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  1. hi there fello software engineer, well, basically I need a best software metrics tool that support today latest software metrics. Thanks
  2. hi.. I'm trying to write my own graphics loader or handler... basically the end program is a image editor..... so is there any java or j2me library that able to read and write JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and others graphics file format? Thanks
  3. [Help] OpenGL Isosurface

    I just want to demostrate how isosurface look like and work like the link: http://www.econym.demon.co.uk/isotut/simple.htm of course the demostration program contain some function like incresing the surface, size and etc etc... Thanks :)
  4. [Help] OpenGL Isosurface

    thank for reply... anymore simple openGL isosurface? keep them coming... :D
  5. [Help] OpenGL Isosurface

    now i come across : http://www.econym.demon.co.uk/isotut/simple.htm geez....it kinda of simple.....but is using POVRay.... :( well, is there a way to port POVRay to OpenGL, or any openGL library contain POVRay or etc etc... ;) Thanks
  6. [Help] OpenGL Isosurface

    Thanks for reply but... I need a simpler version -.-' with some coding
  7. [Help] OpenGL Isosurface

    hi... I seriously need help of OpenGL isosurface...... is there any simple tutorial or open source library? I do come across one: http://www.osc.edu/~jbryan/OSCVR/, but having difficulty using it... Thanks
  8. both please... Thanks
  9. is there any Isosurface library that compatible with GLUT? Thanks
  10. got any alternative? :D
  11. hi... can anyone point out simple tutorial using GLUT dealing with isosurface? Thanks
  12. :) I remember there's a lot of tutorials here..... where did it all go.........? XD
  13. hi.... Does anyone know any compiler (etc c/c++), which is customizable and open source? So far I downloaded open watcom source code and now I'm try to reprogram or customize it............. Thanks....
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