beer world.
  13. Densun

    Wii Fit - First Impressions

    Quote:Original post by AnAss Using a Wii Fit is not being active. Yes, it is. I'm used to being active, and Wii Fit didn't feel like sitting down when I tried it.
  14. Densun

    What do you do when bored

    Quote:Original post by rsyerigan ONline that is :P You're bored because you're online. I recommend dancing.
  15. Densun

    Looking for an iTunes replacement

    Quote:Original post by Mithrandir Quote: What do people see in this program? Trendiness and conformity. No, I think most people don't want to spend time looking for alternatives when iTunes is right there. That, or they don't know that they could use something else.
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