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  1. Looking for interested parties for this game project It's a hybrid competitive table top game that combines physical and mobile for play. Fans of MOBA's would appreciate this project. PM me if interested.
  2. toheka1brian


    I never said I didn't want to pay, I simply was transparent about what I could offer given my limitations. Also, it said preferred meaning I'd be ok with someone who wasn't. Also I never said I was going to actively replace who I have now like a flip of a hat. They are student volunteers meaning they have their own goals that they're striving for which isn't this project. Something I was ok with and understood. Also, as part of their program they are only required 180 hours on an project and some have already expressed that that's what they are on the project for. So what if I wanted to use Kickstarter? If people were ok with that why not let them be? Instead of asking questions about something you didn't understand or have the full facts on you instead chose to publicly humiliate my post and even poke fun at earlier responses I made. Well congrats I had to kill the post cause your comments trying to make me look like the bad guy or that I don't know what I'm doing. If you actually asked me questions I could have answered and filled in the gaps I didn't feel was needed to be in the post. Like the both of you didn't need to make those responses and were quite rude for no reason. If anyone is the bad guy here it's you two. But, I'm sure you'll believe that you did nothing wrong here. There was literally was no reason to tear apart my post. If people wanted to join, why persuade otherwise just because you think it's bad when again you didn't even know the full facts or have different opinions of Kickstarter. Thanks again!
  3. toheka1brian


    All your post did was down play my post when there is nothing to down play. You didn't offer helpful suggestions or offer to join the team. You just made critiques
  4. toheka1brian


    How is this relevant to the post? Unless you're looking to help, there's no need to post passive aggressive posts like this
  5. toheka1brian


  6. Looking for UI/UX designers to design the visuals for the mobile app of Runeseekers. Also looking for animators to create a short cinematic video for the Kickstarter campaign of Runeseekers. If anyone is a fan MOBA's this project may appeal to you! Our current team: Brian Metz - Lead Designer Amber ansdell - Producer Andrew Menjivar - Art Lead Reinhold Heib - Lead Programmer Environment Artist - Ziwie Pan Designer - Dominic Camuglia 2D Artists - Omar Field & Joshua Shel 3D Modelers - Dean May, Hannah Friedman & Chris Ruiz Programmer - Mario Dev UI/UX Programmer - Leonard Perez Contact info: runeseekersus@gmail.com brianmwriter@gmail.com
  7. toheka1brian

    Team Members Wanted

    I got enough responses, this can be closed
  8. toheka1brian

    Team Members Wanted

  9. toheka1brian

    Team Members Wanted

    Team Members wanted 2D Artists Environment Artists Engineers/Programmers Been working on a project for 6 months now and looking to expand the team. Fans of MOBA's this may appeal to you. Project Details Once the initial demo is completed a Kickstarter campaign will be created. Contact info is in the flyer, if interested please email me
  10. toheka1brian

    Programmers wanted for mobile app

    Hey all, Still looking for one more programmer for this project.
  11. Hey, Looking for 1-2 programmers to develop a mobile app for my thesis project. Basic overview of the game I'm developing   I have already developed the prototype for the app, I now just need people to develop a functioning app based off the prototype. The app would be developed in Unity, so experience with the Unity Engine would be preferred. Depending on experience, this could take 2 - 3 months to complete.   If my team finishes the demo for the game by the end summer I would be looking to create a Kickstarter campaign in  the fall and complete the game for distribution. We can discuss those details if you wish to stay on after the original task is completed.      
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